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Chapter Four: The Big Bang Theory

                                             Narration by Geet

I was really pissed off the other morning as the early morning sun rays fell upon my closed eyes. I semi-consciously heard the curtains being put aside to let the irritating yellow light pass in. I fidgeted in my bed to let the intruder know I was getting disturbed but that did not help.

“Kya hai Rajji!!!!Let me sleep!!!” I covered my face with the blanket but my call was ignored.

“Rajji!!! Please leave the damn curtains!!!”

I threw a pillow with my eyes closed but was shocked to see it hitting back at me with the same force! Irritated, I threw all the pillows one by one until I heard a manly voice instead of a female one.

“Stop it!!!”

I got up with a start & saw Maan with the pillows tucked under his arm. He looked funny indeed but I was irritated.

“I don’t have the habit of getting up so early, let me sleep Maan!!”

“Early to bed, Early to rise---”

“Not one more idiom puh-lease!”

I shut my ears & slipped back to sleep & the next second there was a rain of pillows over me. Clearly, he didn’t like being interrupted!

“Jaaiye na yaha se..” I wined again sitting on the bed. He walked roguishly towards me. There was a magazine in his hand & he bore a mischievous smile.

“Okay, I will go. I had just come to notify you that panditji has already come to fix the date of our marriage! ”
 My shocked expressions met his smirking ones.

“I am here to hand over this magazine to you so that you can select a bridal wear for yourself!” he said calmly

I shoved him aside, chucked the magazine on the table & raced outside yelling at the top of my voice.

“Main Maan se shaadi nahi karungi nahi karungi!!! Nahi karungi!!!!!”

All the stunned faces of my parents, Daarji & also the panditji stared up at me.

“Yeh kya mazak hai subah subah!!!”  Daarji glared at me.

Yikes! I was scared.

“Geet what happened to you??” asked Mamma amused  “The panditji is here to decide the best mahurat to inaugurate our new hotel business with the Khuranas!”

“Who told you we are getting you married to Maan??” added my dad.

I stood dumbstruck. My jaw almost dropped as I stared  down the hall at them. So the Khuranas have to come here to lock a business deal ! And I thought....Oh forget it!!! I so so wished to find a large hole in this Haveli to dig my most embarrassed face. I heard a chuckle behind me. I turned around to see Aniee with Maan by her side.

“Good shot Bhai!!Toh Bhabhiji…” she turned to me,”I mean..Geet, I really hope you liked Bhai’s surprise...I mean shock!”  she said taunting me . Maan smirked

They both walked away from there leaving me grumbling.

                                       End of Narration

 Geet went to the kitchen hoping to forget the episode. She put on the gas & was planning to make something when Aniee came there,

“Listen!!” she handed the coffee cup , “Give me another cup as I don’t like the design of this cup!!”

“Thik hai, deti hoon..”

Geet went to the cupboard. She again heard Aniee’s rude voice.
“Waise you are not that lucky ki Bhai marries you!!”

“Aisa bhi toh ho sakta hain na that your Bhai really likes Geet Di!”

 Rajji stormed in defense.

Aniee turned to her, “In your dreams gal!!”

“Not at all! After all, it’s been a week since you all have come here, your Bhai has mostly interacted with Geet!”

“He was just passing time!! That’s it as there is nothing else to do!!” Aniee snorted.

“No! I think your Bhai has developed a liking for Geet Di!! ”

“Rajji please!!! What are you speaking!!” Geet gestured her to keep quiet.

“Exactly !! Because my brother already has a live-in girlfriend. Her name is Simi Singhania!!”

That somewhere that hit Geet hard. Simi was a supermodel & she did tell the media that she was dating MSK!! And Geet regarded herself as silly to forget that.

Aniee proudly staged a walk out.
Co-incidently Daarji just happened to overhear Annie's words.

“Maan in live-in relationship!!!!What has come on this generation!!!!”

Daarji was hell angry. He instantly developed a dislike for Maan.....

                            Narration By Geet       

 But why should I be affected even if he has a girlfriend? The fact that should concern me is that he played a prank on me!! I know that it was entirely my sheepishness but still Maan was not supposed to do like that ! I am very cross with him for fooling around with me!!! He is gonna have it from me for this!!

I marched up to his room & knocked it fiercely. “Come in.” I heard his cool voice in return.

I stepped in with a lot of ruefulness but everything was drained after I set eyes on him…He did not turn to me as he might have seen my reflection in the mirror. He had worn black formals & my eyes popped out drooling over his dashing looks! .I could sense my heart beats galloping.....there must be a limit to which he could look handsome & alluring…He is Maan Singh Khurana & how could I even think he would marry a silly girl like me! Wait a minute, I had come here to blast at him but instead I was scolding myself! No! He has to say sorry to me for his deeds!

“Aap ne aisa kyun--”

He fixed his tie & turned around to look at him.

He proceeded towards me with a quirky smile. I was frozen on the spot!

“You wanna say something?”

Our faces were so close!! I tell you!! I clutched my dupatta hard in an attempt to control my breathing.

“A-Aap ne a-aisa....Aap ne a-aisa… Aap n-ne a-aisa....”

Babaji!! Why can’t I speak normally to him!!!

He was irritated. He glanced at his wrist watch

“Geet..”  Damn his velvety voice!! ,” I think you will take a couple of hours to complete your say. Actually I am getting late for a business meeting so…so why don’t you write whatever you want to say, in a piece of paper & memorize it properly? I will be back in the evening to hear you!”

I parted my lips to object but he had already begun to walk out of the room!

Mean!! Mean!!Very Mean!!!

“Why didn’t you tell me that Simi Singhania is your girlfriend?!!”

Gosh!! Now why did I open my big mouth!!!

I saw him stop his track. He seemed to be shocked but the next second, he was smirking!

“Tere liye hi toh signal tod tad ke, aaya Dilliwali Girlfriend chood chaad ke!”

His voice was husky & he winked at me. I gaped at his retreating form blankly.


“Bhai!! Simi really loves you!!”

“Aniee!! I am getting late for my meeting! I don’t have time for nonsense!!”

“Bhai, atleast speak to her once! I am sure the misunderstandings will be cleared !”

“There is no misunderstanding!! How can she just speak crap to the media for publicity!!! We are not dating & she even knows that I am not interested in her!!!” his voice was gruff.


Maan had left.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Chapter Five: Uh-Oh!

Geet was pacing to & fro in her room impatiently, occasionally coming out & glancing at the main entrance of the Haveli. She glanced at the clock many times but to no avail.

“He told he will be back by evening & abhi dekho! dinner bhi ho gaya  & Maan has not yet arrived!!! Aane do unko, I will not spare for that prank!!!!!!”

Minutes later she heard the Haveli doors being opened. Peace was brought to her restless heart as she saw Maan entering but her relief was short-lived as without looking here & there, he looked up straight at her as if he knew she was standing there! Their eyes met, which made her heartbeats go awry. She ran inside her room.

Maan went to his room, changed into t-shirt & trousers, then making his way to Geet’s room. Unluckily, he met Daarji on his way. Both were not at all happy to see each other, for their own different set of reasons. Maan knew Daarji didn’t like him much. Daarji didn’t spare a second to cast his suspicious eyes on him.

“Where are you going this way & that to itni raat ko?”

Now Maan just couldn’t say I-am-visiting-your-grand-daughter-hope-you-are-fine-with-it!

“I am going to the kitchen to drink water!” he said in a most gentleman voice.

“But I think there is another kitchen not very far from your room. Why did you come all the way here?”

Maan was well-prepared for that!

“To be precise I don’t like the layout of that kitchen whereas this kitchen ! I am thoroughly impressed with it’s design! The way it is structured making optimum utilization of the space available, not forgetting the good quality cement used. Also the latticed walls compliment the colour of the refrigerator from which I will be taking out a chilled Bisleri bottle to drink water.”

At that moment, Maan actually felt proud of being the MD of Khurana Constructions! He felt as though he just gave a presentation & that Daarji will now shake hands with him saying the-deal-is-final!

Maan had said his speech in such a manner that Daarji couldn’t question him further

“Thik hai, jao iss kitchen mein & return to your room quickly! I don’t like anybody wandering in the Haveli at night!”

Maan nodded. They both crossed ways.

Geet was in her room again pacing to & fro

"Thank God Maan’s nani were not there when I made that announcement. Warna pata nahi kya kya sochte! Waise bhi I have turned every stone to prove myself insane in front of his family!"

She stamped her foot.

"Yahi sochte ki their to-be bahu is damn crazy!"

She heard the ever velvety voice behind her. She turned around to see Maan calmly keeping a glass of milk on her desk.

“Rano Aunty was saying that you didn’t have dinner properly! So she told me to forward you this milk.”

Geet’s eyes went wide hearing that.

“Mamma sent you here aur who bhi itni raat ko??? I can’t believe this!”

After all when did her mom become so modern so as to allow a handsome & charming young man into her daughter’s room who was already bowled over by him!

“Very Smart!” he remarked.”Why didn’t you have your meal properly?”

“W- Woh… there was aaloo ki sabzi. I don’t like aaloo ki sabzi!”

“Why??? Just because there are potatoes in it?” he said teasingly.

That reminded her that she was supposed to be hell cross with him. This time she was not gonna be affected by him.

"What's your problem!!!!" Geet began marching towards him. Maan looked at her, suprised. His face at once displayed a smirk & he began to move backward while she advanced to him.

"You know what!!It’s all your fault!!!!!”

He wanted to interrupt her but she cared a damn

"Nahi Nahi, aap mujhe bataiye ki why did you act as if you have come to marry me??Okay fine!! Whatever happened just happened...but the worst part is the entire 24-hr day has passed by still you haven’t apologized !!!!When are you going to recite your maafi nama to me????!!!!"

Maan felt the wall behind him as Geet leaned closer to him with her nose red & plump in anger. He just gazed at how adorable she looked giving half a thought to her outburst.

"Easy girl easy!" he straightened her, "Should I reward you with Oscar or Grammy for your heavy dialogue??"

She frowned & looked away distancing herself from him.

“Babaji, he is just impossible!!!” she blabbered to herself.

He smirked hearing that.

Just then Geet heard footsteps approaching her room. She immediately recognized it to be Daarji’s!!

“M-Maan! D-Daarji is coming here! If he finds you here, hell will break loose!!!”

Before Maan could express anything, she clutched him by his wrist & almost began dragging in the entire room.

“You have to hide! But where??.....Babaji! Why is my room so open open…you can hide this place is too no no ”

“Chup Bilkul Chup!!”

He pulled her closer & put his finger on her lips. Her eyes were dazed meeting his but she sensed it was not the right time!

“You have to hide somewhere...” she flushed as he felt the movement of her soft, delicate lips against his fingers.

“I will hide in the balcony. Simple.”


“But why?” he asked in disbelief.

They both heard the footsteps approaching nearer....

“Nahi....a-aap bed pe--”

“What !!!!???”

“I-I mean.....hide beneath the bed.....yes this will be perfect!!”

“Geet, balcony better--”

He found himself being pushed beneath the bed. Maan chose to give in. Fixing Maan, Geet immediately reached out for the glass of milk, sipping it as if she had been alone in her room since ages!. The next moment, Daarji appeared.

“Geet puttar.”

“J-Ji Daarji.”

“I heard someone’s voice from your room, was anyone here?”

Sharp ears! I must say!” Maan thought from under the bed.

“No Daarji, koi nahi tha!!” she said in an over-surprised tone, “I was drinking badaam milk which will make my mind sharp, no one came over here & said sorry to me & balcony mein bhi koi nahi hai..”

“Oh God!! This girl!!!” Maan sighed.

“I thought Maan bitwa was in your room.”

Geet was in her ultimate best to control her reactions

“Anyways, I just want to say ki till the time the Khuranas are here, stay away from Maan!! I don’t approve of him much!! And we are definitely not going to marry you to him, you can be assured of that fact! Our relation with the Khuranas  are strictly professional, & it cannot go beyond that! You get what I am saying.”

Maan heard everything.

“Yes Daarji” Geet replied.

Daarji departed. Maan stood up from under the bed.

“Hmm....your Daarji doesn’t likes me much! So incase if you fall in love with me, don’t blame me for that!” he said mischievously.

“Don’t change the topic!!! You have to say sorry to me!!!!!” Geet retorted.

Maan at once pinned her to the wall. She grew shocked feeling his hot breaths across her face....His intense orbs pierced through hers & she just gaped at him blankly....

“I played the prank on you because you had rejected to marry me. It’s not that I was ever interested to marry you on the first place but NOBOBY rejects MAAN SINGH KHURANA, be it for whatever reason, do you get that!!!!”

His voice was dense with arrogance & then he staged a walk-out.

Geet frowned.

“So I hurt his fat ego!!! Well done Geet Handa!!! Serves him right!!!”

The next morning, Maan received a phone call from the Delhi branch of KC. For some reason, he didn’t like the piece of news that he got to hear....


Vikrant looked up from the newspaper at his son, Maan. It had been only a year since Vikrant Singh Khurana announced Maan as the next MD of KC & Maan had brilliantly reached up to his father’s expectations of conducting business.

Dad, There occurred some problem in Delhi branch. I suppose I have to go there!

“I hope it’s nothing serious !”

“Not really.”

“Okay then, you finish your work there while your dadi, Aniee & I are leaving for Mumbai tomorrow!”

For some reason, Maan didn’t want to go. Because that would mean he wouldn’t be able to meet Geet ever again...& perhaps that thought somewhere pricked him....& he wasn’t able to fathom what was it happening to him....

Maan had another meeting that day & it was late in the night when he returned back to the Haveli. The Handas & Khuranas had gone to attend a wedding so Maan assumed  no one to be there in the Haveli.

He walked past the entrance gate entangled in his own thoughts. He didn’t know why but he didn’t feel like telling Geet anything about his departure....He knew he was acting weird but he couldn’t help it.

He was unaware of the fact that Geet was the only one in the Haveli as had made a lousy excuse for not going to the wedding....


Maan heard those desperate words while walking in the hall. He was shocked seeing Geet in....and he was….

Monday, 24 June 2013


Chapter Twelve : The Kiss Dessert

Geet gaped blankly at the person who was at the door.

"Well...ah! It seems as though you were waiting for me since a very long time!" Maan remarked, peering at her.

"Yeah. I was waiting for you..."

Geet just uttered that bluntly but when Maan raised his eyebrows, she felt a dire need to repair the damage done!

"I-I mean I couldn't find the TV remote so I wanted you to come home soon so that I can watch the History Channel!"

Geet mentally smacked her head for saying that! He sat on the sofa & stared at her with renewed interest.

"But Mrs D'costa was saying you were doing a lot of cooking shooking for me with the help of a friend!"

"Chugalkhor Aunty!!" she mentally thought of her landlady.

He was loosening his tie looking keenly at her & Geet once again admitted that he was really hot.

"Woh...I cooked for you as I wanted to play garba with forks & spoons!"

She brutally bit her tongue after that.  He got up & advanced towards her with a smirk glorifying his face. His warm breaths fanned her face & she forgot she was supposed to breathe….

"Don't you think it's high time you take a maun vrat?"

Seeing him walking away with a teasing smile, she wanted to strangle him!

While she was serving the dish to him, Maan suddenly caught her wrist which startled her.

"Wait! What if I say that I have already had dinner with a client?"

She just stared at him, horrified. Here, she had worked so diligently to cook his fav Italian for him & here he was telling he already ate from outside. More than anger, her heart felt a pang...

"Why?" her voice was choked.

Maan had expected her to lash out at him but she was overcome by hurt instead...!

"Just joking! Hold back your tears as we don't keep tissue papers!"

"I confirm that I hate you!!!!!" her voice was a mix of complain & anger but somewhere she was relieved.

"Lucky me!" his voice was a bit sarcastic.

Her frown soon faded away when he tasted the dish. It was evident from his expressions that he loved what she had made for him & he even said that in words. Geet was delighted. Her heart never felt so much happiness before! She must have even blushed a little but didn't acknowledge that. She occasionally stole glances to look at him while eating.
Maan genuinely appreciated her fruitful efforts to make the dish exactly as per his liking & that evoked ripples of feelings in his heart...

"I wonder why you didn't cut your finger while cooking!" he remarked tauntingly after they finished dining.

"Woh kya hai na, I am not careless like you!" she reverted back in the same manner while they were clearing up the kitchen.

"Excuse me??Atleast I don't speak nonsense & bite my tongue afterwards!"

"Are you trying to say that I speak nonsense??!!!" she glared at him.

"Aur nahi toh kya!!" he snapped back!

"Listen mister! If you speak one more word against me, you will turn History!!!!" she threatened him of dire consequences!

"Achcha pehle look at your Geometry, Hippo!!!" he taunted.

"You maha wala hippo!!!!!" she shot back.

 They continued throwing infinite jibes at each other, fighting like always while washing the bowls and plates. Just then Maan noticed white form stick to one of her strands as her soapy hands tried to push it behind.

He just kept staring at her in awe for a while after which his feet unconsciously began moving towards her. She was made aware of his closeness as his warm breaths fell on her shoulder. She turned to him & her heart missed a beat feeling his fingers reeling on her cheeks...Their eyes locked & they were instantly lost in each other...They knew there was something between them but none of them bothered to give it a thought...

" hate Italian, still you not only made it for me but also ate it?"

"Because...I wanted to tell you that Italian food has originated from Italy & Rome is the capital of Italy." She said that without thinking.

"I know that okay!"

"You knew? Well, I thought History ke saath saath aapki Geography bhi weak hai!" she blurted out!

She looked very cute when his cheeks inflated in anger. Geet couldn't control her laugh. He glared at her & ran after her.

"Geet, stop right there!!"

"Catch me if you can maha hippo!" she giggled teasingly

They ran like Tom & Jerry in the entire house, throwing & dodging sofa & bed pillows at each other but still Maan wasn't able to catch her. Finally Geet grew tired as she reached the balcony.

Maan pinned her to the wall sealing every gap between them. The moon dazzled above & Maan stared at her glowing face, forgetting his anger. Her bosoms heaved up & down against his chest out of tiredness & no wonder he was aroused...

The atmosphere had dramatically turned sensual. And she could feel that when he cupped her cheeks...She shivered feeling the warmth of his body...She felt intoxicated the way his intent irises were staring at her...Her eyes automatically closed as the distance between their lips began to decrease...Maan failed in keeping a check on himself...And even she just couldn't deny the possible moment that was to come...It was sure she wanted it...

And sure enough, he placed his lips on hers...Both of them felt their heats in a ball of fire & passion...He moved his lips sensually over her curvy soft lips, not leaving a spot...She forgot her own existence drenched in the kiss...Her fingers glided in his hair as she caressed his lips feeling everything he was making her feel...She was just about to use her tongue but he withdrew back...

Both separated at sudden realization of what they were doing a few seconds ago. They looked away from each other. Now there was sensual tension in the air. They were still too lost to decide anything...


He called out from behind while she was exiting. Geet stopped but didn't turn around.

"I forgot to slap me!"

She heard his blunt voice.

"Aaj mood nahi hai, phir kabhi...!"

She was oblivious of what she was speaking. The trance was yet to be broken. She walked out. He wiped the corner of his lips with the back of his palm...

"It's not lust for sure, I feel something else for her..." he wondered...

"Omigod! Omigod!Omigod! He kissed me & I allowed him to!!!!!!!"she was hyper & was pacing to & fro in her room after her senses claimed her again.

"Why did I allow him to kiss me??? My lips are not his private property!!!!! I should have slapped him but...wait a was not that I was standing like a statue when he was kissing me...even I was involved...!God! Forget it now!! Don't think about it!"

She fell on her bed & dug her head deep in the pillow to stop the thought processes...Chances of a sleepless night for both of them seemed very bright!