Chapter Eleven: Food Food

The clock struck 8 in the morning. And Maan thought it's high time Geet must wake up, else she will be very late for her Uni like always! And he very well knew she must have brutally tossed the alarm clock on the floor by now that dared to interrupt her sleep!

But lo & behold! When he reached her room, she had already taken a bath and...and was drying her wet hair with a towel...Maan stood still as his eyes got hopelessly hooked to the beauty in front of him. He stood there like a statue gawking at her. The wet curls falling on her glowing face & water dripping from them was enough for his heart to have an obvious reason to skip a beat!

Now Geet caught him gaping at her blankly. Well...ah! Maan was wearing a white apron over his purple color shirt & her girly hormones gushed over the fact that he looked dashing handsome!

"Why are you staring at me that way? Haven't you seen a human from the female gender before???"

Well said Geet!, she praised herself. Then came his shocking reply.

"Why? Do I have to buy a ticket to stare at you?"

His voice was quirky which made her glare at him!

Unaffected, Maan advanced towards her, partly dazed. But since the floor around her was watery, he slipped as he reached her. Now Geet was not a He-Man to catch him in her arms. So she fell back on the bed while he fell on her...!

Geet couldn't help but drown in his depthless black orbs. Their eyes locked & the moments passed in oblivion...Her fresh aroma was driving him lunatic as his passionate fingers were unconsciously played with her wet tresses...

Realizing in what position they were in, Geet found it urgent to mouth some words even though his breaths were fanning her face!

"D-Do I look like a ShaktiMaan to you that you are falling on me?"

Before he could say anything, her eyes fall on his wristwatch & panic invaded her face. She grabbed his hand a closer look!

"Omigod! Omigod!Omigod! I must hurry up, else that Joseph woman will eat me raw for being late!!!"

She pushed him away & got up but he held her wrist from behind.

"Wait, I have prepared breakfast specially for you. Eat & go."
Her eyes widened hearing that. That was really shocking but she knew he wasn't joking. Maan headed to the kitchen. She followed him.

"W-Whatever it is Mr Khurana, if you think I'm gonna eat what you have made, then you're mistaken!!!"

She looked away. But when she felt a delicious aroma gracing her nostrils, she turned her eyes to see a Paneer recipe which was her favorite!!!! She had been missing it since when!!! She took a bite & surprisingly it tasted so good that Geet hugged Maan in excitement!

And he was pushed a few steps back with her force...! O...Kay? That was the first time she was hugging him in private & not because of Mrs D. He heard her gushing,

"Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! You have made it exactly how like it!!! There is magic in your hands!!! I didn't you you were such a wonderful cook!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! And..."

She was just going on & on & on. He was so lost in her hug that his mind went fully blank. That was the reward which he was getting for his hard work. When he was about to reciprocate the hug, Geet parted.

"What is this!!!!!"

The next moment, Geet was scandalized when she saw a cut in one of his finger...and BLOOD was oozing out of it!!!She ran to bring the first aid box in panic! Yeah! Even though Maan had been taking dedicated cooking classes for about a week now whenever he used to get time, he still wasn't expert in cutting veggies!

"Geet it's not paining!! I am alright! It's okay!" Maan tried to resist.

"As if you are the Iron Man of this generation!!!"

Geet snapped sarcastically & grabbed his hand to carefully clean & bandage his wound. The cut was not so deep but still she was worried. She was so pained seeing his bandaged finger that she looked at him with chiding eyes.

"Who the heck told you to make breakfast!!!!! We had already discussed we won't interfere in each other's matters, can't you understand!!!!! Can't you mind your own business!!!!!You don't have to do bloodshed for me!!!!!! You are my husband not my caretaker!!!!!!!!!!"

Geet just blasted on him. And after that, she walked out of the house...

O...Kay? What did just happen?, wondered Maan. Everything happened so quickly that he didn't know how to react. As far as he remembered, the first moment, she was praising him for the breakfast & the very next second she screamed at him for the same reason!Err...wait a minute! Did she SCREAM at him????

Maan's eyes lit up in anger. NOBODY SCREAMS at MAAN SINGH KHURANA!!!!!!!!!!

With a puffed face, he headed to his office. No wonder, the day would turn out to be very bad for the employees!


"Woweee!!! That so sweet & romantic of your hubby!!!!!"

Lorraine gushed in typical foreign accent. It was break time in Uni. Lorraine & Geet had become really good friends while leaning fashion designing. Lorraine was a tall blue-eyed & beautiful, fair skin & golden haired girl.

"Yeah! but I blasted on him like a pressure cooker which I shouldn't have done! He took so much pain to make it so yummy & I shouted at him. He must have felt so bad. " said Geet with guilt.

"Umm...Tell him a sweet sorry!"

Geet's eyes widened.

"No ways! I won't say sorry! I never told him sorry!"

"C'mon! You are at fault so it's you who has to amend it!" Lorry probed.

Geet finally agreed. She dialed his nunber.

"He is not picking up..."she said sorrowfully. Lorry told her to try again.

Maan had just finished talking to a client. He saw Geet's incoming call. At first he decided not to answer but then he did so!

"Maan!!! Why weren't you picking up my call???!!!! Mobile phones are used to talk not for show-off!!!!!!"

Geet smacked her head. Lorry gestured her to speak softly.

"Excuse me??? I am not a Stone Age Man! I have other phone calls to attend & not only yours!!" he snapped back.

"Oh hello! Mobile phones were not invented during the Stone Age!!!Telephone was invented somewhere during the Industrial Revolution!!"

Well...Geet wasn't sure of that trivia herself! Lorry sighed!

"Did you call me to give updates like the History Channel????!!" he retorted.

Geet took a deep breath.

"Okay...I don't want to beat around the bush...but didn't you study History in secondary school?"

"Geet!!!!"he raised his voice.

"O-Okay Okay...Woh...I am really really really really really sorry for whatever happened this morning...Please mujhe maaf  kar do na..."

Maan couldn't believe that she had actually sincerely apologized to him!

"Whoa! History Channel became Aastha Channel!" he remarked bluntly.

Geet frowned hearing that.

"I don't want to talk to you!!!!!!!"

"Aree Geet---"

But she rang off. Maan sighed.

"Why is it that we can't even talk properly for 2 secs!"

"Omigod! I again got angry on him!!" Geet chided.

"Well there's another way. A journey to a man's heart is through his stomach! Why don't you cook his fav dish??!!" she was excited.

"Lorraine, the fact is he has put a 'NO ENTRY' board for me outside his heart & even I don't wish to enter!" she said the last words in her mind.

"Aww be positive & that's not my blood group!"

"Maan loves Italian. I have tried to make but couldn't succeed in making it eatable!" she sighed.

"Coolio! I consider myself expert in Italian dishes. I will help you & also teach you!" she said cheerfully!

"You will???Thanks a lot!!!!!" she asked delightedly.

Lorry nodded! So they bunked the last class & went to Geet's house.

It was evening. On his way back home, Maan's phone rang & that brought a smile on his face.

"Hey Sharanya!! What's up?!"

"Mr Maan Khurana!!!! I am not talking to you!!!!"

"Toh phir phone kyun kiya?" he taunted.

 "Ha Ha Very funny!!! Right now I am in India & got to know that you're married! You broke my heart!" she cribbed

"Sorry  Drama Queen I—"

"And yeh bhi suna hai that your wife is extremely beautiful & that you two are alone in Singapore doing mushy-mushy uncensored stuff!"

Maan sighed.

"There is nothing like that!"

"Don't be diplomatic! Waise I am jealous of your wife but still want to meet her. She snatched what was mine. " she sounded dejected.

Maan smiled.

"I shall introduce you to Geet & will also tell you our love story!"

"Hmm...Sounds great! Will try to meet up as soon as my film shoot is over!"

They talked for some more time after which they rang off.

On the other hand, Geet & Lorraine were almost done preparing an Italian dinner. Geet wanted to do most of the things so Lorraine was instructing her. Just then Lorry's phone rang. Geet could make out it was her boyfriend, Siddharth who worked for Khurana Constructions.  Lorraine ended the call with a smile.

"Sid is taking me out for a date tonight. I really hope he proposes me!" she beamed.

"All the best!" Geet winked.

Lorraine left after dusk. After that Geet was patiently waiting for Maan to arrive. She had thought to even dress up a littlr but discarded the idea as absurd! She was in her usual jeans & tank top & was laying the table.

The door bell rang. It must be Maan, she thought & went to open the door...

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