Prologue/Part 1

                                                           The Night

She sat on the bed which was beautifully decorated with rose petals, the aroma of which got mingled with her continuous deep breaths one after another...She cast her hazel brown eyes across the entire room that was dimly lit with florescent white candles, the heat of which did nothing to aid her shivering heart...Even though the bridal wear was heavy, Geet still sat with her hands on her knees, glancing at the door from under the pallu every now & then waiting for her  husband to come in...The wedding had been tiring for her...perhaps even for him...To be more clearer, the wedding was exhausting for them due to various reasons...

Her thoughts came to a sudden halt when she heard the door opening...Geet saw her husband---Maan come in...

As soon as he materialized in front of her, Geet did away with her pallu revealing her shy face to him...Their eyes met...For a moments, both of them were absolutely blank in terms of what to speak...what to say BUT the very next moment, they frowned hard at each other & looked away!

"You know what!!!! I just don't know how I should express my feelings to you!!!!!!!" she snorted.

"Oh that's sad!!!!!!" he shot back sarcastically, "As if I have been waiting since ages to know what you think of me!!!!"

Geet cast her angry hazels at him.

"Don't try to be over-smart, samjhe aap????!!!!! When smartness was required to be shown then janaab was dreaming!!!!!!!"

"Excuse me????!!!It was you who foiled my plan!!!! Who gave you this bright idea to run away before our wedding rituals????!!!!!"

Maan stepped closer to the bed showing his angry eyes. Even Geet was not going to take the allegations aaivayi! She stood on her knees & trotted to the edge of the bed where he stood!

"Are you trying to say that we are happily married because of my fault????!!!!!!!"

"Aur nahi toh kya!!!!!!!!"

Now Geet was really furious! She clutched his shervani & pulled him closer...

"Listen!!!!!!I will kill you if one more time you put the blame on me when you know you are the culprit!!!!!"

"Achcha?? Ulta chor kotwal ko daante???!!!!" he freed himself from her, "In the past 48 hours I have done those things & entered those territories which I couldn't have dreamt of  & this has happened all because of you!!!!!!! "

"Oh hello! I was not dancing in some la la land at that time!!! I was unfortunately your partner-in-crime!!!!"

Enraged, both of them once again looked away from each other!!


"Now what happened???!!!!" she sneered turning at him.

"My back!!! God!!! I don't know what had come on Mom!!!!! Because of her, I had to literally carry you to the room & now I have got a permanent back pain!!! "

"As if I enjoyed being in your arms for whole two minutes!!!!" Geet gave a rueful look.

Maan glared back at her!

"Waise, serves you right!!!!! Couldn't you climb the stairs & walk faster?!!!!!! "

"I would have but kya kare ek toh I had to carry a hippo like you aur upar se your heavy bridal wear!!!"

Geet was full red in anger!

"How dare you call me fat???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
She was ready to pounce on him! But in that process she lost her balance & was just about to fall off from the bed when Maan caught her in his arms...

Her hands caught hold of his shoulders & they shared a brief eyelock...Maan then abruptly straightened her & pulled her closer, his hands slipping down to rest on her waist...

"Look! Control yourself!!! I know I am looking handsome in this shervani but that doesn't mean you throw yourself on me!" he smirked.

That irked her even more! She pierced her nails in his shoulders which made him wince in pain but still he did not let go off her... She attempted to free herself but fell back on the bed & he fell on her...

"I still can't believe you are my husband now!!!!!! This wedding could easily be avoided hadn't it been for your dumbness!!!!!" she said scornfully.

"Yeah! Like I was counting seconds to make you my wife!!!!!" his voice sarcastic.

Their utter closeness was doing wonders in heating up the air around them...

"Admit it that everything is your mistake Mr Maan Khurana!!!!!!"

"It's bad manner to blame others Ms Geet Arora...oh I mean Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana!!!!"

"Tell that the panditji was fake & we are not married after all!!!!!!!"she exclaimed vehemently.

"In that case, even you tell me that there has been a counting error & we have taken just five pheras in reality!!!!" he snapped.

Maan got off her & she straightened herself. Both looked away from each other.

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