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Chapter Twelve:  Battling The Odds

"But why can't I go to Mumbai?????????!!!!"

Her voice echoed in the Handa Haveli. Her eyes travelled from her parents to her Daarji but no one looked at her directly. Geet couldn't believe what she just heard...or perhaps she did expect this coming...

"We will not discuss anything about this matter further. We can't permit you to go to Mumbai..."

Daarji said in a low decisive voice but even she wasn't happy with her own decision. Geet clenched her fists & closed her eyes tight to stop her tears.

"I know you are saying so because of my myopic eyes...but I am not blind, why can't you understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Geet puttar!!!"

Rano tried to call her but Geet ran upstairs locking the door of her room...

Tears rolled down her eyes as she fell on her bed. How excited she was to get the opportunity of studying in St Mark but everything was lost now as Daarji never changes her decision...Geet cried digging her head in the pillow...

                            Narration by Geet

I have been a myopic patient since birth. Living with a number of minus 28 hasn't been an easy job at all. Lenses don't help much as my number is really high & doctors advise not to strain my eyes. All this have been really frustrating as some people almost treat me as though I am blind...Also it has caused lot of hindrances in my choices as regards to my career interests or even enjoying college life. I wanted to take up engineering but couldn't make it. My family was apprehensive to send me to Delhi for studies but since my relatives there assured them I will be fine, Daarji agreed. And now, when I have got a wonderful opportunity to study in Mumbai, things are yet again not in my favor...

                                    End of Narration

"Geet puttar, please open the door!"

She heard her father’s voice. Composing herself, she let him in. Geet hugged him tight & he knew his daughter was very sad...
"Geet," he caressed her lovingly, "It's not that we don't want you to follow your interests. And don't think we are not sending you to Mumbai because of your eyesight, we don't have any relatives there to take care of you. So how we send our darling bitiya all alone? "   

His voice was soothing & friendly. Geet parted from him.

"Papa, I know you all are really protective & caring about me. But you have to trust my capabilities because I trust myself!"

"We have never underestimated you beta!"

"Then please Papa...please maan jayine na...I don't want to sit at home for two years till I am operated...I want to fight the circumstances...I want to achieve something despite my shortcomings!"

Geet looked at him with pleading eyes. Mohinder understood her perspective. He was never against her going to Mumbai, but somewhere even he feared...

"Please convince Daarji & Mamma..." Geet spoke again...

"Yeh aap kya keh rahain hain. Hum Geet ko jane nahi sakte, hamara mann nahi maan raha!!" Rano was teary-eyed.

"Rano is right & I will not change my decision. Geet can even study in Chandigarh itself." Daarji added.

"I don't think it's right on our part! If we stop her, she will think we don't want her to progress!" Mohinder tried to convey, "And I don't want our daughter to feel that we treat her as handicap. I have full faith in Geet & it's not right to dissuade her always."

Mohinder left from there. Rano couldn't decide what was right & what was wrong. She had always been over-protective of Geet but that's also true that her daughter needs to be independent.

Daarji was forced to reflect once again in the matter...


All sat around the table for dinner. Geet looked at her dad who gave her an assuring nod. The meal was a silent affair.

"Geet puttar...!" Daarji spoke after the dinner got over.

Geet looked at her unsurely. Daarji continued,

"You are going to Mumbai but on one condition that you will phone us everyday."

Geet couldn't believe her ears. Her sad hazels at once shone with happiness. Her mind felt light & all unsure thoughts cleared. Cheerfulness was back in her face. She saw her parents smiling too. Geet was happier.

"Sachci Daarji???!!! Thank you...Thank you so much!!!!!"  she chirped & she hugged him very tightly!

Rajji giggled. Geet thanked Babaji too for helping her yet again. Doors had opened for her, Geet breathed in anticipation.

"And yes! I have even looked for hostel accommodation for you. You will be staying in St Mark girls hostel!" added Mohinder.

Geet nodded cheerfully!

Next Morning      
                              Narration by Geet.

"Geet beta!! How much will you sleep? Get up!"

Mamma had been repeating herself since the past one hour!. Finally I had to give in. I felt as though it was a new beginning. I can't thank my family enough for being supportive & understanding.

I got up yawning & looked around me. Thankfully, it was my own room not some helicopter or aeroplane!. Gosh! I am thinking about Maan!

"After the marriage prank, he played the kidnapping prank! He knew I had to go to Delhi anyway & he took advantage of that fact! Aur main pata nahi kya kya soch rahi thi! Eloping & all! But anyways, he is out of my life now & I don't have to think about him!"

I opened my laptop. There were two mails in my inbox. The first one said I had to go to my Delhi college & collect my passing certificate which will be needed in St Mark.

"Kya!!!!?? Phir se Delhi jaana padhega!" I sighed.

I read the next mail.

"What! Tomorrow is a guest lecture in St Mark!!???College ke first day mein hi guest lecture!"

Pah! They did not even mention who was going to come!

The rest of the day went quite good, though I was kinda sad that I would be departing the next day. And true enough, I was being pampered by all! Daarji brought my favorite sweets. Papa bought my fav chocolates. Mamma & Rajji helped me in packing. Aamma was very particular that I shouldn't neglect my health by skipping meals!

But even then I felt something amiss...My mind constantly kept drifting back to Maan. Most of the times I was able to stop myself from thinking about him but other times I couldn't...Though I was very very happy I won't ever see Aniee again but I couldn't say the same about Maan….

"Geet, get a life!!!" I scolded myself, "Would you want to hear Aniee's rude remarks or be the sole target of Maan's pranks on a daily basis? No na? So you should be celebrating that the Khurana siblings are out of your life!!"

So basically my motto was 'Maan's thoughts go away, don't come ever again'
At night, We all were seated in the dining hall for dinner. Mamma was serving me my favorite dish.

"Geet." I looked at Papa, "I have booked your tickets for tomorrow. One is Chandigarh-Delhi & the other Delhi-Mumbai. Yaad se bag mein rakh lena!"

I nodded. Then Daarji spoke,

"Geet." Daarji spoke, "Bas ek hi baat hai, stay away from Maan!"

I was shocked hearing that. Now from where did Maan's topic arise? I will be studying in Mumbai, not Delhi!. Maan's chapter is over in my life along with yestarday's epilogue!(Man! I have repeated that to myself a million times now!)

I nodded confidently...

Early next morning my family had come to see me off at the airport. I took Mamma, Papa & Daarji's blessings & hugged Rajji. It was then that Rajji whispered to me,

"Di, don't forget to check out the good looking guys in your batch & tell me also about them!" she winked.

"Sure Sure, why not!" I replied.

We both giggled. Soon it was time for me to depart...All turned so emotional! Even I!

                                   End of Narration.


On their way back to the Haveli, Rano exclaimed.

"Does Geet know that the Khuranas are her Local Guardian in Mumbai??"

"Oh ho! We have forgotten to tell her! Koi nahi, we will tell her once she lands there!" said Mohinder

Geet sat in the air-craft looking forward for her life in Mumbai…..oblivious of the fact that her Perfect Suitor will re-enter her life within a few hours with a prank...

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Chapter Eleven: Big Bang Boom!!!

Time refused to tick by...Even though he could hear the clock tick-tock sitting in his forlorn cabin...still time refused to tick by for him...It was not that he was sitting idle since a very long time...Maan had done a lot of time-pass after Geet left... For example, he engaged both the newly appointed managers in more business talks than were required & after he was done with that, he even took to scaring the wits out of Rishi!!How he enjoyed Rishi's terrified face!...but after a point of time...everything seemed to fall apart...& here Maan was passionately gazing at his Geet's ear-ring'.

It was clear that he was missing her...missing her very badly...& the thought that he might not be able to see her again made the feeling harsh...Maan rested back in his chair & closed his eyes. He didn't know why he had brought her to Delhi. He just did it...by intuition...or perhaps because he couldn't stand the fact of her being away from him...Then he also had to let her go back...

 Maan caressed her ear-ring hard while his eyes passionately lingered her images in front of him' There was an alien fire surging within him to be close to her' to hold her in his arms'.His breaths grew rigorous as the intensity of her thoughts increased. His mind didn't care a hoot to raise questions regarding what was happening to him'it had already decided that Geet ought to be with him'. He stared hard at his phone' Precisely he feared that, after hearing her voice.  his brain would instantly come up with another plan to bring her again to him which might create problems for her in her family'.

His patience, ultimately gave up to his urge & he picked up the phone to dial her number''


She gaped at the Haveli which stood tall in front of her eyes & gulped her saliva in fear'.No, it was not a Haunted Haveli'.but still, at that point of time, Geet felt that it was better to confront ghosts rather than face her family...

Two problems which stood mocking at her' Firstly, she didn't know how to defend her disappearance in her family court & secondly she didn't even get admission in St Mark which, otherwise, could have acted as a lawyer to save her from the crises... But interestingly her mind, at that time, followed an altogether different trail...

"Yeh maine kya kar diya Babaji!! I shouldn't have been rude with Maan...He was just being sarcastic...agar unhe bura lag gaya toh'.but I didn't want to hurt him..." Geet smacked her head, "What is this Geet'.there are so many problems lying in front of you & you are thinking about him!!! Even though he is the root cause of your miseries!!!!"

Geet composed herself, trashing Maan's thoughts & finally got ready to step in the Haveli, being scared though'.She took a deep breath'..

"Babaji...Please meri help kijiye'."

And at that moment, her phone rang. Geet's heart missed a beat as the screen mischievously displayed Maan's name...

"Babaji! Maine aapko help ke liye pucha tha, problems ke liye nahi!!!!"

"Kya hai!!!?" she snapped as she answered the call.

Maan sensed that she was angry, "Kuch nahi, I was getting hiccups so thought of calling you, I did right na?"

Geet tried her very best to discard the effect of his husky voice on her...

"Anyways, what's up?" he asked coolly.

"I will tell you what's up!!!!? The sun is scorching hot & as electrical gadgets are not supposed to be exposed to sun, I need to keep my phone back into my purse!!!" she snapped again.

 "Aww...Bas itni si baat? You can wrap your phone in tissue paper & then talk to me!" he was smirking.

She pouted angrily hearing that.

"Waise, Are you speaking live from Chandigarh or Delhi?"

That startled her, "Of course Chandigarh!! Infact I am standing outside my house!!!You saw me get in the airport, right???? "

"So what? Your legs could have even refrained from boarding the aircraft!"

"And why would I stay back in Delhi?"

"Because I thought you would really not give up so easily."

Geet was shocked hearing that. "I told you I had no chance."

"Two vacant seats Geet!! You were hurt as you really did expect to clear the exam & get into your dream college. So couldn't you stay back & wait for the remaining names to be out, as your principal had asked you to? You could have taken a good news home, right?"

She closed her eyes hearing that. Maan was right , he was absolutely right'She should have waited...

 "I told you I had no chance of admission'.." she repeated.

"And I thought you knew what I really meant from my remarks! Par nahi, you were in a hurry to go away from me! I am so hurt that you left me & went away!"

He ended his serious lecture with a husky touch!

"I would never want to meet you again!!!"

"Aww'.you broke my heart again Geet!" he exclaimed  smirking though he meant what he said!

"Chalo, Koi nahi. I will still give you moral support when you face your Daarji & parents!!!"

Maan was still smirking when he said that. But Geet was petrified by that thought'

"I don't want any of your support!!! " she whined.

"Did I ask you for your opinion?. No, right? So just do as I say!!"

"No! I won't! Hum phone rakh rahe hain! Good Bye once again!!"

"Ah! Don't even think of disconnecting Maan Singh Khurana's call!!!"

His voice rang a warning which made her shiver...

"Now listen!! Put  your phone in speaker mode & enter the Haveli!!" he instructed her.

She was shocked.

"N-N-Nahi...par kyun...but I'I-I'but why'hum'"

"Chup!! Bilkul Chup!!"

She was so terrified hearing him that she literally put her finger on her lip!

"I know why are you saying this. You want to hear everyone scold me, h-hai na? I know'"she pouted, whining.

He smirked, "Ab kya kare! I am like that!"

She didn't dare to cut the call even though she knew he was not physically present there & that they would never meet each other again.

She put her phone in speaker mode, holding it normally & stepped in the Haveli. Maan embraced silence as now only his ears would hear the talks which would soon surface'.

"Oh ho! I forgot to ask her the name of the college for which she gave the entrance exam! Now I can't even speak!"thought he


All four pairs of eyes were staring at her as she stepped in the hall. Geet, failing to look at even one of them, gazed the floor instead'. Maan waited with eager ears sitting in his cabin'..

"What's all this!!!!? Why did you leave for Delhi without telling us!!!!???"

Daarji's strict voice fell on her ears'.

"Sorry Daarji..."

She stuck to her standard reply &,as usual, she received a couple of sighs in return which were emitted by her parents!

"Atleast you could have informed us!!!!"

"Sorry Papa'."

"I was right, Maan had kidnapped me!!!!!!!!" Geet thought inwardly.

"We were so tensed puttar!!"

"Sorry Maamaa'"

"Tension toh mujhe ho rahi hai yahan pe! Now I will definitely be asked about Maan!" Geet rued inwardly

"Geet, wait & watch what comes next!"Maan thought on other hand.

"Woh toh achcha hua ki one of your professors called me yesterday to inform that the college website crashed & so you have to go to Delhi itself & see the results!"

Geet stared at her dad in surprise as he said that.

Maan smirked hearing that "And co-incidentally I heard that so I could carry you with me!"

"Haan! Aur I know you Di!" chirped Rajji, "You should have been very tensed about your results so you left for Delhi early morning without informing us so that you can bring good news home & surprise us na?"

Everyone agreed. Geet's jaw almost dropped in shock.

"That means'.they have literally no clue that Maan carried me to Delhi in sleeping form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Geet was flabbergasted.

Maan smirked as he could make out what was going on in Geet's mind.

All of them were looking with expectant eyes towards Geet. One problem got solved but another still loomed...

"Koi surprise nahi hai Rajji." Said Geet sadly, "I'I-I'did not get admission in St Mark College'."

Geet broke down by the time she completed. Maan heard that.

"Geet wanted admission in St Mark!!!!!!!!!?????"he was shocked

Everyone was surprised hearing Geet.

"Who told you did not clear the entrance exam??? You  got admission in St Mark!!!" exclaimed Mohinder heartily.

Geet did not expect that coming... Stunned, Maan abruptly got up from his chair...

"But how???I  did not---" she tried to speak.

"Geet puttar! Your principal told us that she suggested you to stay back but you didn't! Now the college website has started functioning, so we could check the results & you have got one of the two vacant seats!!!!! "

Mohinder announced excitedly. He joyfully brought the laptop to show her & Geet couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her name added to the list of other successful students...

Maan didn't know why he was feeling happy. He could imagine the happiness in the Haveli & also Geet jovial face...He disconnected the call.



Maan kept his phone on his desk, smirking...

"Interesting! Very very interesting! So Geet is coming to Mumbai......Aniee & she will be studying in the same college as batchmates'..! "

His eyes were flamed with passion as he lifted her ear-rings...

"Geet, I thought we would never meet again. But I was wrong! On the contrary, we would meet everyday...every single day...because you are coming to Mumbai..." his thoughts were intense...

"Toh thik hai Geet, I will take the honor of "welcoming" you to Mumbai..."

Maan smirked as yet another prank crept his mischievous mind'..

Geet was happy that she will be studying in St Mark. But was it really the case? No wonder Mohinder was happy for his daughter. BUT Daarji didn't seem pleased at all...Even Rano was perplexed...

Friday, 26 July 2013

Chapter Ten: Beauty And The Bitch!

"Well...ah! My car loves to go on long drives with me & what about you?"

Maan whispered huskily leaning closer to Geet. They were in his car. Geet very well knew what he was hinting at. He had left no chance to flirt with her...or rather taunt & trouble her most of the times! And that really irritated Geet. 

"Not interested!! Aur waise bhi, It's 3'o clock now, so my entrance exam results might be out, I need to go to college to check it out!"

"I am coming with you." he announced.

Maan started the car. Geet didn't mind him accompanying her but then she remembered Simi & got a bit sad.

"I think you should go to Simi instead." She said in a low voice.

"I'm saying it for the first & last time. I have nothing to do with Simi. She is not my girlfriend or anything."

Geet was startled to hear his extremely cold voice. She never saw him that way! She thought it best to not speak about the topic anymore. Also, she somewhere felt relief hearing him.

So they were heading to Geet's college. She was all anxious & desperate...

"D-Drive faster pleaseee!!!!!" she insisted.

"I can't as I follow law & order like a good citizen!" Maan teased.

"Aap ke chakkar mein I completely forgot about my results!! Now that I am in Delhi let me go & see it myself. " she was all tensed.

Maan saw her doing her ‘Babaji' chants.  She even had some nail- biting sessions!. He smirked

"Chalo! Isi bahane your nails won't hurt me the next time you pounce on me!"

Geet hardly heard what he said. Maan drove the car faster

She rested back on her seat.

"I have to get admission in St Mark College, Mumbai…"

She repeated the statement in her mind. Her trance broke when she heard Maan's voice.

"We have reached Geet!"

She opened her eyes to see the college entrance gate. There was a huge rush of students. Being nervous, Geet  tried to get out of the car but something held her back.

"Your seat-belt!"

"W-What???" she asked flustered still unaware that she had forgotten to unfasten the seat-belt which was holding her back!

Her heart skipped a few beats when she saw Maan roguishly leaning towards her...She squeezed her eyes shut...Her breaths increased when she felt the air from his nostrils landing on her cheeks...

He unfastened her seat-belt & reaching to her ears, he whispered.

"All the best for the results..."

Her eyes notched open to see him still close...She at once got out of the car while Maan waited for her to return.

There was huge crowd in front of the college notice board. Geet could hear happy sighs as well as sad ones. With great difficulty she made her way into the crowd & finally reached near the notice board. She scanned her eyes through the various names displayed. She did not find her name...She checked again...She did not find her name...Failure hit her hard & her senses were overcome by a sudden grief...

Geet walked aimlessly through the crowd which was still pouring in...Tears had already lined up in her eyes & were waiting for her nod to flow down her cheeks….

"I...I did not...did not...get admission in...in St Mark...!!!"

The thought seeped in her mind breaking her completely from within….

Maan was startled when she just came & sat in the car with a white face. He understood what the matter was. He began to drive the car silently…

By the time they were on the highway, Geet had already started to cry noiselessly…Tears trickled down her hazels & Maan was well aware of that….

"If you continue to manufacture these salted drops for some more time, my car will drown & I don't want that!"

His sharp words hit her ears.

"Don't worry!! I will make sure your car is renovated!!!!"she sneered

"Okay, you can carry on then with you tears!"

His nonchalance did not go down well with her.

"Can't you see I am extremely shocked & sad as I couldn't clear my entrance exam!!!?"

"So you expect a shoulder to cry on! Forget it!"

"I don't even expect anything from you!!"

"Good! By the way for which college did you give the entrance exam? " asked Maan, in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Does it matter now?? Everything is over!! Princi told me to wait till evening as two more seats are vacant! But there are many others like me, I have no chance!!! So it's better to go back home!!!!" she blurted out in frustration, "But why am I telling you all this!!!?"

"So Miss Geet Handa gave up so easily. You are not my type!" he remarked.

"Everything is over!! I won't be able to study in my dream course in my dream college!!!" she whined sadly.

He stopped the car abruptly.

"Good for you that the airport has arrived as I can't tolerate souls who are pessimistic in their approach, even though there is one full fledged chance!!!!!!!"

His voice was rude. The airport had arrived. It was time for Geet to go back to Chandigarh…She was hurt. She prepared to head out of the car…..

"Wait! Take these tissue papers!! It will aid you till you reach the Haveli & may be even after that!!!"

He held the tissue box in front of her. She was shocked to see him calm as if he was not bothered.

"Thanks for your concern & Good Bye!!!" she sneered.

Maan watched her enter the airport…She was gone…He was expressionless…Maan drove away…..

Rishi saw Maan entering the office with a very stern face. It was nothing new to Rishi as Maan always displayed sternness in office.

"Then in that case, S-S---" Rishi tried to speak.

"I suppose two new managers are to be appointed here before we head to Mumbai, have they arrived? " he asked sharply.

"Then in that case, Y-Yes S-Sir, they have arrived..."

Chandigarh Airport---

Geet had reached her home town. With great difficulty, she had managed to compose herself little bit…

"I did not get admission in St Mark…I won't be able to study in Mumbai…."

She saw a car waiting for her as she exited the airport. It was sent from the Haveli with a driver to pick her up. Geet sat in the car, dejected.

The roads seemed desolated to her even though it was not...Her face was grave, thinking hard about how she would face her family...


"St Mark College, one of the renowned colleges in Mumbai & you know what Bro, I got admission in there. I cleared the entrance exam!!!!!!"

Aniee exclaimed  to Maan on phone, delightedly.

"That's great Aniee!!!"

"I told nahi & dad, they are so happy. I wish mom was here with us..." her voice was choked with emotions towards the end.

Even Maan closed his eyes. Pain was reflected on his face. There was a pause after which Aniee spoke again...

"Anyways, I am heading to the air-port. I will call you once I land in Mumbai."

The call ended. Just then Aniee's car came face-to face with that of Geet's...They both got out from their respective cars…

"Aniee, you?? I mean... you going somewhere?"
Aniee was least interested to talk with her.

"I am going back to my hometown. By the way, heard you had gone to Delhi, were you tailing my brother?" Aniee chuckled rudely.

Geet was shocked by the remark.

"So sad! And he must have rejected you like he rejects other girls!" Aniee said further

"What's your problem!!!!?"asked Geet, hurt!

"Stay away from my Bro!! And make sure we are meeting for the last time!!!"

"Ofcourse!! Even I don't wish to see you ever again!!!!"

They both sat again in their respective cars & drove off…

"Aaj ka din hi kitna strange tha, I don't what else is there to come my way...but I'm glad Maan’s chapter is over in my life!!!"

Geet grew anxious as she reached the Haveli soon after...


"You believe me,right?" Simi pretended to cry on phone, "Your brother seems to have a very big misunderstanding. I...I really love MSK. He doesn't wants to see me ever again. I need your help to win him back"

"Simi, I completely trust you! And I know you are perfect for Bro." said an unsuspecting Aniee.
Simi smirked evilly.

"Don't worry, Bro will defo patch up with you!"

"Aniee, I'm really glad you understand me." said Simi in an innocent voice.

They rang off.
"Hmm...I can use Aniee to get back to MSK! Poor girl, believes in whatever I say! One day, MSK will turn into my keep when I takeover his property!"

Simi smiled viciously!