Chapter Four: Parting Ways

"So you mean to say that it's because of me that we had to spend an entire night in jail??????????????!!!!!!!!!" Geet cast her angry hazels on him.

"Aur nahi toh kya!!!!" Maan retorted back.

"Listen Mister!!!! Don't blame me okay!!! If you can't deal with girls like Sunaina, why don't you control your good looks?!!!!!!!"

"Excuse me????" he shot back, "Are you complimenting me or criticizing me aur waise bhi is it my fault that I am so smart, handsome,dashing, irresistible---"

"Oh hello! I am not some Beauty Contest judge that you are telling me your biological data!!!" she snorted.

"You know what!!! Tumse toh baat karna hi bekar hai!!!"

"Yeah!! As if  I am being honored with some Oscar award for chit-chatting with you!!!!" she sneered sarcastically.

"Just forget it!!!! Main jaa raha hoon yahan se!!!!"

"Just go!!!!And don't come ever again in front of me!!!!"

"Fine!!!!!!!!" he gritted his teeth in anger.

"Fine!!!!!!!" she glared back.

And both went their separate ways after being released from jail & also from the handcuff. Yash & Meera sighed seeing their fight. Chawla & Shinde were happiest souls on Earth.

"Thank you so much for getting them out of here!!!" Chawla, having tears of joy,  shook hands with Yash, "You don't know what mental trauma we went through for having kept those two in jail. Actually we hope they don't meet ever again!!"

Yash & Meera helplessly  sighed again.

"Meera, what if by chance both Maan & Geet get married?"

"Yash, why do you want to threaten world peace by marrying them off???"

The Khuranas & the Aroras were big names in the corporate world. The Khuranas dealt in construction business whereas the Aroras had a very successful chain of shopping malls. Both Geet & Maan returned back to their respective Mansions.

But both of them couldn't get rid of each other's thoughts.

Arora Mansion

Geet looked at her hand which had slight red marks of the handcuff & remembered all the events of the previous night when she was with Maan.

"Geet!!!!! Why the hell are you thinking of him??!!" frustrated, she smacked her head with a pillow, "I thought I will reserve my first kiss for my hubby par ab honi ko kaun taal sakta hai!!!!"

Just then her mom Rano entered the room,

"Geet!!! We're getting you married!!!!" she expressed her delight,"Get ready fast. The boy's family is coming to see you!!!!"

"What?!!!" Geet was wide with shock, "But I thought I will be doing a love marriage!" she pouted.

Then her dad Mohinder came,

"Aree but we can't wait whole life for you to first fall in love  & then get married, hai na?"

"Haan! Woh bhi hai!" Geet sighed, "Thik hai, I will meet the man which both of you have selected for me!"

Mohinder & Rano had huge smiles on their faces.

Khurana Mansion

Maan was having a shower. Water trickled down his muscular bare body but that didn't help to drain out Geet's thoughts from his mind. The feel of her soft pink lips pressed against his were creating havoc in his senses...

"Enough Maan!! There's a limit to everything!!!!! Stop fanaticizing about her!!!!"

He turned off the shower.

Even while having lunch with his parents, Maan couldn't stop thinking about Geet.

"Maan!! We are getting you married!!" his mom Niharika was excited, "We would be soon visiting the girl's place!!"

"Just because I'm thinking of a girl doesn't mean that both of you will get me married!" Maan just blurted out.

His dad Vikrant, raised his eye-brows

"Were you thinking of some girl????"

"N-No! Not...Not really!" he stammered.

"Wahi toh Maan!" Niharika chirped, "We want you to think of a girl because it's high time so that's why we are getting you married!"

Maan sighed.

"Thik hai! I will meet the girl whom both of you selected for me!"

Niharika & Vikrant had big smiles on their faces.

So here the Aroras were getting ready to welcome the Khuranas & the Khuranas were on their way to see the Aroras. Both Geet & Maan were oblivious of the shock they were to receive very soon...!

Arora Mansion

Rano & Mohinder escorted the Khuranas in the hall. They were made to sit on lavish sofas. Maan was left wholly impressed with the grandeur of the place. They were very much equal to Khurana standards.

Actually the Khuranas & Aroras were best of friends but still Geet & Maan didn't know each other at all before they met in the Break-up Party! After all Maan had recently returned from London and Geet had returned from New York.

Frankly Maan was excited to meet his prospective bride & even Geet was nervously on her way from the kitchen with snacks & tea to meet her prospective groom. And then he saw her walking in the hall with a shy face & downcast eyes...She looked beautiful...For a moment, Maan couldn't fathom anything.

Geet finally lifted her eyelids & their eyes met...Shock was a very small word in comparison to what they felt seeing each other face to face...again! Geet & Maan glared at each other!

"You!!!!!What are you doing over here???!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"She is right dad!!!!" Maan told Vikrant, "What are we doing over here?!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Do both of you know each other?" asked a surprised Rano.

"Yes!!!! We have spent a night----"

Geet realized the blunder she had committed. Maan tried to cover up as all were staring at them.

"Uh...She means to say that...that we spent a night together in jail!"

Maan committed a bigger blunder with the slip of tongue! Now Geet tried to cover-up seeing everyone's dumbfounded expressions.

"Woh'He means to say that...that we met in a debate seminar...where...uh...where..." Geet tried to search words.

"where the topic for the debate was...was 'A night outside the jail V/S A night inside the jail'..."

Maan somehow complete the sentence. Finding no other choice, Geet had to agree with him.  Their parents seem satisfied!

"Achcha toh yeh baat hai!" Mohinder exclaimed heartily, "Waise did anyone notice Maan & Geet have a deep understanding between them which is very much essential in marital life!"

Geet & Maan grew wide-eyed with shock hearing that. Everyone agreed. And the next minute, both were sent to a private room so that they can talk!

Maan & Geet sat opposite each other glaring!!!

"What rubbish debate topic you came up with? Couldn't you think of something sensible???!!!!" she sneered.

"Excuse me???? Atleast I thought of something, not like you who didn't know what to say!!!!" he shot back.

"Don't act over-smart okay!!!!" she stood up, angrily!

"I'm smarter than you, tum mano ya na mano!!!!" he too stood up, snorting!

"I don't want to marry you!!!!!"

"As if I want to marry you!!!!!"

Glaring, she trotted towards him but in the process lost her balance & he caught her in his arms & their eyes locked...Frankly both didn't know what was happening...they were lost in each other...

Their parents came there & saw them in that pose sharing the eyelock! All were delighted!

"Hayye!!!! Made for each-other!!!!"

Niharika's delightful comment broke their trance. Maan & Geet instantly separated from each other!

"So we were right!! They are well suited for each other!"

Maan & Geet were shocked hearing Vikrant! Before they could say anything, Rano chirped happily,

"Main kya kehti hoon, lets fix their marriage as soon as possible! I have even spoke to the panditji!"

All were elated except the to-be-married.

"But we don't want to marry each other!"

Both exclaimed simultaneously!

"Ah! Don't shy away both of you! We know about your love for each other!" Mohinder remarked heartily!

Geet & Maan were left shocked & helpless.

Soon the wedding preparations began. Maan & Geet tried to avert the wedding but their parents were to jovial to listen to them.

Finally the wedding day arrived. An expensive resort was booked for the grand wedding. It was a private affair since both the families loved it that way.
Geet was all dressed in bridal wear looking stunning. She was in her room.

"Geet, think of something before you become his wife!!!!!"

She called up Meera,

"Meera, quickly arrange for a fake pandit!!!!"

On the other hand, Maan was pacing to & fro in his room dressed up in shervani looking very hot & handsome. He didn't have any clue about Geet's fake pandit plan. He called up Yash

"Yash, make arrangement to kidnap the pandit!!!"

There was only less time left for the mahurat of the wedding pheras. Geet & Maan both were tensed trying their very best to cancel the marriage.

"No! Aisa nahi ho sakta...I can't marry Maan...then what should I do know..." she thought for a while, "Now only one way remain, I must run away from here!!!!!"

She made up her mind.

"I can't marry Geet! I will have to share my big bedroom with what should I do..." he paused to think, "There is only one way out! I must slyly leave from here!!!"

He made up his mind.

Just before the pheras, Maan & Geet separately sneaked out of the resort in their wedding dresses. Both of them were oblivious of the fact that even the other had run away...

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