Chapter Eight: A Naughty Welcome



"A-Are you serious??Are we going to stay here????" Geet whispered, confused.

"Ye-ah...I think so!"

Maan hugged her sideways & kissed her cheeks! Damn! She couldn't even object, given the situation they were in.

"Now that's the kind of couple I always wanted to have but next time the kiss should be on the lips!"

The old lady who was sitting in front of them winked mischievously. She was Mrs Dcosta in her mid fifties but very young, cheerful & naughty at heart!

Maan & Geet sighed inwardly. They didn't know what other non-veg questions their prospective landlady would ask!

"By the way, who is the best kisser amongst you two?"

"He!" Geet pointed to Maan.

"Yeah but I dunno whether I am good in French kiss or not!" he blurted & Geet gave him such a dangerous glare that made Maan repented his words!

Mrs D'costa smiled.

"Okay there is only one condition on which I will rent you my penthouse for six months!"

"What condition?" Maan & Geet asked in unison.

 "You should be kissing & hugging each other every time I see you!"she brimmed cheerfully!

Geet's  eyes widened in ultra shock hearing that.

"Done!" Maan replied quickly, "Right Sweetheart?" he looked at Geet sweetly & she got so angry that she felt like killing him on the spot!

"That's great!" she handed the keys to them & continued, "Actually I always rent my penthouse to young mushy mushy couples & you know what they produce so cute little babies! So how many babies will both of you produce?" she asked with twinkling eyes.

Dumbfounded, Maan & Geet gaped at her blankly & then at each other.

"Uh...Depends..." said Maan in a choked voice.

Mrs D'costa narrowed her brows.

"Uh...he means to say we are confused between twins & triplets!"Geet covered up & smacked her head mentally for saying that!

" cuteee!!!!"she joined her hands in a soft clap, "Anyways I must leave now. Both of you take rest!"

Maan heaved a sigh of relief. But before Mrs D'costa left she dropped another bomb!

"By the way, you two did not narrate to me how your first night after marriage was! Kya Kya kiya?" she asked naughtily.

And once again, Maan & Geet gaped at her with stunned expressions!

"Uh...we are still learning how to be perfect on bed." Ssaid Maan bluntly finding nothing else! Geet thought of hiding her head in a big hole out of embarrassment.

"Ah! Don't worry! Both of you will be expert very soon!" she assured.

 Maan & Geet breathed in relief when finally their landlady left!
Then Geet faced Maan with her super angry hazels & red plump nose. He moved backwards when she advanced towards him!
"I just don't know how I express my feelings to you!!!!!!!!!" she gritted her teeth.

"Yeah! As if I am eager to know what are your feelings for me! " he repliedsarcastically.

"Listen Mister! Don't act oversmart!!!" she clutched his collar, "Did you find only this house in the whole of Singapore????? I know you chose it for your physical interests in me!!!!!!"

Now Maan was really angry at this allegation. He squeezed her closer by her waist until his heated breaths lashed her face. Her heart didn't have place to throb as he intensely glared at her...

"For your kind information, this house is located nearby your university so that you can successfully complete your course!!!!"

He released her & looked away. Damn! He was right! And Geet actually loved the place. The penthouse was very beautiful with a big hall & a kitchen. There were two bedrooms upstairs & also a flowery balcony with a swing. Man! The place was stylishly romantic & Maan and Geet had to act like a lovey-dovey couple in front of Mrs D'costa!


"S-So what? You don't have to care for me!" she glanced sideways.

"Excuse me? I chose this place for my benefit! Woh kya hai na, I will not have to give you pick-up-and-drop-service in my car! "

Geet frowned hearing that.

"You are so mean!!!"

"My pleasure!!!" he snapped back.

But just then Maan saw Mrs D'costa come in. She had come for inspection. Alarmed Maan quickly pulled Geet to him & hugged her passionately!. Geet was shocked but soon she came to know the reason. She didn't know why but she didn't feel anything wrong in that. She kicked her head mentally for thinking that way & hugged him in return! Her hand roamed on his back...

Satisfied by their chemistry, Mrs D'costa left. Maan & Geet immediately separated. The awkward moments were soon replaced by their fights for the bedrooms!

"I want this room & you take that room!!!!!!"

"Oh hello! Are you the Supreme court judge to decide???? I will have this room not you!!!!"

"And even you are not President of India to allot rooms okay!!!"

"I am the boss of this house & you have to listen to me!!!!"

"Excuse me??? Yeh kab decide hua??? Don't do dadagiri & bhaigiri okay!!!!!! "

"Tell me why do you want this room???!!!"

"Uh...Woh...ah..." he stammered to think for a reason, "Because I read in my horoscope that I should have this room!" he ended with pride,"And why you want this room??!!!!"

Now it was Geet's turn to stammer!

"Woh...ah...umm...because...A lady looked in her crystal ball & said that this room is lucky for me!!!!!!"

Both glared at each other & continued arguing! Finally  when both were tired, they decided to toss a coin!

"I heads & you tails okay ?" before Geet could speak, he added,"Now don't fight on that also!"

Geet frowned & he tossed the coin. The smirk on his face told that he won! But she wasn't going to let him have his way. She snatched the coin from him.
"Hey, this is cheating!!!!! Accept your defeat like a true sportsman!!!!!"

But she ignored him & tossed the coin again! But this time too the result favored Maan! He smirked with victory & she  stomped her foot in anger & left muttering cursings!

Then both of them began to arrange their belongings neatly in their respective rooms. Maan somewhere wanted her & him to be in one room but he halted those thoughts. When he was done with his unpacking, he went to her room.  She was also almost done.

Maan's eyes fell on long sketch books & charts kept on the bed. There were also paint brushes & colors and even needles & pieces of clothes. Yeah! The items of her fashion designing course.

"Uh...Can I see your drawings?" he asked.

"Yeah sure!" she said while arranging the dressing table.

When Maan flipped one of the books open, he was left enchanted by her art. Geet was extraordinarily talented given the fact that the drawings looked very real & elegant. He was left speechless & in awe. As he turned the pages, he saw sketches of many female mannequins in various dresses that she had designed & painted as per her imagination. The expressions on their faces, the poses in which they stood, the posture of their hands & foot everything was sketched brilliantly.

"Did you draw all this??? I mean...really????" he asked in disbelief.

"Yup!" she chirped."Did you like it?"

"Yeah I loved it! But...why only female models? Are you a lesbian??"he asked teasingly.

And Geet got hell angry on that. She threw a pillow on him that banged his handsome face!

"There are male models too in the other book okay!!"

He flipped the other book & was astonished to see sketches of various good-looking male mannequins in shervanis & shirts that Maan felt jealous of them!. Geet had sketched them to be very hot & handsome. Somewhere Maan was relieved that the men were not real !

"So you lust on them?" he asked menacingly.

"Stop it okay!" she found nothing better to say. He gave a teasing smile.

Geet threw another pillow at him & they were engaged in a pillow fight on the bed! Soon there was cotton from the pillows flying all over the place. Maan stared at Geet when puffs of cotton stuck to her loose hair & face, lips, her dress...She looked very beautiful...He pulled her closer...

Their eyes locked as the cotton continued to fall on them like snow flakes. He slowly moved his fingers to remove the white thing from her hair...

"Your drawings are more beautiful than you." His voice was dense & she didn't know whether to thank him or not!

And then they resumed their fights regarding whether the sofa needs to be placed near the window in the hall or near the door!

Later that night, Mrs D'costa invited them to have dinner with her & yet again Maan & Geet had to act lovey-dovey! Oh boy!

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