Thursday, 27 June 2013

Chapter Four: The Big Bang Theory

                                             Narration by Geet

I was really pissed off the other morning as the early morning sun rays fell upon my closed eyes. I semi-consciously heard the curtains being put aside to let the irritating yellow light pass in. I fidgeted in my bed to let the intruder know I was getting disturbed but that did not help.

“Kya hai Rajji!!!!Let me sleep!!!” I covered my face with the blanket but my call was ignored.

“Rajji!!! Please leave the damn curtains!!!”

I threw a pillow with my eyes closed but was shocked to see it hitting back at me with the same force! Irritated, I threw all the pillows one by one until I heard a manly voice instead of a female one.

“Stop it!!!”

I got up with a start & saw Maan with the pillows tucked under his arm. He looked funny indeed but I was irritated.

“I don’t have the habit of getting up so early, let me sleep Maan!!”

“Early to bed, Early to rise---”

“Not one more idiom puh-lease!”

I shut my ears & slipped back to sleep & the next second there was a rain of pillows over me. Clearly, he didn’t like being interrupted!

“Jaaiye na yaha se..” I wined again sitting on the bed. He walked roguishly towards me. There was a magazine in his hand & he bore a mischievous smile.

“Okay, I will go. I had just come to notify you that panditji has already come to fix the date of our marriage! ”
 My shocked expressions met his smirking ones.

“I am here to hand over this magazine to you so that you can select a bridal wear for yourself!” he said calmly

I shoved him aside, chucked the magazine on the table & raced outside yelling at the top of my voice.

“Main Maan se shaadi nahi karungi nahi karungi!!! Nahi karungi!!!!!”

All the stunned faces of my parents, Daarji & also the panditji stared up at me.

“Yeh kya mazak hai subah subah!!!”  Daarji glared at me.

Yikes! I was scared.

“Geet what happened to you??” asked Mamma amused  “The panditji is here to decide the best mahurat to inaugurate our new hotel business with the Khuranas!”

“Who told you we are getting you married to Maan??” added my dad.

I stood dumbstruck. My jaw almost dropped as I stared  down the hall at them. So the Khuranas have to come here to lock a business deal ! And I thought....Oh forget it!!! I so so wished to find a large hole in this Haveli to dig my most embarrassed face. I heard a chuckle behind me. I turned around to see Aniee with Maan by her side.

“Good shot Bhai!!Toh Bhabhiji…” she turned to me,”I mean..Geet, I really hope you liked Bhai’s surprise...I mean shock!”  she said taunting me . Maan smirked

They both walked away from there leaving me grumbling.

                                       End of Narration

 Geet went to the kitchen hoping to forget the episode. She put on the gas & was planning to make something when Aniee came there,

“Listen!!” she handed the coffee cup , “Give me another cup as I don’t like the design of this cup!!”

“Thik hai, deti hoon..”

Geet went to the cupboard. She again heard Aniee’s rude voice.
“Waise you are not that lucky ki Bhai marries you!!”

“Aisa bhi toh ho sakta hain na that your Bhai really likes Geet Di!”

 Rajji stormed in defense.

Aniee turned to her, “In your dreams gal!!”

“Not at all! After all, it’s been a week since you all have come here, your Bhai has mostly interacted with Geet!”

“He was just passing time!! That’s it as there is nothing else to do!!” Aniee snorted.

“No! I think your Bhai has developed a liking for Geet Di!! ”

“Rajji please!!! What are you speaking!!” Geet gestured her to keep quiet.

“Exactly !! Because my brother already has a live-in girlfriend. Her name is Simi Singhania!!”

That somewhere that hit Geet hard. Simi was a supermodel & she did tell the media that she was dating MSK!! And Geet regarded herself as silly to forget that.

Aniee proudly staged a walk out.
Co-incidently Daarji just happened to overhear Annie's words.

“Maan in live-in relationship!!!!What has come on this generation!!!!”

Daarji was hell angry. He instantly developed a dislike for Maan.....

                            Narration By Geet       

 But why should I be affected even if he has a girlfriend? The fact that should concern me is that he played a prank on me!! I know that it was entirely my sheepishness but still Maan was not supposed to do like that ! I am very cross with him for fooling around with me!!! He is gonna have it from me for this!!

I marched up to his room & knocked it fiercely. “Come in.” I heard his cool voice in return.

I stepped in with a lot of ruefulness but everything was drained after I set eyes on him…He did not turn to me as he might have seen my reflection in the mirror. He had worn black formals & my eyes popped out drooling over his dashing looks! .I could sense my heart beats galloping.....there must be a limit to which he could look handsome & alluring…He is Maan Singh Khurana & how could I even think he would marry a silly girl like me! Wait a minute, I had come here to blast at him but instead I was scolding myself! No! He has to say sorry to me for his deeds!

“Aap ne aisa kyun--”

He fixed his tie & turned around to look at him.

He proceeded towards me with a quirky smile. I was frozen on the spot!

“You wanna say something?”

Our faces were so close!! I tell you!! I clutched my dupatta hard in an attempt to control my breathing.

“A-Aap ne a-aisa....Aap ne a-aisa… Aap n-ne a-aisa....”

Babaji!! Why can’t I speak normally to him!!!

He was irritated. He glanced at his wrist watch

“Geet..”  Damn his velvety voice!! ,” I think you will take a couple of hours to complete your say. Actually I am getting late for a business meeting so…so why don’t you write whatever you want to say, in a piece of paper & memorize it properly? I will be back in the evening to hear you!”

I parted my lips to object but he had already begun to walk out of the room!

Mean!! Mean!!Very Mean!!!

“Why didn’t you tell me that Simi Singhania is your girlfriend?!!”

Gosh!! Now why did I open my big mouth!!!

I saw him stop his track. He seemed to be shocked but the next second, he was smirking!

“Tere liye hi toh signal tod tad ke, aaya Dilliwali Girlfriend chood chaad ke!”

His voice was husky & he winked at me. I gaped at his retreating form blankly.


“Bhai!! Simi really loves you!!”

“Aniee!! I am getting late for my meeting! I don’t have time for nonsense!!”

“Bhai, atleast speak to her once! I am sure the misunderstandings will be cleared !”

“There is no misunderstanding!! How can she just speak crap to the media for publicity!!! We are not dating & she even knows that I am not interested in her!!!” his voice was gruff.


Maan had left.


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