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Chapter Twenty Six: The Nocturnal Tryst.

Her heart revolved when she discovered her visitor who had just walked in...err...jumped in through the window of her hostel room...


She screamed as that was the only sane thing remaining to do under the Human Shock Act, propounded by Geet Handa herself! She was given full liberty to squeal for good two seconds after which Maan pressed his palms on her lips...She slipped & fell back on the bed with Maan over her...

Her eyes locked with his intriguing ones. Her heart pounded feeling the heat radiated from his eyes as well his untamed breaths...He slowly uncovered her mouth, the feel of her rosy soft lips was retained by his palm. Her chest heaved up & down against his torso to support her rigorous breaths & that made him lose his senses some more.  She felt his fingers crossing with hers & she was glued to the bed...He leaned more towards her & she closed her eyes may be in anticipation of something. Her dazed mind wasn't able to fathom whether this was a dream or reality until she felt his nose slightly caressing hers.  His lips neared hers & she held on to her breaths...

"Why are you always so shocked whenever you see me Geet?!!"

His hostile voice made her shriek. Her shivering lips couldn't decide whether to reply or not...

Their trance broke when there came a knock on the door!

"Hey! Are you okay? I heard you squeal!"

A feminine voice enquired from outside! Maan released Geet seeing the tremor in her brown hazels & she at once sprang off from the bed! And he hopefully regained himself!

"Yeah Yeah Yeah! I'm fine fine fine!" Geet replied back hurriedly producing a normal voice, "I-I just realized I had left the window open but n-now it's too late..."

 The last words died away in her breathlessness. The voice seemed to satisfactorily retreat & Geet was just about to heave a sigh of relief but one look at Maan & her heart suffered from yet another calamity.

He kept on gazing at her intently caring a damn about the fact that he was on the verge of getting discovered in a girl's room at night!

With the greatest difficulty, Geet turned her eyes away from him & marched towards her desk with her wobbling feet, her back was faced to him. Her cheeks flushed realizing in what position' they were in a few seconds ago...

"Y-Yeh kya hua? Kaise hua? Ab sochkar kya fhayada Geet!!!! What had to happen has happened & now there is no point in repenting...!!!!! M-Maan yahan kya kar rahein hain???? I-I did not cordially invite him here...Agar yeh baat sab ko pata chal gayi toh?????????!!!!!!"

She panicked with her self talks & gulped her saliva in fear! Maan did not co-operate to reduce her plight!

"A-Aap yahan...aap yahan kyun aaye ho aur woh bhi...woh bhi itni...itni raat ko...?" she asked in a choked voice.

From the past ten minutes, his presence actively disrupted the peace inside her. Her senses came & went as per their wish, her mind was partly blank, her dazed eyes urged her to keep looking at him & her heart followed an abnormal route. He always affects her in a way that she loses her self-control..

"You said you didn't have any room-mate."

His dense calm voice made her shriek...Her heart beated rapidly as she heard him approaching her from behind. His heated breaths lashed over her shoulders making her squirm a bit. Ultimately not able to take the torments any more, she abruptly turned around to face him but that was her biggest mistake. His gaze was aggressive & hostile. Maan took steps towards her as she moved backwards...

"T-T-Toh kya hua if I don't have a roommate haan? T-That doesn't mean this room is your public property ki jab mann kiya, muh uthakar chale aaye!.This is a girls hostel...a girls hostel means a hostel only for girls and...and for no other human gender, samjhe aap o-or shall I-I speak more I---"


He caged her between the wall & him & she couldn't blabber further. His hot breaths landed on her face & there was hardly any distance between them AGAIN...To make matters worse, her head rested against the switchboard making the room turn dark by doing away with the only bedside lamp which was illuminating the entire room...Oh! Wait a minute! The blue moonlight proudly walked in giving them the needed visibility for their eyes to lock intensely...

"I don't like girls who blabber without a fullstop."

His voice was rough & passionate making her bite her lips!

Even though she was breathing heavily, but she didn't mind his utter closeness. Maan found it tough to keep a check on himself. Her beauty & innocence seemed to have an alcoholic effect on him. He inched his hand closer to her face to tuck away the strands of her hair away. She closed her eyes tightly. Her breaths were shallow. His touches invoked various sensations within her that she was unaware of. Her veins knotted with every movement of his fingers... Geet squirmed when she felt his sensual fingers trailing from her temple to behind her ears..

"I have come to take you for dinner."

His sonorous voice made Geet jerk her eyes open only to meet his firm ones. She knew he was not asking her but still she decided to try her luck!

"I-I-I can't come...Woh my curfew time is 10:30 pm  a-and it's 10:29 pm now so---"

"Take a sweater/shawl as I'm not going to lend you my coat."

Did he even hear what I had just said?, Geet wondered. She looked at him wide eyed...

"But But But my curfew time---"

"I will deliver you back here at 11:30."

His voice aired finality. There was no scope for further arguing/debating!

Next, Geet found herself sitting in the car besides him & he was driving the car. There were no bodyguards with him. Maan didn't want anyone to encroach his private time with her.

Geet was constantly gaping at him to digest the calmness with which Maan drove the car as if sneaking her out of the hostel & that too after the curfew time was  as easy as scribbling on a paper!

"Kya hua aaj? Why are you so quiet? No filing complaints against me to your Babaji?" he asked with a slight taunt.

"What's the use because Babaji always takes your side! Meri toh koi sunta hi nahi na, naahi Babaji aur naahi aap!!" she whined.     

Maan chuckled.

While they were still on the way, panic took over Geet once again as her eyes fell on the time.

"It's 10:42 now & my curfew time is 10:30...If anyone gets a slight hint that I are not in your room then!! First, complain will go to Dadima...then...then it will travel aaalll the way to Chandigarh...then...then Daarji, Mamma, Papa will blast at me one by one...I will be for sure dead...!!!"

Geet was terrified by the thought. She was just going on blabbering & Maan got so irritated that he stopped the car abruptly & leaned towards her with hostility! Geet shrieked!

"If you continue talking to yourself instead of me then I will make sure you spend this entire night with me & I know you will be "okay" with it."

His deep voice made her heart shudder violently while he resumed driving!

They reached a five-star restaurant. Maan got out of the car & opened the car door for her. But Geet showed no signs of heading out.

"I am serious Maan! Mujhe yeh sab thik nahi lag raha...I don't want to get caught so please drop me back to hostel..."

 "Hurry up. We even have to decide the menu for our dinner."

Geet looked at him shocked. Maan was unperturbed...

The next second he literally pulled her out of the car but made sure she landed in his protective arms. Her hands rested on his shoulders & her hazel eyes met his determined & husky ones. Her breaths trembled when they met his heated ones...

"Maan you can't---"

She couldn't complete as Maan held her hand possessively & they walked inside...

They were seated opposite each other in a large & beautiful hall which Maan had entirely booked for him & her... He gazed at her limitlessly but Geet chose to look away from him! Maan stretched his hand slowly across the table to meet with hers but she suddenly got up from her seat remembering something which made her panic!

"Maan! Emergency! I need to go shopping right now!!!!!" she put a firm fist on the table!

"Yeah sure! 11 pm is an excellent time for shopping." He snapped sarcastically. After all, he did not get to hold her hand!

"I need a new pair of western formals tomorrow urgently, pehle wala mein apple juice gir gaya!. " she sighed.

"Malls are just about to shut."

"No! Aisa nahi ho sakta! We have to hurry up!" she said dramatically.

"But what about our dinner?" he protested.

"Phir kabhi. Ab chaliye!!!" she clutched his wrist & tugged him along with her.

" Babaji!! Please Please Please! One mall should defo be open! I have full faith in you!!"

She was blabbering sitting next to Maan while he regretfully drove the car. His eye-brows had notched up & his face was puffing in anger at having missed a date with Geet.

"Dekhiya, baat ko samajne ki koshish ki jiye! As of now, mujhe informal dinner ki nahi, formal dress ki zarurat hai!"

Geet's eyes illuminated with happiness spotting a mall still open! Maan was purposely taking a lot of time to get off the car hoping that the mall would close & Geet would then think of having atleast candy with him!

" Maan! You are such a slow coach!"

She once again held her hand & dragged him quickly inside the mall. Okay Okay! He liked that!

The mall was just about to shut but the manager agreed to keep it open for some more time for Maan Singh Khurana & his girlfriend.

Geet quickly selected a pair of blue shirt & trousers. They were just about to move out when Geet noticed a new collection of shoes which dazzled her. She particularly loved high heels & was trying every sandal to see which matched best with her feet which made Maan impatient!

"Make sure the heels that you choose don't make you taller than me!" he snapped, irritated!

"If you are insecure, then even you can wear heel shoes." She said engrossed in admiring a silver shoe.

"Excuse me???" he revolted.

"S-Sorry! Wrong gender!"

"I am paying my bill." Geet announced seeing him remove his wallet.

"No." he refused firmly.

"Listen! I brought girly stuff for me, not for you! So let me pay the bill!!!!!!" she said taking out her credit card.

But Maan was fast. And Geet got so angry when he paid the bill!

"I am not talking to you!!!" she snorted.

"What a relief!" he taunted!

They were in the car when Geet saw a fast food stall.

"Stop Stop Stop! Stop the car!! Maan!! I want to eat...I mean lets eat paani puri ! My treat!!" she looked at him with childish excitement!

"No! You did not even have ice-cream with me so no water puri for you. And it's bad for health."

"Yeah Yeah! Mr Maan HealthCare Khurana Ltd!" she mumbled under her breath, frowning.

"My pleasure Geet!" he smiled tauntingly.

When he escorted her out of the car, she realized that he was fooling with her & she frowned even more! They sat opposite each on a table in that eatery .Maan kept staring at her while she relished the fast food!

His trance broke when he saw tears rolling down her eyes. Yeah! The paani puri was a way too spicy for her that her tongue protested! Unknowingly, she grabbed Maan's glass of water instead of hers & drank it in one go!

"Aree Geet! Woh mera jhoota tha!" he exclaimed, startled!

"Toh kya hua haan? Can't I drink water from your glass?"

Her abrupt reply shocked both of them. He just stared at her digesting what she just said. Geet, not knowing how to correct herself,  diverted her eyes from him.

Geet didn't know why she spoke those words! The words were just at the tip of her tongue so she voiced them. And here once again she was gazing at Maan while they resumed their way back to her hostel.

There was a grave doubt in her mind. Unknown feelings surged in her heart & she didn't know how to handle them because they were so new, so different yet so strong to her. They made her feel so good, so joyful, so blissful yet so risky that she couldn't comprehend whether these feelings were temporary or they would stay life long in her heart. But one thing she knew for sure that these feelings were for him...for Maan..

They both got out of the car as they reached the hostel. Geet was so nervous & confused that she just wanted to run off  but Maan conveniently  pinned her to the car & leaned towards her huskily. She was so dazed that she just kept looking at him.

"You must have gained some kilos after gauging that junk food!" he remarked mischievously!

"I think I had boycotted you some days ago!" she replied, frowning!

But the way he looked at her made her blank yet again. Her nervous face glowed in the moonlight & he stared at her with such intensity that she shivered when a cool night breeze blew past them. Maan leaned even more closer...& her heart thundered...!

Maan's phone rang at that moment bringing them back from the trace. Geet, realizing what was to happen, grew completely flustered that she ran inside the hostel gates & didn't stop until she reached her room.

She was breathing heavily as she ran to the window to watch his car retreating away..

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Chapter Twenty Five: The Miss That Was A Hit!

She saw the gap reducing between them. She felt the wall behind her as he plastered his body against hers. Her heart thudded violently as his dense dark eyes pierced in her. His heated breaths hovered ruthlessly on her face making her gasp & shriek. She felt her hands engulfing around his neck as his breaths made patterns on her shoulders. Her chest heaved up & down as he traced his lips sensually across her collarbone....Maan again looked into her hooded dazed eyes...Geet felt her knees weaken more...Her nerves knotted when his fingers touched her face, making their way from her temple to her chin. And without a second delay, he captured her lips with his------


Geet woke up with a start! She looked around her to find no one except her in the room. She was panting heavily before she realized that was just a DREAM! And yes, she recollected she was presently in Khurana Mansion!

“I shouldn’t have come over here!” she thought holding her head in her hands, “Maan has not only entered my thoughts but also my dreams now! Babaji!!what’s happening!!! ”

After freshening up, Geet sat to wear her lenses. But to her utter astonishment, she discovered that the lenses were not there in the container!

“Where are my lenses???!!!!” she panicked greatly, “I had kept them in here as usual yesterday night!”

Her hands ran cold & she froze in fear. Her life was a dead end without her lenses....

Gathering herself, she walked out of the room. She could not see anything clearly. The corridors looked vague & distorted....Just then she saw a blur image of a figure coming in her direction.

“What happened Geet bete? ” came Dadima’s sweet voice, “You look worried!”

Dadima was carrying Bilbur in her arms. The goat bleated painfully.

“What happened to Bilbur??” asked Geet.

“He is unwell!” sighed Dadima, ”I had gone to the Vet. He says that Bilbur has swallowed some optic substance!”

Geet was aghast hearing that.
“That means...that means Bilbur swallowed my lenses!!! And...and...and new lenses will be ready after four days!!!!” she covered her mouth in anguish.

Kamini, who was eavesdropping everything, snickered! She walked away smirking....! 

“What are you saying Geet bete?” asked Dadima, shocked, “But how come that’s possible?”

“I...I don’t know how it happened....” her voice was chocked, “Dadima, I’m sorry Bilbur fell ill because of me!”

Seeing her full of remorse, Dadima shook her head,

“Geet! You don’t have to say sorry! And I think, you have spectacles as a substitute for lenses! Rano had told me! You can wear that for the time being! I will make sure your new lenses are ready as early as possible!” she assured lovingly.


I look so stupid & ugly in these spectacles...!!

Geet cringed at herself looking in the mirror. She dreaded wearing those heavy fat glasses which were not even a good substitute for her lenses in terms of clarity of vision and also made her look very dumb. She hadn’t worn them since a year. But now she was left with no other option but to wear them.

Just then there was a husky knock on the door. She heard Maan’s voice from outside. Alarmed, Geet immediately took off the spectacles!

“Geet I--”

“Maan, please go from here!!!” she whined.

That shocked him.

“But I--”

“Maine kaha na Maan, leave me alone!!!”

He tried to speak but was interrupted by her everytime. Finally he went away. Geet sighed a relief.

I...I can’t go in front of him wearing these awkward glasses....He will never look at me ever again...!

She grew conscious of her appearance in front of him. She didn’t want Maan to see her in those spectacles under any circumstances!

“I don’t need any spectacles....I will mange without it...After all, its just a matter of four days...just four days.... ”

She tried to ease herself but she knew the next few days would be very tough for her...

She walked through the corridors, cautious enough to not knock herself against the white walls. Then came the staircase that led to the hall downstairs. She was very careful so as to not tumble down. But as fate would have it, she lost her balance not seeing the last two stairs. She shrieked & squeezed her eyes shut but fortunately she landed in Maan’s arms! 

His hands went around her lower back & he leaned over her...When she opened her eyes, the insides of her heart pounded finding him in close proximity. His eyes stared at her in a hooded intense husky manner.  Her nerves fluttered feeling his warm breaths on her lips...He straightened her. Geet unconsciously adjusted her hands on his shoulders & realized it too late that she wasn’t able to take her eyes off him...

Annie had a half smile on her face when she came there & saw them. She coughed out loud enough for them to hear. Geet at once distanced from Maan & diverted her eyes from him! He smirked!

“Geet!! If you have forgotten, let me remind you that you have your presentation today in college.”

Geet covered her mouth in shock hearing her.

“So better wear your spectacles.” added Annie further.

“N-No....I-I don’t want to wear!” she resisted.

“Cool! I would love to see you making a big mess of your presentation live on stage!” Annie mocked but kept quiet after Maan gave her a look.

Geet raced upstairs.


“If I don’t wear my glasses, I won’t be able give my presentation....& I can’t afford to lose marks....”

Geet thought sadly & helplessly wore the fat spectacles. She didn’t even want to look at herself in the mirror. Maan was leaning against the door. So when Geet turned around, she was shocked to see him. She stood there rooted to the floor, not knowing what to do when he began walking towards her.  Her eyes looked down. She didn’t want him to see her in those glasses. She felt very much embarrassed of her appearance that she wanted to dig a deep hole in a wall & hide there forever!

Her nerves ran cold feeling his nearness. Her eyes were closed & her breaths turned shallow as his light stubble slightly grazed past her cheek and then she could feel his hot breaths on her earlobe that unsteadied her beats...

“I am thinking of a prank with which I can ruin your presentation!” his alluring voice was heard.

Geet snapped her eyes open & looked at him. There was the same amount of mischief in his orbs & his lips had curled up in a husky smirk like always. So does that mean whatever she wears or however she looks doesn’t make a difference to him? Geet felt immense joy & relief coursing the veins of her heart. But WAIT A MINUTE!!!!What did he just SAY????!!!! Geet frowned hard!

“Listen Mr Maan Singh Khurana!!, I am boycotting you right now!!”

“Geet wait---”

He followed her out!

Kamini, who witnessed them, stomped her foot at the failure of the plan. Even Simi fumed big time with jealousy seeing Maan & Geet together in car.

“Crap!!!!!  What the hell does MK see in this trash!!!!! I had thought after seeing her in these spectacles, he will kick her out of his life!!!!!” Simi clenched her fists, “I will not Geet take away what is mine!!!!!!!!!”


Maan halted the car a little away from the college gates.  Geet was about to move out but she didn’t. She was sulking.

“I....I can’t give my presentation in these glasses....Everyone will make fun of me when I go on stage....”

Maan smiled quirkily & leaned closer to her.

“People will make fun of you only if you allow them to.”

“Are you fooling me?!!!” she shoved him away.

“Ofcourse Yes! I didn’t know you’re so smart!” he smirked.

She frowned & got out of the car.


Inside the auditorium, the presentations had already started. But it did not go as the professors had expected. Not even one student was able to speak properly about the companies allotted to them. Also when the profs asked them intricate details of their research, no one was able to answer as everyone had just mugged up the ready-made information, they had not really worked in the project. One by one all the presentations were rejected...Finally, Geet's turn came.

She was filled with self-doubt hiding in a corner.

“I won’t be able to present...” she sighed consciously.

“So you officially want to label yourself as a loser!!!” remarked Annie sarcastically.

Geet closed her eyes & took a deep breath.

“I have really worked hard on my project....Maan is right!!!If I am confident about myself, no one will have the guts to say a word against me!!!!”

  With that, Geet walked on to the stage & faced the crowd. The first ppt slide flashed on the screen & she started off confidently. She continued with her presentation of KC, speaking fluently with conviction about her research, her learnings, her experiences, keeping everyone engaged to her words. She sailed through the question-answer session, all thanks to the meeting with the HOD's of KC & the interview with Maan.

Geet concluded with a 'Thank You' but the auditorium was still silent with everyone just staring at her. She grew nervous when Annie's claps were first to break the silence & the very next second the entire auditorium was filled with applauses for Geet just as it had did for Maan during his guest lecture...Geet looked at Annie who gave her a ‘Good Job’ look in return!

"Best presentation a student has ever given in my entire career!"

A professor commented. Geet was over-burdened with joy. That was a huge compliment she could ever get. She descended down the stairs. Everyone praised her & Geet knew Maan had helped her one again!

Out of the entire batch, only Geet & Annie's presentations were accepted & were quoted to be the best ones.

It was break time when suddenly Geet began to feel giddy. Annie saw her getting unsteady & rushed to her.

“Geet!! What happened??!! Are you alright??” asked Annie  seeing her in a dizzy state.

“I...I am fine...” Geet replied, holding her temple. Her head was aching.

Annie made her sit & gave her water.

“You don’t look okay, lets go to the doctor!” Annie meant earnestly.

Geet was startled seeing her genuineness.

“No. I’m fine.”

They had their lunch together. Geet felt a bit relieved after the meal.

“You must bunk today’s lectures & take rest.”
“Annie! I’m not able to digest your strange behavior!! You don’t have to take the pain & be concerned about me!” she remarked.

“Oh yes Geet! Thanks for making me realize that!” Annie replied cheekily!


Hostel (Night Time)

“FINALLY!!!” Geet exclaimed, “finally finally finally! I am able to wear my lenses again!!!Yay!!!!”

She was very happy indeed as her new contact lenses were delivered that evening. The past four days without lenses had been really tough, challenging & tiring for her. But everything was now back as before.

Geet rose from her chair & skipped merrily across the room.
“Finally everything is sorted out!! No tensions!! No worries!! I am not in Khurana Mansion so I will be able to get rid of Maan’s thoughts!!Also there is no one to play a prank on me!! Yippeeee!!! Now I have to just relax & have a sound sleep! Right Babaji?”

But her joy & peace was short-lived....

“Knock Knock!!”

Geet was brought to her wits end as the mischievous voice fell on her ears which had a goosebumping effect on her entire body....She gulped her saliva in shock, knowing who it was...She turned to face the source of the husky voice...

Her eyes nearly popped on to the ground seeing him in front of her....Geet stood there like a blank statue....

A reign of shivers claimed her nerves as she discovered her visitor who had just walked in...Errr...jumped in through the window of her hostel room...