Chapter Three: Jailed

"You broke the key purposely, I know that!!!!" Geet sneered.

"Yeah! As if I love inviting troubles like you on myself!!!" he snorted back.

"Where the hell are we going??!!!!!!!" she glared at him.

"Jurassic Park. I bet you will love the place!!!!!!" he shot back sarcastically.

"Ohh! So are your relatives dinosaurs?!!!!!!!"

"I thought your relatives were dinosaurs!!!!!!"

"How dare you speak to me like that!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I don't even wish to speak to you!!!!!!!!!!!"

Both of them looked away from each other in anger. It was almost midnight & they were travelling in the car with Maan driving it & Geet forcefully sitting besides, all thanks to their handcuffed hands. Both had told their respective families some cock-and-bull story about their inability to reach home.

The roads were forlorn & flanked by jungles on both sides. Just then they reached a point from where there were two separate paths. Both of them didn't know which was the right path to the city.

"This is the right way!" Geet announced with finality.

"No! That is the right way!" Maan was adamant.

"Maine kaha na this is the right way!!!!" she sneered.

"That is the right way, samjhi tum?" he gritted his teeth.

"Achcha, did your future wife tell you that is the right path?!!!"

"In that case, did your future husband tell you this is the right path!!!!!"

"Shut up & listen to what I say!!!"

"Excuse me??!!!! Who gave the authority to boss around like that!!!!!!! "

They both carried on their bickering. Just then a police jeep was passing by. Seeing a car parked in the middle of the road, the Inspectors Shinde & Chawla approached it. Maan & Geet were horrified to see police. 

They quickly hid their handcuffed hands.

"What are you two doing here at this hour?!!" Shinde asked sternly.

Before Geet could reply, Maan spoke defensively.

"Woh'my girlfriend & I have come for a long drive, hai na sweetheart?".

Geet eyes grew wide.

Chawla's sharp eyes noticed the handcuff!

"Yeh kya?!!!! Both of you are handcuffed!!!!!!!"

Geet was terrified.

"We love each other so much that we always want to be together, so this handcuff." He lied convincingly.

Geet was extremely shocked when Maan kissed her cheeks!!

But the policemen were still suspicious.

"Mujhe toh kuch gadbad lagta hai boss!" Shinde spoke,"I think these two are criminals who have escaped from a jail."

Maan & Geet were dumbfounded.

"What are you saying?!!!!"

Ignoring her, Chawla told Shinde.

"Let's arrest them!!!! Then we will get promotion!"

The policemen had big smiles on their faces.
But before they could do anything, Maan zoomed the car away! The police followed them in their jeep!!

Soon there was a big chase.

"Why do you have to kiss me always!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You are still thinking about the kiss?!!!!!! Yahan police hamare piche padi hai!!!!!!!!"

Geet saw the police jeep nearing them!

"Drive faster!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I am not an F1 racer okay!!!!!!!!"

The chase took place for a few minutes after which, unfortunately, the police were able to corner them!
"Surrender both of you!!!!!!!!!" Shinde warned.

"Dekhiye, I am not a criminal!! I don't even know who he is!!!" Geet glared at Maan.

"This is the standard statement of all the criminals who get caught!!" said Chawla.

"Aree par baat toh suniye I--"

Both Maan & Geet were put in the jeep even though they tried to protest. On the way to the police station, both of them kept on fighting.

"Who told you to zoom the car away on the first place?!!!!!"

"I didn't want to go to jail that's why!!!!" he snorted.

"As if we are being taken on a world tour now!!!" Geet shot back sarcastic.

"Chup!! Bilkul Chup!!!" Shinde sternly silenced both of them.

On reaching the police station, Maan & Geet were put behind bars, much to their horror!

"Now stay here till morning unless we collect evidence against both of you!!!"

"Aree but how can you---"

The jailor went away!

"We are in jail because of you!!!!!!"

Maan glared at her. Geet slapped him light-handed which shocked him.

Enraged, he pinned her to one of the walls of the prison. Both were glaring at each other. Their heated breaths fanning their faces.

"Why did you slap me now??!!!!!"

"I couldn't slap you when you kissed me in the car, so slapping you now!!!!!!!!"

"I did not kiss you on your lips!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Cheeks par toh kiss kiya na!!!!!!!!!"

She pushed him away but landed in his arms instead because of the handcuff. His free hand went around her waist holding her tightly to him while her hand rested on his shoulder. They shared a brief eyelock.

"Either you are obsessed with my cheeks or slapping is your hobby!!!!!!!!!"


Maan was shocked with this allegation.

"How dare you call me a pervert!!! I am the most sharif insaan you could ever come across!!!!"

"Is it a joke of the decade or the joke of the century?!!!!!!!!"

Their eyes turned lava as they stared at each other. He let go off her waist.

 "I have never been to jail in my life & it's all because of you!!!!!!"

"As if I was yearning for an experience in jail!!!!!!!"

"I hate you!!!!!!!!"

"I hate you too!!!!!!!"

Both of them sat on the floor tired, disgusted & frustrated.

"Everything is because of this bloody handcuff!!!!!!!!!"

"Unfortunately I agree with you!!!!"

Both looked away from each other. Half of the night had already passed in fighting with each other.

"My life has become upside down because of Maan Singh Khurana!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Why the hell did I  introduce myself to Geet Arora!!!!!!!!"

Geet didn't know when she drifted off to sleep. Her head rested on Maan's shoulder. He was just going to snap at her but one look at her sleeping form changed his mind...A faint moonlight trickled in from the prison window...His fingers automatically touched her angelic face...She quivered unconsciously with his touch...He was dazed even though he didn't want to... 

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