Chapter Six : Scope Of Separation

"How on earth did I land on bed when I clearly remembered I slept on the chair the previous night?? I think Maan is involved in it!!!!!How can he just pick me up in his arms while I am asleep???????????"
Her vehement steps halted when she crossed the arena of KM where Maan was practicing martial arts. Her eyes froze & heart thundered seeing him shirtless...Geet beta, your hubby is smashing hot & handsome!! Balle Balle, the cells of her hyperventilating mind notified her & her eyes didn't hesitate to ogle at his drool worthy masculine shoulders, muscles, biceps, broad chest, abs, e.t.c... And the intense look that his good looking face wore was cherry on the yummy cake!

Maan noticed her gaping at him foolishly. His lips curled up in a smirk as he advanced towards her!. She saw him eyeing her lips & her heart gave a jolt as he caged her with the help of a pillar. He kissed you twice before, remember?????. And soon enough, his lips were nearing hers...

"Woh...I haven't brushed my teeth. So if you don't want mouth germs then  move away!!!!" she whispered sheepishly.
And with that, he captured her lips in a hot kiss...

" Can't you----"
Maan stopped his martial arts suddenly hearing Geet's squeal. He looked in her direction, surprised. Her eyes widened in shock as she faced reality. Damn! The kiss part was her dream!!!!!!!

"Woah! Your face suggests that you just day-dreamed that I kissed you!" he remarked randomly seeing her flustered.
Geet was taken aback hearing him.
"So you really did kiss me & with that you scored a hattrick of kissing me!!!!!! Why are you behind my lips???!!!!!" she wailed, confused between dream & reality.

Finding nothing else, she threw his shirt at him angrily! He wore it but left it unbuttoned.
"Ah! So you actually dreamt that I kissed you! Interesting?!" his face flashed a victory smirk.
Geet cleared her head & realized that she made a fool of herself in front of him! How ashamed & embarrassed she felt!
"By the way, why were you sleeping on the chair?"
His bare torso touched hers as he stood way to close with a teasing smile.
"Because I wanted to examine if I get the same kind of sleep on the chair as I get on bed." she said, pretending to be unaffected.
"Listen!! My room is not a science laboratory that you experiment the best posture to sleep!!!!!" he sneered.
"Oh hello!! And you are some Big Boss to order me where to sleep & how to sleep!!!" she retorted.
"Excuse me?? That's my room & you can't claim it as yours!!!!!"
"That you should have thought before marrying me!!!!!!"
"Listen!!! I did not make you my wife by choice, it happened by chance!!!!!!"
"Yeah!! As if I bribed God to make you my husband as soon as I was born!" she shot back sarcastically!

Both made faces & looked away from each other .
"Leave it! I don't want to spend my morning arguing with you!!!!!"
"Oh Oh! So finally you agree that you fight with me for no reasons!"she smirked in victory!
Maan glared at her.
"Mr Khurana!! I won't melt if you give me these intense looks!!" she lied & then her face became remorseful, "Kya socha tha aur kya ho gaya!! I really thought that a prince charming would come riding a horse, bend down on his knees & propose me marriage!"

Maan purposely gave a big yawn hearing that. And she got got so angry that she stomped her foot & left in a huff!

It was breakfast time. Niharika, Vikrant & Geet were already present around the table. When Maan arrived, his eyes refused to look beyond Geet. How sexy she looked in that yellow saree that flauted her curvy & slim body! Her slightly wet her looked alluring. He somewhere felt good seeing her wearing the mangalsutra & sindoor.

Maan took his seat but stole glance to look at his beautiful wife.
"Geet bete, if you're not comfortable in sarees, then there is no compulsion into wearing them." Niharika smiled.
Geet nodded in appreciation. She had never worn a saree before so it had been tiring for her to deal with the nine yards all of a sudden! Niharika was a cool & friendly saas.

But Maan didn't like what his mom said for obvious reasons!
"Waise, you're looking like a fresh yellow flower that I want to kiss you!" he whispered huskily when Geet sat next to him.
"Listen Mister!! Don't try to be Yellow Yellow Flirty Fellow!!!!" she snapped back in a low voice.

After breakfast, Maan grabbed an opportunity & pulled Geet aside. Not able to resist himself, his hand went around her waist, pulling her closer...

"Yeh aap kya kar rahe ho???" she asked, shocked.

He nuzzled his nose on her neck & shoulders taking in her seductive aroma. Her skin felt so soft & milky...His fingers then roamed over her pink inviting lips...She couldn't fathom what he was upto until he placed his lips on hers...

"Maan!!! Kahan kho gaye???"

Vikrant shook him & Maan was driven back to reality & found himself in the conference room of Khurana Constructions! Yeah! He was dreaming as after breakfast, he & Vikrant had immediately left for office.

On the other hand, Geet was required to fulfill the rituals after marriage. She had to go to her house for the pagphera rasam. How happy were her parents to see her after marriage but Geet knew they will soon have to know the truth. Then back in KM, Niharika introduced Geet to her friends. All were praises for the new Khurana bahu.

In midst of all this, Geet's phone rang.

"Hello*silence* What???!!! *silence* But I thought I can complete it from India*silence* No No No No No, I don't want to leave it half-way*silence*Okay, Thanks...!"

Her face turned grave as she disconnected. Actually it was a good news but she couldn't help feel sad...

When Maan returned back in the evening, at first he didn't notice anything but Geet's growing silence seemed to be abnormal.


"Geet bte, what would you like to wear in your wedding reception?"
Geet seemed to be lost in something. Niharika shook her.
"Huh...uh...A-Anything you choose. I love your choice."
Geet nodded & left.
She was startled when Maan blocked her way. He clutched her wrist & pulled her inside their room.

"What do you think you're doing????" asked a shocked Geet when he forcefully pinned her to the wall.
"Enough! From the past two days I am seeing that something is bothering you & you're absent-minded most of the time!!!!"
His heated breath fanned her face. She looked sideways.
"There's nothing of that sort!!"
"Oh Really??! You were trying to have dal with a fork instead of a spoon while dining!!!!" he uttered in disbelief.
"S-So what?!! You should always try new things!" she replied sheepishly.
"Were you Einstein in one of your previous births that you always talk of discovering things???!!" he snided.
"Oh hello!! Were you Sherlock Holmes in one of your previous births that you want to know every damn thing!!!" she snapped back.
"Look! I had told Dad that we don't want the wedding reception but he tells I shouldn't be shy to proclaim my love!!" he raised his eyebrows.

"Not at all! I am fine with the reception." She bit her tongue.
"Really??" he peered at her.
"Uh...I mean I love meeting new people who are not sadoo like you!!!!" she covered up.
He glared at her.
Geet noticed that they were way too close. She pushed him away & tried to leave when he clutched her hand & pulled her back to him. Her hand rested on his shoulders while he held her firmly by her waist.
The intense looks that he gave her arrowed her heart.

"Tell me else we will remain this way the whole night!!" he warned.
"Fine!!! Listen!! I am doing a one year fashion designing course. I have already completed six months & I need to leave for Singapore next week for the remaining six months & finish the course."

She made very sure that her lips didn't touch his.

For a moment Maan was startled hearing that. He released her & looked away.
"So that's good right? We are anyways not believing in this marriage so it's better we stay away from each other. All the best for your course."

Maan turned & walked out of the room. That left Geet shocked...or perhaps a little heartbroken...

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