Chapter Five: Reunion & Marriage

"I think...I think I should go back to the mandap..." thought Maan uneasily. He was driving on the highway, still in his wedding attire.
"I's socially not right to leave a wedding halfway, specially when the groom is none other than you. It will spoil Geet's life...wait a minute...why am I even bothered about her...So basically I need to go back because it's the question of the Khurana reputation in front of the Handas & the guests & I will somehow stop the marriage." he assured himself.

On the other hand, Geet was having a tough time driving her car wearing the heavy bridal wear & jewelry.
"I think I should go back..." she was having the thought from the past few minutes. "Because I don't want my parents to be insulted in front of the Khuranas & the guests for my act of running away. But that doesn't mean I will marry Maan!!!"

So both of them were heading back to the resort. But as fate would have it, their cars collided as they came from opposite directions. Maan & Geet were both shocked to the roots seeing each other!!!. They got off from their respective cars.

"What are you doing over here instead of being in the mandap???!!!!!!" she snided.

"Even I have the validity to ask you the same question!!!!!" he retorted.
"Don't back question me!!!!!First I asked!!!!!"
"So you only answer first!!!!"
"One minute..." she paused, "That means both of us have run away & there is neither of us in the mandap!!!!" her face grew pale as reality seeped in.
"It's all your fault. Who told you to sneak away now God knows what will happen!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh hello! Were your legs itching to run in the Olympics that you couldn't stay back!!!!!!"

Both of them glared at each other.
"By the way, how dare you bang my car!!!!!!!" she accused.
"Excuse me??? Don't blame me if you don't know driving!!!!!!"

"You know what, you should ride a cycle instead of car!!!!!!!"
"Then you should drive a tri-cycle!!!!!!"

Geet's nose was plump in anger. And just kept on arguing. Just then they heard a police siren & soon enough the van was approaching them.
Maan & Geet were wide eyed to see Chawla & Shukla.
Both the police officers cursed their destiny.
"Not these two again!!!!!!!"

Maan & Geet remembered their one night in jail & the handcuff. Geet gulped her saliva in fear.
"L-Lets run. It's so embarrassing to land in jail every other day!!!!"

Saying that, Maan clutched Geet's wrist & began running on foot! Even she co-operated. The police men followed them. This time the chase was in a jungle.
"You know what!!!! From the time I met you, it seems jail has become my second home!!!!" she snapped.
"Yeah! As if I have a fantasy to see myself behind bars with you!!!!!!" he sneered back sarcastically.

To the policemen, Maan & Geet seemed to be lovers who were trying to elope! They told them to stop but they didn't pay heed!
Finally, the officers managed to trap the couple . Maan & Geet were made to sit in the jeep inspite of protesting. Both blamed each other in their mind. But they were hugely surprised when they were taken back to their wedding venue instead of jail!

And soon enough, Maan & Geet stood facing their stern parents & whispering guests. Vikrant thanked the police & they left. Geet got so nervous seeing her angry parents that she clutched Maan's arm & hid behind his back! Gosh! The scene was as if both married each other against their parents' wishes.
"What's all this!!!! Aap dono aapni hi shaadi se bhaag gaye & the police found you together!!!!" exclaimed Mohinder.
"And we thought both of you looked so good together as bride & groom that someone kidnapped you so we lodged a missing complaint!!!!!" Niharika added.
There was dead silence. All were staring at the runaway couple. Geet nudged Maan to speak something in their defence.
"Woh...ah! We thought ki hum dono bhaag kar shaadi karenge!" he lied very well!
Geet was shocked. Various eyebrows were raised at them...
"Actually...he means to say that aajkal bhaagkar shaadi karne ka trend hai we thought to follow it!" she bit her tongue after that! Maan sighed inwardly.
"Awwweee! So romantic!!" chirped Rano & hall was filled with smiles & giggles!
"Aree, but why do you want to run & marry, we are anyways getting you married. Kitna achcha mandap sajaya hai aap dono ke liye!"exclaimed Vikrant heartily.

Maan & Geet smiled wearily.
"Kahaan phaans gayi! Sab log toh hamari shaadi karwa kar hi chodenge!"
Before she could speak, Niharika spoke,
"Now don't waste much time, the panditji is getting bored & the mahurat is also slipping away. So lets do the pheras quick!"
Maan & Geet were shocked as both were escorted to the mandap & made to sit besides each other in front of the holy fire. The pandit eagerly began reciting mantras!
"Nahi! Aisa nahi ho sakta!!! I can't marry Geet!" his scandalized mind thought.

But it was too late as he found himself taking pheras with her & everyone was showering flowers on them! Geet was in so much shock that she didn't know what was going on. But ahe calm down having remembered what she had told to Meera...

After five pheras were over, Maan decided to take a chance!
"I think the seven pheras are done, hai na?" he announced sheepishly hoping that no once had counted the rounds!
"No! Two are left!" quipped Rano, "Awweee! Maan is so eager to claim Geet as his wife!!!"  All was excited.
Maan was very shocked hearing that. Geet sighed inwardly.

"Maan bhi na! inka kuch nahi ho sakta! Anyways, I have my plan! Ha Ha!"

The pheras were done & Maan and Geet were declared man & wife!
"I can't believe I just got married to Geet!!!!!!!" he wasn't able to digest it.

Seeing an opportunity, Maan dragged Geet to a forlorn corridor. He pinned her to the wall & glared at her. Geet smiled cheekily.

"Chillax ! Just chill!" she said calmly, "Do you really think we are married?? The pandit is fake because I had told Meera arrange it that way ! So no worries! I told you I am smarter than you!" she said boastfully.

"Really????" Maan asked excitedly, he felt so happy hearing that!
 Just then Meera & Yash came there. All through the wedding, both were tensed...

"Thanks a lot Meera for the fake pandit!" beamed Geet.

Meera looked grave. Surprised, Maan asked the reason.
"Woh actually...woh..." she hesitated. Yash glanced sideways, "I-I did arrange for the fake pandit but he got kidnapped on his way here!"

Geet & Maan was shocked.

"What!!!!!!!! But who did it!!!!"

Meera pointed at Yash. Geet glared at him.

"M-Maine kuch nahi kiya. Maan had called me & asked me to kidnap the pandit!!"
That left Maan dumbfounded. He recollected Yash was saying the truth! Geet was too numb with shock to utter anything!

Yash cleared his throat & spoke,
"So...the truth is the fake pandit got kidnapped instead of the real one & so both of you are married in reality..."

"C-Congratulations Mr & Mrs Khurana!" Meera wasn't sure whether she should wished them or not.

Maan & Geet were stunned at the revelation. They stood like statue as if they had received an electric volt ka jhatka!

Later, the Khuranas  headed to KM with their bahu. Geet's parents saw her off tearfully yet happy for her.


Khurana Mansion

Geet sat on Maan's bed in his room while he was standing  near the window.

"It's all your fault. Why did you kidnap the pandit???!!!! Kitna achcha plan tha mera!!!" she rued.
Maan turned to look at her
"Excuse me??? If I had known about the fake pandit, I wouldn't have told Yash to kidnap!!!" he snapped back.
"Hum iss shaadi ko nahi manenge, is that clear???" he spoke after a pause.
"Done!" she nodded firmly in agreement.

Maan took a deep breath,

"Thik hai, I am going to some other room for the night."

He walked towards the bed, took his pillow & duvet & was about to leave but Geet clutched his wrist!

"No Wait!!"
Startled, Maan turned around & looked at hr. Geet didn't know why on earth she stopped him. She surely didn't want to share the bed with him!
"Woh... I am bit scared to be alone in such a big room because I am new to KM na." she framed an excuse so that he doesn't leave but she couldn't fathom why she was behaving like that after all!

Maan didn't suspect anything.
"Alright. I will sleep on the sofa for today."
She nodded & saw him lying on the sofa which was placed opposite the bed. Maan fell asleep almost instantly as he was very tired the way events had shaped out.

Geet twisted & turned on the bed hoping for sleep to invade her but nothing of that sort happened. She glanced across at Maan & felt a bit guilty. Geet didn't know why but she didn't feel it right to sleep comfortably on the fluffy bed sensing that he was very uncomfortable on the sofa given his length. Her eyes fell on an armchair near the sofa. She got off the bed & sat on the chair instead...

  The night went by...

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