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Chapter Twenty Three: Old Trick, New Style!

“Geet!!!!!!!Think Think Think!!!”

She walked to & fro, pressurizing each & every inch of her brain cells. And just then, she was blessed with a plan & the fact that such a devilish idea could occur in her innocent mind startled her to the very core.

“But isn’t it foolishness to attack the lion when you are in his den???? Either the lion will eat you up or throw you out of the den & if Maan throws me out of KC, then how will I do my project???!!” she panicked.  “I shoudn’t worry as I have to settle atleast some scores with him!!!”

Geet felt like a brave warrior going for a battle! Yeah! That morning she had landed up in Khurana Constructions for her project. But instead of thinking how to go about with her assignment, her mind was busy cooking up a prank to play on Maan!
Her hazels at once turned playful....

On the other hand, Maan was heading to office in his car. He was perplexed..... These days he had to think twice before going to his own office because of her presence....Geet was seemingly controlling his entire being & he was helpless about it. He hated helplessness but neither could he hold himself  back from her nor could he stop her thoughts from invading his mind in a manner that always turned his heart violent....Even being professional with her hadn’t helped him which he thought otherwise!

Geet was patiently waiting for Maan to arrive when she saw him entering the office. She stared at him breathtakingly as he walked in MSK style to his cabin. His personality echoed dominance & sophistication. The uniqueness with which he carried himself in general was something anyone would crave to have. ASR commanded fear & respect alike from his employees. And yes! Geet’s girly hormones did salsa at the fact he looked hell hot & sexy in his formal suit but then she smacked her head to remind herself of her mission...!

When Maan walked into his cabin, he was greeted with a huge shock. He saw a girl clad in a village dress seated on his chair with her face fully covered with a veil. There was a tray of two coffee mugs on the desk. Geet saw his bewildered look through the veil of the dupatta & suppressed her giggle. Maan couldn’t guess it was her!

“What the hell!!!!Who are you???!!!!How did you get in here!!!!Security!!!” he growled.

Geet shrieked dramatically & then modulated her voice to speak to him.

“Hwwwwwww!!!!!Relax my soon to be patidev!! I have covered such a longgg distance & come to you & you didn’t even welcome me properly!”

Maan was stunned hearing that. He didn’t suspect it was Geet!

“What did you just say???!!!”

“That you are my to-be hubby aur main aapki woh!” she chirped shyly.

“What nonsense is this!!!!!” he barked, “Security!!!!”

“Aree Aree I am talking sense!!” she walked up to him but maintained a safe distance,” Your family has decided that before your hair turns grey or before you turn completely bald and before you need a walking stick, you should get married & they chose me for you!”

 “What the hell are you saying!!!” Maan didn’t know how to react to this!

But just then he recalled that his dad was saying about someone important who would be coming to office! Maan was shocked assuming that Vikrant was talking about this girl! Geet was enjoying his turmoil.

“I don’t buy any of your word as no one has notified me of your arrival!! Stop this drama & get out of here!!” he warned.

Geet flinched inwardly. It wasn’t that easy to fool ASR!

“Mr Patidev! If you have anytime in your life have gone through the English Dictionary then you might have come across a word called ‘surprise’. Your family wanted to surprise you!” she said in the most convincing tone.

“I repeat Go away from here!!!” his voice was stern.

“Fine!! You don’t believe me!! Then call your Papa & confirm!”

Maan glared at her. He couldn’t make head or tail as to how this mad woman had landed here! And the worst part, he didn’t know why he was listening to her and dialing his dad’s number!

“Dad this girl---”
“Oh! So she has arrived!” exclaimed Vikrant from the other end, ”Make sure you get along well with her!!”

Maan was utterly taken aback hearing that! Geet was somehow controlling her laughter seeing him flustered.

“But Dad I---”

But Vikrant had rang off!

“See I told you na! Now have coffee with me so that we can discuss our future married life in the village!!!”

Maan was clueless as to what was going on! Was it some kind of a weird dream that he was having??

“I don’t like coffee!!!!” he retorted.

“Why?? Do you own a tea plant in Darjeeling?!!”

“Shup up!!!” he was irritated.

“I won’t! By the way your hair is so silky & shiny, which hair gel do you use???” she asked

“Why?? Do you want to use it too??” he gritted his teeth.

“You’re so funny! I feel like rolling on the floor laughing!”

Maan just couldn’t tolerate anymore. The worst part was that he wasn’t able to control the situation.

“Listen! Just go away from here!!”

“Okay Okay I will! But first have a cup of coffee with me Akdu Danav!”

And the next moment he found herself sitting opposite her with a mug of coffee! He didn’t know why the hell did he even agree to her! Geet suppressed her laugh seeing him confused, perplexed & grumpy at the same time. She made sure that the veil fully covered her face!

“Hayyee!!! I am waiting for the day when I will come on a horse & marry you and take you away with me to my village & we will live happily ever after!” she exclaimed but laughed inwardly at her own dialogue!

Maan grew wide-eyed with shock! He would surely turn mad if she is here a nano-second more!

“ What nonsense!!! Are you crazy???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“Aur nahi toh kya, there you will be friends with the cows & the donkeys! And yes, the hens & the chickens will be so excited to see you! And I was thinking, I will click a photo of you with the bullock & the goat!You will look so good in lungi. What say?” she quipped.

Maan stared at her in astonishment. He couldn’t believe what his ears had just heard!!

“You need a psychiatrist!!” he sneered.

“Who is he?I don’t want anyone to be kabab main haddi between us!”

Maan’s patience had crossed it’s limits!

“Enough of your nonsense!!!!!!!” he banged the desk & got up, “Don’t you know I am Maan Singh Khurana!!!!!”

She too stood on her feet.

“And don’t you know I’m Geet Handa!!!” she took off the veil & revealed herself!

“GEET TUM!!!!”

Maan was flabbergasted seeing her. He was speechless as his shocked eyes kept on staring at her.  Geet just burst out laughing seeing him that way.

“I tricked you! I tricked you! I tricked you!” she taunted.

He wanted to erupt in volcanic fury when his eyes noticed her angelic smile & her cute giggle and the anger died down instantly. The twinkling of her hazels, the innocence of her pink cheeks & the slight sway of her strands were more than enough to drive his heart & mind crazy.....He found it tough to control himself....

Geet turned & was just about to leave but he pulled her to him . She shrieked when she clashed against his torso...

“Relax Mr Khurana, this was just an upgraded version of your marriage prank!” she said with flair.

He held her firmly by her waist. Her heart thudded uncontrollably when her eyes locked with his intent dark ones. Geet tightly shut her eyes seeing his face inching closer. His heated breaths lashed over her pink face, shoulders, earlobe making her breathe rigorously. Maan’s eyes sharpened with passion as he felt an enigmatic fire course through his veins. She could har her heart beats drum in her ears.

Just then Maan’s phone rang with broke their intensified  trance. Geet took this opportunity to get out of there.

It was later that Maan realized that his dad was talking about the new & qualified engineer who was to join KC & Geet had taken advantage of that news! Oh boy!

The rest of the day Maan focused on work while Geet concentrated on the progress of her project, though sometimes she broke into giggles recalling Maan’s shocked expressions. While researching on KC, many a times her mind drifted to Maan & she got all lost in him. Even while interviewing some of the core employees, she unconsciously used to glance every now & then towards the direction of his cabin hoping that he would come out. And when he did, she stared at him in a dazed manner! When he looked at her, she diverted her eyes from him! Geet was left very much impressed as she got a glimpse of how Maan managed KC. Sometimes she just peeped into his cabin to see what he was doing. Her eyes were dazed seeing him working on his laptop or talking on phone. Her eyes sparkled in a dreamy way & a shy innocent smile played on her lips whenever she saw him have meetings with clients!

Geet worked on her project while her heart began beating for him....

It was after break time when Geet was sauntering through the corridors cross checking some reports which she had written when she suddenly bumped into Maan at a turn.

Her heart missed  a beat feeling the wall behind her while he inched closer to her. He rested his hand on the wall & leaned closer, a smirk crept from the edges of his lips.

“Since you’re free this evening, we are going out somewhere!” he said huskily.

“I am not free!” she snapped

“Then lets ruin your project over lunch!” his eyes was full of mischief!

Geet frowned.

“Ji No! Thank you very much for your “concern”!!”

“Ah! So you want to have dinner with me then?” he asked roguishly.

“Not interested! My hostel provides good food!” 

She shoved him away & began to walk.

“Geet wait! Atleast we can have coffee together and----”

Maan halted midway recollecting the prank she had played on him. Even Geet stopped her track & turned to look at him. She couldn’t help but yet again break into squeal of laughter seeing his a bit embarrassed face!

She walked away from there giggling & she didn’t realize when she started blushing!

Geet was back to her hostel after dusk. Her mind just couldn’t stop thinking about Maan. She stood at the window & breathed in the cool & serene air which blew past her. She felt so happy....This was an amazing happiness which she had never felt before. She gazed at the bright full moon above. She  smiled shyly as her mind still thought about Maan. Something big & unexpected had happened to her...she knew that.

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