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Chapter 24: Doctor Doctor!

Maan clenched his fists when his driver suddenly had to apply breaks as another car blocked the path. He became intrusive seeing Simi come out of that car. Maan too got out & they stood face to face. She smiled impishly.

“Desperation has reached a new low because of you, I hope you know that.” he was rude.

“Look who is talking! Why don’t you admit that you’re desperate for me?” she asked sensually.

“Better clear the stinky dust of your thoughts.”

“Oh really? You agreed to be one of the sponsors of Karan Lakhia’s fashion show even after knowing I’m the show stopper! What does that mean?” her voice was quirky.

Maan smirked.

“Karan won’t have any problem to throw you out of his most awaited show if I tell him to. So mend your ways.”

Maan warned her. Simi saw him get in his car & drive away. She smiled evilly.

Oh MK! I will have you for myself at any cost!


“Ouch!Oh God! This is not getting fine at all! Babaji!”

Geet was sulking by the time she reached Khurana Constructions that day. Her lenses were causing irritation in her eyes due to which she felt a burning sensation in her orbs. She blinked & rubbed her eyes but that didn’t help. She even removed & wore the lenses twice but nothing improved her condition. And on top of that, she had seen Maan with Simi which spoilt her mood further!

“Why am I even thinking about them? I wanted to finish my project today, but it won’t be possible!” she was sad.

When Maan entered his cabin, he was shocked to see water rolling down her cheeks from her eyes.

“Geet!!!!” he rushed to her.

She looked at him, wiping off the moisture.

“Your eyes are red, what happened??!!!” he asked worriedly.

She didn’t reply but was harshly rubbing her eyes. He immediately clutched her wrist.

“Don’t do that!” he said.

“It’s easy for you to say because you don’t suffer from myopia & you don’t have to wear lenses that sometimes annoy you extremely!!” she cribbed in frustration.

“Okay! Relax! I have a solution. Remove your lenses for a while.”

“No. I can’t see without my lenses!!” she objected.

But the look that he gave her made her heart miss a beat & she obeyed him. Geet was sitting on the couch & he leaned over her. She closed her eyes as his proximity grew. Her breaths turned shallow as his hot breaths lingered on her cheeks. She felt her fingers intertwining with his....

“Open your eyes...!” his whisper sent currents down her nerves..

She did so & he began to blow warm air into her eyes. She felt a ticklish feeling in her tummy & she just kept on staring at him dreamily. It was soothing & relaxing & she felt better. Geet then wore her lenses & this time there was no irritation in her eyes! She thanked him.

“So what do I get as commission?” he asked mischievously.
“Lungi!” she snapped.

“Excuse me???” he glared at her.

“Uh..n-nothing!” she stammered, “I mean Maan...woh actually....I’m almost done with my project, just need to video-record an interview with you! Can I? Please!” she fluttered her eye lashes innocently.

Maan agreed. Geet had brought a camera with her & then began the interview. He was impressed by the kind of questions she asked that only proved her intelligence & curiosity. He answered her queries eloquently. Geet realized that though he was very much mischievous with  her or troubled her, he knew what was important for her & so was very much supportive.

And that was how the interview ended successfully!

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she chirped.

Geet was so elated that she hugged him tight. And once again, Maan went blank by her suddenness & he felt a molten fire engulfing his heart making his heart beat dangerously....Geet was left extremely shocked realizing what she did. She at once parted from him & diverted her eyes..

“Woh....I-I” she stuttered, “I….I am sorry!”

She scurried out of the cabin. That broke Maan’s trance as well!

By evening, Geet had fully completed her assignment. She heaved a sigh of happiness & relief.

“Ah....Finally!I have never worked so hard in my life! Now I just hope I’m able to give the presentation well!”



“Yes Mamma! I have had my dinner! Why do you worry so much! I am not neglecting my health!”

Geet was assuring Rano on phone. Talking to her family occasionally helped Geet to get rid of her homesickness to some extent.

“Achcha beta thik hai! But have you visited the doctor? You know na you have to go for an eye check-up every six months?”

“Oh no! I forgot!” she exclaimed in panic.

“Geet!” her voice was comforting, ”Does that mean you’re taking care of yourself?”

“Mamma, I will go tomorrow after college! Pakka!”

“That’s like my daughter!”

“How is everyone at home?”
“All are missing you beta..”

There was a pause. Geet grew emotional.

“I’m missing all of you too....”

The call ended. Geet closed her eyes in an attempt to stopthe tears from falling. She was lying to her dear ones. She didn’t know whether it was right to chase her dreams while keeping her family in darkness....


“Oh no! I am late! I am late! I am late!”

The next day Geet was hurrying to the doctor’s clinic after college. Dr Anand Rastogi was the Handa’s family eye consultant in Mumbai. When in Chandigarh, Geet used to come to Mumbai for regular check-ups with her dad.

Her phone rang. It was Maan!

“Geet, lets go to the sunset point together!” his voice was flirty.

She shook her head.

“Can’t come! I’m going to the doctor for eye check-up & I think I’m late!!!”

“Okay I----”

“Maan, I will talk to you later! Bye Bye Bye!”

She rang off even before he could speak!

Geet quickly sat in a rickshaw & reached the clinic. She was just about to enter the building when she heard a zooming car halting abruptly behind her! She turned to see Maan getting off his Audi.

“You here??” her eyes were wide in surprise.

“Lets see the sunset from the window of the clinic!” his voice was roguish.

Geet rolled her eyes.

“What the--”

Maan was startled to see a crowd of patients in the clinic. Geet sighed.

“Maan, you must leave as you will get bored waiting here!”

“No! I don’t think you have to wait for your turn! We can bribe for VIP check-up!” he smirked.

Khushi frowned & smacked his arm!

“Ji No!! Bribery doesn’t work here!! We have to sit & wait until we are called! I am telling you to leave instead of getting bored waiting here!” she repeated.

But Maan didn’t listen. He sat inside the clinic with Geet. He couldn’t believe he was waiting for something as he always had everything as and when he wanted! He didn’t know why but he wanted to be with Geet.

Maan tried to talk...or rather flirt with Geet but was told by the nurse to maintain silence! He tried to converse with Geet again but this time too an elderly couple & some other patients expressed their disapproval.

“What the hell!” he grumbled under his breath.

“Mr Khurana! this is a clinic, not a coffee lounge! We have to be silent here!” she whispered after hearing him.

“But even then!! Don’t they KNOW who I AM???” he asked boastfully.

“Who are you?” the man next to him, asked enquiringly.

Now Maan’s ego was hurt big time. He frowned.

“How can you not know me??!!! I am The MSK!!!” he announced.

The man raised his eyebrows.

“Uh...Are you so poverty stricken that you have a name with only letters instead of proper words! That’s sad!”

 Maan’s pride was crushed. His fury was rising. Geet controlled her laugh seeing his grumpy face & angry cheeks!

“Mr Khurana! There are human souls existing in this planet who don’t know about your greatness! So chill!” her whisper carried a slight taunt!

He frowned at her & she suppressed a giggle. She always used to be nervous & tensed whenever she had a check-up but this time, she felt light all because of Maan...She started at him while he fidgeted with his phone.

Maan was extremely bored. There was still one more patient to go before Geet. He picked up a magazine to read. Geet peeped in & was shocked to see pics of female models on every page. She somehow didn’t like that at all & snatched the magazine from his hand which startled him.

“What do you think you are doing??” he retorted.  
“You’re not supposed to see all this! Its harmful for your eyes!” she snapped.

Before he could say anything, Geet was called in the doctor’s cabin. Maan accompanied her.

Dr Rastogi greeted them with a warm smile & then began testing Geet’s eyes. Maan learnt a little more about her myopic case. With what he gathered, he could make out how difficult it was for Geet to even walk on the roads & also go about her routine life & he knew it could prove frustrating at times! Inspite of a weak visibility, she still had the courage & determination to study in another city away from her family and follow her dreams!

“Geet, I have been telling you every time not be harsh with your eyes by straining them. There are still two more years to go for your laser operation. So you have to take care of your eyes.”

The doctor said while writing down the prescription of an eye drop & some tablets which were to be brought. Geet nodded.

Geet placed an order for new lenses. It was dusk by the time she left the clinic with Maan.

“Geet, lets go on a long drive!” he said huskily as he sat behind the steering wheel.

“Ji No! You’re dropping me to hostel!” she shrugged if off!

On the way, they halted at a medical store where Geet purchased her eye drop. As ill luck would have it, Simi saw them there from her car! She grimaced looking at Geet & here eyes were filled with hatred & vehemence.

“It won’t be a difficult task to kick this girl out of MSK’s life!!!!!!!!!!!!”  

Simi called up Kamini.....


Dadima was playing with Bilbur, their pet dog when Kamini approached her.

“I was thinking of inviting Geet for dinner & to stay back here tonight!”

Dadima raised her eyebrows hearing her.

“I am surprised hearing that coming from you!”

“Uh...Actually I thought she must be missing her family so...”

“Yeah I know! I was anyways going to ask her to come here!” said Dadima smiling, “It’s good you are starting to like Geet! She is such a sweet girl!”

“Liking Geet! My foot! That girl is trying to take Simi’s place but she will never succeed!!!! ”   Kamini thought with bitterness.


Maan halted the car outside her hostel gates. Geet was just about to get off when her phone rang.

“Ji Dadima!” Geet was startled when she heard what dadima said. Then she looked at Maan. Geet couldn’t refuse dadima’s sweet invitation. “Okay Dadima! As you say! I will be there!”

“What did Dadima say?” Maan enquired as she hung up.


Before Geet could continue, Maan’s phone beeped. A smirk curled up from the edges of his lips as he read the message.

He then looked at Geet mischievously.

“ dadima wants you to stay over in KM for tonight. She asked me to pick you up from the hostel. And I like an obedient son cannot refuse her!”

His voice was velvety. And before Geet could say anything, there were already heading to Khurana Mansion!


“Simi, Geet is coming here!” informed Kamini through phone.

“Great! I hope you know what is to be done!”

“Absolutely! Leave it to me!”

Kamini rang off. Simi smiled wickedly.

“Maan would never wish to look at that Geet after this!”


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