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Chapter Twenty Eight: Arrival Of The Rival!

"Geet!!!!! Walls have better ears than you I guess!!"

Aniee shook her for the trillionth time which finally brought Geet back to her senses!

"H-Huh...! Wh-at?" she responded completely flustered & saw Juhi, & Riya eyeing her with raised eyebrows. After all, no one had the rarest of the rarest clue of what had happened with her sometime back...!

"Ah! Finally we are done with our assignment! That calls for a celebration!" chirped Juhi.

"Yeah! And Geet" Riya turned to her, "We have taken your designs as the base!"

"I hope because of Geet, our designs don't get rejected. " cringed Aniee.

But Geet was in her own trance. Her heart pounded  as her mind played her intimacy with Maan again & again.

"This can't be true...I was imagining everything..." her voice died down in her breathlessness.

Her "queries" were cleared once she saw Maan descending the stairs. His gazes at her indicated every bit of their intimacy was a reality. She controlled her erratic breaths & diverted her eyes from him.

"Uh...Lets go out for dinner to celebrate!" Geet suggested to the girls.

They agreed. Geet just wanted to quickly get out of there. Juhi & Riya bade a dreamy bye to Maan!

Just then his phone rang.

"Yes Karan *pause* Meeting for your fashion show?*pause* Okay, I will be there in a while."

Maan rang off!


 "Hmm...what to order?" Riya wondered looking at the menu in the restaurant.

Geet dug herself in the menu book trying to cast aside Maan's thoughts.

"Hey, Look there guys!" Juhi's voice fell on her ears & she looked up, "Isin't it MSK with Simi Singhania??"

Both Aniee & Geet was stunned to see both of them together! Actually Karan too was there with them but from where the girls sat, it appeared only Maan & Simi were there!
Simi gave a seductive smile to Maan who didn't know she would accompany Karan. Maan IGNORED her point blank & spoke to Karan! Simi cringed!

Geet felt a dagger piercing her heart seeing Maan & Simi sitting a distance away while her friends continued talking about them. She clutched the menu book in jealousy & anger!

"Did MSK patch up with Simi???? Why did he patch up yaar!!!!" Riya exclaimed, sorrowfully!
"Enough guys!!!!!!!" Geet was irked, "Don't you have anything better to discuss except Maan &  Simi??!!!!!!!!Disgusting!!!!"

"Aree! What happened to her?" wondered Juhi as Geet walked out of there. Aniee was tensed.


"Babaji ! I have never lost control over myself  like that!"Geet squeezed her eyes in frustration.

When she turned, she was shocked to see Simi standing there!

"It's good I have got you here! I, anyways wanted to have a talk with you!" Simi approached her pretending to be genuine & nice, "You see I really love MSK & I am trying my level best to bring him back in my life. I know he loves me madly too but he is cross with me. And so to forget about me, he is trying to get close to you. I know how much ever he tries, he won't be able to hate me. We were in a very passionate relationship. I love him a lot & want him to be with me just like before."

Simi's words acted like thorns to Geet. Her heart sank with pain & she stood there numb & dead. Geet felt her entire world colliding & breaking down into countless pieces...She had never experienced such tremendous pain was killing her but she had to be strong...Simi smirked inwardly as Geet believed her words.

"I know what you are trying to say!" Geet cleared her choked voice, "Don't worry! I have absolutely no feelings for Maan..."

Simi grinned evilly as Geet left.

"Hmm...This was easy! Kamini aunty was right! This Geet is too innocent to be fooled. The game has begun!" Simi smiled devilishly...

Geet joined her friends back in the restaurant. She was completely shattered from with but she knew reality had a hard face & she could, in no way, between Maan and Simi.

Aniee suggested playing Truth or Dare. All agreed. Geet took Truths everytime & gave blunt replies. She just sat there motionless throughout, completely unaware of her surroundings. The bottle, after a while, turned again at her,

"Geet, Truth or Dare?" asked Riya.


"What is this yaar!" Juhi exclaimed her displeasure, "You have taken so many truths before, now you have to take dare. That's final!!"

Geet shook her head for a no.

"Leave it Juhi. Are you expecting her to take a dare! What a joke!" Aniee taunted.

"What is the dare?!!!!" Geet asked sharply.

"I saw my brother going to the terrace. Go there and hug & kiss him."

Geet gaped at her in shock.

"I am not going to do any such dare, understand?!!!!!!" she retorted, her heart was beated violently.

"No problem. Aniee, can I kiss him on her behalf?" Riya asked excitedly. Juhi too asked the same thing but Aniee's eyes were fixed on Geet.

Geet rose & staged a walkout.

"Why don't you want to do the dare??? Whats the problem???!!!" Aniee confronted her outside.

"You can't force me okay." Geet replied with her back to her.

"I am forcing you??!!! You love my bhai right??!! Why don't you tell him that!!!!!"

Geet was stunned hearing that. Aniee waited for an answer. Geet formed her hands into fists.

"She is right!!!! Maan hasn't patched up with Simi & I know he WONT!!!!! I was never a reason for their break-up so why should I even care of Simi!!!  I LOVE Maan!!!!!"

Possessiveness & insanity had dominated Geet. She had lost her rational thinking, she didn't know what was right & what was wrong as she found it very hard to deny her feelings which were as strong as intoxication...a passion...She was in a trance...


On the terrace, Maan was talking on phone to a client when Geet came there. He ended the call & turned around. He was startled to see her there as he didn't know her group had come to the same restaurant.

The velvety black sky seemed an abode for the tiny twinkling starts & the passionate Moon. Some clouds also lurked around as if deciding whether to produce rain or not. The meandering wind made it's way through her soft & silky long hair taking his heart into craze. His enchanted eyes desirously soaked in her beauty as she walked to him.

Aniee hide behind the door to watch what would happen.

Geet came & stood stood way too close to him & looked straight in the eye.  Before he could react, she threw herself on him & hugged him possessively...Her heart throbbed mercilessly as she planted a deep kiss on his neck...That snatched his breath miles away & affected him beyond his sanity. He was lost in a passionate reverie. His beats shook violently after registering the fact that Geet had actually kissed him. He was aroused to no extent...The feel of her soft & luscious lips drenched his entire being in the raging fire of love for her which made his eyes intense with passion...

Seeing her brother so hopelessly lost in Geet, Aniee smiled cheekily,

"I think I'm not censored to watch what might happen next. So better leave them alone."

She silently left from there.

Geet parted herself from him.

"It was just a dare." She said in a low voice, diverting her gaze.

She prepared to leave but he clutched her wrist & yanked her closer. Her body pressed against his & her hands landed on his shoulders. Her eyes locked with his dark once & she found it too difficult to withdraw from his intoxicating gazes...

"But it was much more to me."

His dense hoarse whisper reverberated in her ears. She squirmed against his steel torso when he slowly trailed his index finger from her temple to the chin & she felt his hands sliding down to circle her waist. The little distance between their lips was reducing every passing second. She closed her eyes not wanting to miss any feeling he was making her feel...Her hands shifted to his nape & the next split second, Maan slammed his lips on hers.

As soon as their lips collided, their hearts vibrated in sync & exploded into flames of passion, triggered by love. Her senses turned hysteric as he invoked a myriad of feelings in her which she never thought she could feel before. His lips moved aggressively over hers feeling their cotton-like softness & savoring their sensual sweetness. He kissed, sucked & nibbled her lips making it difficult for her to match his pace. He was extremely rough & equally gentle both at the same time making her senses to resign...

Maan pinned her to the wall for support sensing her weakening legs. She gasped when he bit her slightly harder & his tongue delved into her mouth to explore the unknown facts in them. Her limp hands clasped him tighter when he probed more into her. His tongue found hers & caressed it in the manner which made her moan limitlessly & then he intertwined his with it. He passionately maneuvered over her raw lips while her tongue flickered over the tip of his lips. He groaned & squeezed her waist, kissing her zealously. He licked her swollen lips with sensual gentleness which made her whimper. She was salivating when his teeth pulled her lower lip into his mouth & his tongue caressed it which made her gasp & moan out 'Maan' in pleasure & breathlessness.

He left her almost bruised & tired lips when air became the most important & urgent necessity for her as well as for him. Maan held her close when her chest heaved up & down to take in all the air provided by the surroundings. Her hooded hazels noticed his lips were swollen as well...& it was then that all her senses were pulled back inside & she realized what just happened between them...Their first kiss...

 He cupped her face, "Geet I L---"

But then didn't hear a thing & pulled herself away from him. She looked at him horrified, not knowing what to do...

"Sab galat hai...sab...sab kuch..." she breathed heavily as tears formed in her hazels. How could she be so selfish? She had no right to snatch him away from Simi who loves him so much.

Geet hated herself & regretted her acts.

"Geet listen I--"  he took a step towards her.

"Stay away from me, understand!!!!!!!!" she moved backwards, "How could you do this???!!!!! She loves you & you---"  her voice was cold & she was  angry on her ownself at the same time.

Maan was shocked at such a reaction. What had happened to her ? Why was she behaving like that?


But she was gone. His eyes ignited in fire as his insides experienced hostility with the fact that she denied her feelings...

"You can't run away everytime have to come back to me always & I will make sure you do!!!!"

Aniee saw Geet hurrying away. She tried to call her but Geet didn't listen.

A little Maan came there. Aniee noticed his lips & smiled quirkily

"I am proposing Geet in a grand way." He announced.

"Woh sab toh thik hai, but I didn't know you put lipsticks!" she taunted.

Maan rubbed his lips with the back of his hand & saw the red gloss. He smirked passionately...



 Geet's eyes were numb with tears. She was overflowing with regret & guilt. No one had given her the right to come between Simi & Maan.

Her heart was already broken & she doubted whether it could be mended. She experienced emotions of painfulness surging through her. How can she be so cruel to someone?

Geet dug her head in the pillow & tried to sleep...the pillow soaked her tears...  

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