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Chapter Twenty Seven: Illusion And Confusion

Chapter Twenty Seven: Illusion And Confusion

Khurana Mansion

Maan was exercising on a treadmill. His muscles flexed making his irises were dark & hostile as his mind churned out images of Geet drowning his entire soul in insane passion. Sweat trickled down his temple as he increased the speed of the treadmill. He perhaps knew long ago what was happening to him. But still he couldn't do a thing. He hated being controlled...he hated being helpless but inspite of that he lost everything...lost everything he possessed to HER. His feelings for her was so deep & so stubborn that he didn't have the strength to ignore them...Her thoughts always stirred him to such an extent that he loses himself completely...her innocent hazel eyes, her smile, her frown, her pout, her each & every talk, her each & every manner have never ever failed to incarcerate his senses... His feet ran faster on the machine to match the fire of his erratic heart beats for her...It would be foolish on his part to deny his feelings for her...Each of his breath formed her name...His soul always echoed her name...

Maan was in his own aggressive trance when Vikrant walked in. He was shocked to see his son so drowned into something that he failed to acknowledge him! Vikrant spoke a word or two about business but as expected Maan was nowhere close to listening.

"Maan! What's wrong with you??!!!" he spoke loudly," Day by day your behavior is becoming strange & kind of absent-minded!!!!! What's going on in your life!! Speak up!!! And-----"

"Geet!!!!" Maan spoke, still unaware of his dad's presence.

"What???!!!" asked Vikrant, wholly taken aback hearing the name.


His voice was dense with love & dipping in passion. Vikrant was left speechless for a while. It was later that he realized that he had confessed in front of his dad. Maan walked out of there without saying another word. Vikrant knew his son was more serious than ever with whatever he said...

"So finally my bro has declared his love for the girl whom I wouldn't approve at all." Aniee, who had witnessed the confession, stopped him from behind.

"You must work diligently to improve your relations with Geet." reverted Maan in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Well...ah! You see, we don't really like each other. We have a long way to go!" she replied casually, "By the way, unfortunately Geet & I are in the same group for a fashion assignment. So she will be coming here."

That caught his ears. Maan smirked...


"Aniee! Aniee! Aniee!! Where is your brother!!!! Please introduce me na to him!!!" chirped Juhi excitedly.

"Yes Aniee!! Where is MSK?? You three do the assignment & I will stare at him all day! Gosh! He is so handsome!!" exclaimed Riya, dreamily.

Geet fidgeted with her bag, not liking the way the girls gushing nonstop about Maan. But why should she be bothered?, she told herself.

Aniee raised her brows & looked at Geet. She looked away!

Geet first thought of paying Dadima a visit while the other three went upstairs to the study room to begin their assignment. Geet scanned the corridors of the Mansion with eyes wide open, praying that she doesn't come across Maan under any circumstances. Yeah!  her ground rules were to AVOID the living soul by the name of Maan Singh Khurana & IGNORE him by hook or crook!!! Because she knew he affected her in such a manner that she fails to keep a check on her own actions & mind!

But as fate would have it, she bumped into him at a turn! Geet at once looked away! She tried to go from there but Maan blocked her path! She tried to leave once again but this time he yanked her possessively towards him. She shrieked as she dashed against his torso. Her heart beats rose as his warm breaths fanned her face & she was drawn into his captivating eyes...With great difficulty, she averted his gaze!

"You're avoiding me & I don't like that." He pinned her to the wall, leaning closer.

"I am married." she announced.

Maan was thoroughly stunned hearing that & his senses blew away. His veins crushed in anger. He looked at her, horrified!

"WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" his voice was choked with fury.

"I'm married to my college since I'm very busy with exams & projects. I'm committed to my assignment for which I have come here. So please! Let me go."

Geet didn't know whether her statement was logical or not! Maan breathed in relief & looked at her, amused!

"Then in that case, have an extra-marital affair with me!" he purred menacingly in her ears & released her. Geet frowned & walked away!


"We are gonna work on my ideas for the designs not yours! That's final!!!" Aniee snorted.

"Excuse me??? You're in a team! So learn to take others inputs as well! No one has given you the authority of bossing around!!" Geet shot back!

"We don't want our project to be rejected because of your bland ideas!!!!"

"My ideas are much better than you, understand!!"

"Guys please! We have done absolutely nothing since morning because of both of your catfights!" Riya sighed!

"And I'm tired! Lets take a break!" suggested Juhi.

Aniee & Geet looked away from each other in irritation!
While the four of them were have snacks & juice, Maan came there. Geet at once dug herself in a file, pretending to be engrossed. She grew uncomfortable when Juhi & Riya began flirting with him & Maan too flirted mildly with them just to make Geet a bit jealous & no wonder he was very successful. Unable to take it any more, Geet finally snapped.

"Girls...we have come here for an assignment...& not to improve our "communication" skills."

All heads turned to her in surprise. Maan smirked,

"Arz kiya hai..." his voice was husky.

Aniee coughed hearing that, receiving the biggest shock of her life!

"What!!!!! Bro  & shayari!!!!!!!! Impossible!!! Geet ke toh aashiq hi ho gaye hain!!"

"Wah Wah Wah Wah!" Riya & Juhi chirped excitedly & Geet rolled her eyes & looking back into the file.

Maan continued in his velvety voice, staring at Geet through the corner of his eye.

"Dur Humse Jaa Paoge Kaise,
Humko Bhool Paoge Kaise.
Hum Woh Khushbu Hain Jo Saanson Mein Utar Jaye,
Khud Apni Saanson Ko Rok Paoge Kaise.."

Geet could sense the passionate stare of his eye which darkened the crimson color of her cheeks even though she strived to hide it. Ultimately she got up & left the room.

"Babaji!! He always flirts with me... Pehle toh privately karte the, but now in front of all... " she  muttered under her breath  while sauntering along the corridors.

"But what makes you think that the shayari was for you!"

Maan mischievously appeared in front of her and wasted no time in placing his hands on either side of her head trapping her completely between him & the wall. She closed her eyes when he leaned closer to touch her lips with his...

"Maan..." her low voice sounded more like a moan.

BOOM! When she opened her eyes, he wasn't there!

"Gosh! Did I start hallucinating him by any chance?????????Babaji! Abhi yahi baki reh gaya tha!!!"

She quickly joined the girls & they settled down again for their project. Though there were a lot of differences of opinions between Geet & Aniee, still they tried to agree at a particular thing.

After a few hours or so, they managed to arrive at something concrete.

"Juhi, where are the CD's?" asked Geet.

"I think Riya kept it in Aniee's room. Go & have a look!"

While Geet went upstairs, her mind yet again drifted to Maan's thoughts so much so that she wasn't aware that she had come to the poolside instead of Aniee's room! & when she realized that, it was too late...

Her feet & hands ran cold...her nerves rattled...her pounding heart brutally smashed against the rib-cage...her cheeks turned reddish pink when she saw shirtless Maan emerging out of the swimming pool in black boxers...Her blood grew warm seeing his wet well-toned body...Her swooning eyes shamelessly followed the trail of drops of water that were trickling down from his wet ruffled hair across his temple & his sexy jaw to land on his manly chest...& finally making it's way through his wet six-pack abs before falling on the floor...her girly harmones provoked her hazels to ogle at his broad mascular shoulders...his wet biceps...& his steeled arms...Gosh! He was dangerously hot & handsome...! She was on the verge of uttering a moan just by gawking at him...

She had seen such a scenario in film Dostana where John Abraham had done a similar act but that was on screen but Maan Singh Khurana is LIVE...ABSOLUTELY LIVE & so perhaps ever more sexier!

Maan wasn't aware of her presence. Then she saw him wiping his hair with a towel making her palpitations rise even more! She wanted to drag him to the highest court & ban him for being SMOKING hot!

Suddenly Maan's eyes fell on her & he saw her gaping at him like a lost soul. He smirked & begin advancing towards her. And she stood there, hypnotized! And when she regained some of her senses, she hurriedly prepared to leave.

"Stop!!" his sharp voice hit her ears & she stood where she was.

"C-Cover yourself...! Please!" her voice was breathless & she was standing with her back facing him.

"By the way, why did you come here?"

That question ruffled her nervous. She was so flustered that she didn't know what to say!

"Woh...Woh...I..." she stuttered to find an excuse, "I-I...Haan! I wanted to enquire about the milkman. I recently discovered that milk is very good for health. It contains proteins you see & very important for growth. But you know plain milk makes me vomit, it feels so weird so I mix some health drink like Horlicks or Bornvita for taste but my personal favourite is Complan. And out of the eight flavours available I like chocolate one because it is very chocolaty. Actually I tried the Kesar Badam flavor one but didn't like it much so I returned loyally to chocolate flavor. By the way, even Mango flavor is nice. Aur pata hai, you can drink Complan even with water, milk is not necessary! So technically speaking, there was no need for me to call the doodhwala, hai na? But then water cannot have what milk has i.e the white color & white color se yaad aaya how many white shirts do you have? Because you see..."

Geet was just going on blabbering. She couldn't fathom what she was speaking as her mind was blank & her cheeks red!

The words died down in her throat when she felt his hands snaking around her waist from behind...Damn! He only wore his shorts, he was still shirtless! Shivers thronged her body when she felt her back against his bare torso. His heated breaths fell on her shoulders making her veins hard. He nuzzled his nose against her neck. She squirmed & tilted sideways to give him more access. Then he abruptly turned her around to face him & shook her closer. Her breaths stuck on her throats as her hands rested on his arms, feeling his well toned muscles... She didn't know what had happened to him...or her as well but her heart throbbed seeing a myriad of feelings & emotions playing in his dark eyes similar to those which she felt was invading her heart as well... Geet lowered her gaze as his intense stares annihilated her respiration. Unable to control himself anymore, he closed his eyes & brought his face closer to hers & kissed her eyes. Her breaths died away feeling his stubble as he trailed his nose from her temple, his lips moved across her jaw...It was a moment that she didn't want to withdraw from...She knew it wasn't a hallucination, he made her feel in a way that she never imagined she could feel for someone...Her hands flickered on his back...It was a magic that was spelt on her...It was an addiction that she couldn't deny nor escape as he dropped feathered yet passionate kisses from her neck to her shoulders...Her chest bulged up & down as his lips reached near hers...

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