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Chapter Six: Paranormal Activity.....

                        Narration by Maan

“Ek andheri raat main aur usse bhi jyada andhere Haveli mein look who is doing what!!!!”

I commented out loud for the concerned person to hear. Geet turned behind sensing my unfriendly intrusion & gave me OMG-I-did-not-expect-you-to-be-here look.

“M-Maan....I-I can explain....don’t get me wrong!!”

“Oh puh-lease! I have already got you wrong!!! Don’t bother an explanation!!!”

Hearing that she literally jumped off the sofa & came running towards me. She clutched my over-coat with both her soft hands & clanged to me & looked up casting her innocent eyes at me. 

“Please don’t tell Papa…This kiss is very important for me..” she said in a tender voice.

I filled my eyes with mischief & bent more closer to her, “Really?”

Sensing my intentions, she offered clarification, “I-I mean, to see this kiss is very important for me…”

“Yeah right! That can be seen! Ms Geet Handa did not get any other film to watch, though she tried lots!” I remarked sarcastically.

She did not listen as her eyes relished what was being shown on the big screen—the hero & the heroine slowly entering their comfort zone

I looked again at Geet. Her eyes were glued to the screen. What an irony! Here she was still clutching me, standing so close but I wasn’t her object of interest!!. I paused the film abruptly drawing her attention to me!

“Why did you pause & that to at such a crucial point????”
she whined & tried to snatch the remote from my hand! I held the remote high in the air & she stood on her toes to get it back!.

“Geet!!” I yanked her closer holding her tightly keeping the remote away from her reach. She frowned. I smirked!

“Maan, please let me watch it...” she stared at me incessantly, “This erotic kiss is the climax of this horror-romantic film. you know I cannot watch it when all are at home.....so I saw a brilliant opportunity of watching it  tonight alone when no one is around.... but you spoiled everything like a kabab main haddi!! ” she rued.

I digested her words as they came simultaneously wondering how a sane person in place of me would react to such an explanation.....

“Pleaseeee let me watch it.....” she again crooned in my ears.

Accepting her rejection for me, I ruefully played the film. But she stopped me.

“No No No! Play the film from where the hero cups the heroine’s face!!”

I gave her what-the- hell look & did as she told. She stared at the screen with eager eyes.

I coughed, “Will you even watch ‘that’ which they will show after the kiss?” I asked her shamelessly. She was least bothered.

The hero & heroine inched their faces closer & closer.....I couldn’t help but place my hand in front of Geet’s eyes blocking her view! She slowly slid my palm down & said

“Don’t worry I am 18+ !!!” engrossed in the film.

What the hell!!!! I stared at her failing to produce any reaction. By the way she didn’t know that she had placed my hand on her chest, still holding it! I smirked as her palms felt cold out of excitement & I could sense her heart beating.....but I frowned realizing that it was not because of me but because of the ‘thing’ on the screen!

I heard her voice, “I want to watch it alone!!!”

She stressed the last word profoundly paving my walk-out of the hall.

I decided to leave letting her fulfill her desires. But as I reached the exit, I turned back. Fine!!! Now even I was interested in seeing the kiss happen! So I stood to watch.

Geet was oblivious of my presence behind her.

We saw the gap between the lips seal with every passing moment.....& then when the hero had.....had just....just placed his....his lips on the heroine’s....Boom!!!! There was a power-cut!!!! And the screen harshly turned black!!!!

Oops!!!!I could clearly imagine Geet’s face even though her back was faced towards me.

I saw her getting up from the sofa, advance towards the screen & start her blabbering!

“Iss light ko bhi abhi jana tha!!!! And forget the light....I don’t understand why these people take so much hell lot of time to kiss!!!!!! If you decided to kiss, just smack the lips & finish it off!! Why so slow-movement!!!!!”

I heard everything! I was smirking big time! Anyways, I walked upto her.

“I think there is a power-cut!” I exclaimed pretending I had neither seen or heard anything.

“Don’t act innocent!!It’s all your fault!!!!” she accused me

“Excuse me?? Is it my fault that you did not get to watch ‘that’???”

She looked away from me, “Phir bhi, it’s your fault!”

“Fine!!, I am going to tell your parents about all this!” I said in a stern voice though I was lying.

She looked at me pouting angrily. She looked so cute!!! Okay let me clear that even though the Haveli was dark, the moonlight still trickled in through the windows, maintaining our visibility.

“Mujhe na aapse baat hi nahi karni!!”

“Fine! Mujhe bhi nahi--” I stalled & proceeded closer to her with a quirky smile.... She stared at me without batting her eyelids. I reached for her ears...

 “I will complain later on so for the time being you can talk to me, right?” I whispered huskily.

She was startled & shoved me away. She frowned with her arm crossed.  

“Okay Okay, I think there is some problem in the main switch. If we set it right, then you can again watch the kiss!”  I said

“Koi zarurat nahi! Because my connection with the film broke, now if the lights are back, I will be frustrated!! ”

“What do you mean?!!”

She glanced sideways “I mean I have to watch that damn scary film all over again !”

“Why you have to watch the film again?? You are only interested in that kiss right??”

“If I don’t see the film, I won’t get the feeling of the kiss in the climax!!” she did not look at me.

I was stunned, “So that means you watched this entire horror movie alone in such darkness for the kiss!!!!!!!!?????? ”

She was still glancing side-ways.

“No, I turned off the lights just for the kiss because seeing films in dark weakens your eyesight”

“ Are you mad?!!”

She did not say anything.

“Come on! Now tell me where’s the fuse box!!!” I insisted her.

“No, Didn’t I just say I’m talking to you??!!”

“Really?” I pulled her to me making sure her eyes meets mine , “Geet! Tum naraaz bhi toh kisliye ho rahi ho! Just because I did not kiss--” I purposely did that blunder to enjoy her reaction & indeed her cheeks flushed, then I corrected myself slyly ,”I mean....I did not let you see the kiss…”

“I-I am not talking to you…” her voice strained while attempting to look away from me but I did not let her do that....

“Fuse box..”


“Tell me…” I inched my face closer to her.

“N-N-No…” she sounded breathless.

“Waise, I just need the fan....I’m okay if the lights are kept off.....” I said mischievously..

I released her sensing her choked throat.....

Even after sweetly tormenting her, she was adamant! She sat opposite me on the sofa clearly avoiding eye contact. A ray of moonlight fell directly on her letting my eyes wander over her beautiful feminine features for the nth time. I rested my head back on the sofa & gazed intently at her while she fiddled with her fingers in a failed attempt to minimize the effect of my stares on her.....

“I-I-I-I am going to my room.....”

I got up to stop her but she scurried away before I could say anything!. But But But, after a few seconds, I saw her running towards me with lightening speed! It startled me a little. Before I could ask anything, she dashed, hugging me tightly....! I went blank for a moment & my heart leapt a beat. Her grip around me got tighter every second....I could feel her throughout my body & it felt damn amazing…! Her nails were pricking my shoulders surpassing my overcoat & her silky hair tickled my ears & cheeks....My hands automatically went to her back, holding her, she held me tighter....

“Listen Geet ! I know I’m handsome but that doesn’t mean you throw yourself on me!” I remarked with pride.


 Her voice was shaking & I sensed she was shivering a little.

“What happened??? Have you seen a Dracula or something?”

“Y-Y-You are almost right....I-I-I saw a g-ghost i-in my r-r-room…”

I was shocked hearing her petrified voice.


“R-Really....” she was breathing heavily but held me tight. “Please do some....something.....That ghost was moving...moving....” she was very scared.

Wow! The after-effects of watching a horror film!. The air had dramatically chilled around us indicating a paranormal activity....but it failed to affect me.

“There are no ghosts in real okay!!” I mouthed the famous dialogue.

“Maine kaha na I saw a ghost!!!! Just because the ghost is not in your room doesn’t mean  that you don’t believe me!!!!”

I sensed tears building in her.

“Fine! I trust you, peace?”

I slowly parted her from me & got a glimpse of her terrified face....I cupped her face in my hands & said,

“Guide me to the fuse-box & lets see what happens..”

She agreed. We walked with her clinging to my arm.

“I-I-I didn’t know ki yeh Handa Haveli se Haunted Haveli ban....ban jayega.....”

“Atleast the initials are the same” I sighed

Anyways we reached the fuse-box after taking a candle from the kitchen & in a matter of minutes, it was fixed. As I was about to on the switch, Geet stopped me.

“N-No d-don’t put on the light because the ghost will go away!!”

“But you want the ghost to go away if I am not mistaken....!”

“If it goes away now....it will....it will again come to haunt my family....and I don’t want that....so you, like the hero of that film, has to ward off that spirit forever!”

“What will I get in return?” I smirked.

“Pervert!.” she mumbled under her breath.

I heard her remark!!!!!! How can she call me that??!!!!! Anger rushed through my veins.

“Watch your words!!!!!!Do I look like a scare crow to you that you’re telling me to ward off the ghost????” I snapped.

“No ! You’re a bhoot charmer.”

Damn it!!! What does she think of herself??I glared at her but she ignored that. Anyways we parted with the fuse-box & made our way to her room. As we reached nearer, her hold around my arm became tighter...I was kinda enjoying her closeness & also little bit worried seeing her terrified.

We entered the room....Geet hid behind me.....
“Maan....there are....there are two ghosts now....!!!” she was white in face.

And I wouldn’t like to admit it....but she was right.....

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