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Chapter Ten: Beauty And The Bitch!

"Well...ah! My car loves to go on long drives with me & what about you?"

Maan whispered huskily leaning closer to Geet. They were in his car. Geet very well knew what he was hinting at. He had left no chance to flirt with her...or rather taunt & trouble her most of the times! And that really irritated Geet. 

"Not interested!! Aur waise bhi, It's 3'o clock now, so my entrance exam results might be out, I need to go to college to check it out!"

"I am coming with you." he announced.

Maan started the car. Geet didn't mind him accompanying her but then she remembered Simi & got a bit sad.

"I think you should go to Simi instead." She said in a low voice.

"I'm saying it for the first & last time. I have nothing to do with Simi. She is not my girlfriend or anything."

Geet was startled to hear his extremely cold voice. She never saw him that way! She thought it best to not speak about the topic anymore. Also, she somewhere felt relief hearing him.

So they were heading to Geet's college. She was all anxious & desperate...

"D-Drive faster pleaseee!!!!!" she insisted.

"I can't as I follow law & order like a good citizen!" Maan teased.

"Aap ke chakkar mein I completely forgot about my results!! Now that I am in Delhi let me go & see it myself. " she was all tensed.

Maan saw her doing her ‘Babaji' chants.  She even had some nail- biting sessions!. He smirked

"Chalo! Isi bahane your nails won't hurt me the next time you pounce on me!"

Geet hardly heard what he said. Maan drove the car faster

She rested back on her seat.

"I have to get admission in St Mark College, Mumbai…"

She repeated the statement in her mind. Her trance broke when she heard Maan's voice.

"We have reached Geet!"

She opened her eyes to see the college entrance gate. There was a huge rush of students. Being nervous, Geet  tried to get out of the car but something held her back.

"Your seat-belt!"

"W-What???" she asked flustered still unaware that she had forgotten to unfasten the seat-belt which was holding her back!

Her heart skipped a few beats when she saw Maan roguishly leaning towards her...She squeezed her eyes shut...Her breaths increased when she felt the air from his nostrils landing on her cheeks...

He unfastened her seat-belt & reaching to her ears, he whispered.

"All the best for the results..."

Her eyes notched open to see him still close...She at once got out of the car while Maan waited for her to return.

There was huge crowd in front of the college notice board. Geet could hear happy sighs as well as sad ones. With great difficulty she made her way into the crowd & finally reached near the notice board. She scanned her eyes through the various names displayed. She did not find her name...She checked again...She did not find her name...Failure hit her hard & her senses were overcome by a sudden grief...

Geet walked aimlessly through the crowd which was still pouring in...Tears had already lined up in her eyes & were waiting for her nod to flow down her cheeks….

"I...I did not...did not...get admission St Mark...!!!"

The thought seeped in her mind breaking her completely from within….

Maan was startled when she just came & sat in the car with a white face. He understood what the matter was. He began to drive the car silently…

By the time they were on the highway, Geet had already started to cry noiselessly…Tears trickled down her hazels & Maan was well aware of that….

"If you continue to manufacture these salted drops for some more time, my car will drown & I don't want that!"

His sharp words hit her ears.

"Don't worry!! I will make sure your car is renovated!!!!"she sneered

"Okay, you can carry on then with you tears!"

His nonchalance did not go down well with her.

"Can't you see I am extremely shocked & sad as I couldn't clear my entrance exam!!!?"

"So you expect a shoulder to cry on! Forget it!"

"I don't even expect anything from you!!"

"Good! By the way for which college did you give the entrance exam? " asked Maan, in a matter-of-fact manner.

"Does it matter now?? Everything is over!! Princi told me to wait till evening as two more seats are vacant! But there are many others like me, I have no chance!!! So it's better to go back home!!!!" she blurted out in frustration, "But why am I telling you all this!!!?"

"So Miss Geet Handa gave up so easily. You are not my type!" he remarked.

"Everything is over!! I won't be able to study in my dream course in my dream college!!!" she whined sadly.

He stopped the car abruptly.

"Good for you that the airport has arrived as I can't tolerate souls who are pessimistic in their approach, even though there is one full fledged chance!!!!!!!"

His voice was rude. The airport had arrived. It was time for Geet to go back to Chandigarh…She was hurt. She prepared to head out of the car…..

"Wait! Take these tissue papers!! It will aid you till you reach the Haveli & may be even after that!!!"

He held the tissue box in front of her. She was shocked to see him calm as if he was not bothered.

"Thanks for your concern & Good Bye!!!" she sneered.

Maan watched her enter the airport…She was gone…He was expressionless…Maan drove away…..

Rishi saw Maan entering the office with a very stern face. It was nothing new to Rishi as Maan always displayed sternness in office.

"Then in that case, S-S---" Rishi tried to speak.

"I suppose two new managers are to be appointed here before we head to Mumbai, have they arrived? " he asked sharply.

"Then in that case, Y-Yes S-Sir, they have arrived..."

Chandigarh Airport---

Geet had reached her home town. With great difficulty, she had managed to compose herself little bit…

"I did not get admission in St Mark…I won't be able to study in Mumbai…."

She saw a car waiting for her as she exited the airport. It was sent from the Haveli with a driver to pick her up. Geet sat in the car, dejected.

The roads seemed desolated to her even though it was not...Her face was grave, thinking hard about how she would face her family...


"St Mark College, one of the renowned colleges in Mumbai & you know what Bro, I got admission in there. I cleared the entrance exam!!!!!!"

Aniee exclaimed  to Maan on phone, delightedly.

"That's great Aniee!!!"

"I told nahi & dad, they are so happy. I wish mom was here with us..." her voice was choked with emotions towards the end.

Even Maan closed his eyes. Pain was reflected on his face. There was a pause after which Aniee spoke again...

"Anyways, I am heading to the air-port. I will call you once I land in Mumbai."

The call ended. Just then Aniee's car came face-to face with that of Geet's...They both got out from their respective cars…

"Aniee, you?? I mean... you going somewhere?"
Aniee was least interested to talk with her.

"I am going back to my hometown. By the way, heard you had gone to Delhi, were you tailing my brother?" Aniee chuckled rudely.

Geet was shocked by the remark.

"So sad! And he must have rejected you like he rejects other girls!" Aniee said further

"What's your problem!!!!?"asked Geet, hurt!

"Stay away from my Bro!! And make sure we are meeting for the last time!!!"

"Ofcourse!! Even I don't wish to see you ever again!!!!"

They both sat again in their respective cars & drove off…

"Aaj ka din hi kitna strange tha, I don't what else is there to come my way...but I'm glad Maan’s chapter is over in my life!!!"

Geet grew anxious as she reached the Haveli soon after...


"You believe me,right?" Simi pretended to cry on phone, "Your brother seems to have a very big misunderstanding. I...I really love MSK. He doesn't wants to see me ever again. I need your help to win him back"

"Simi, I completely trust you! And I know you are perfect for Bro." said an unsuspecting Aniee.
Simi smirked evilly.

"Don't worry, Bro will defo patch up with you!"

"Aniee, I'm really glad you understand me." said Simi in an innocent voice.

They rang off.
"Hmm...I can use Aniee to get back to MSK! Poor girl, believes in whatever I say! One day, MSK will turn into my keep when I takeover his property!"

Simi smiled viciously!

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