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Chapter Fourteen: Jealousy Games

Maan looked at himself in the mirror & was very much impressed. He was wearing the shervani designed by Geet & he had to admit that she had done a brilliant job!

He saw Geet entering the room through the mirror. As he turned to face her, she was left awestruck. Her hazels scrutinized him from head to toe & Damn! Maan was looking exceedingly handsome more than she had ever imagined him to be in that outfit! And the gel applied perfectly to his hair only enriched his irresistible features!

On the other hand, Geet wore pink ghagra-choli with matching silver accessories. The kohl that highlighted her eyelashes gave a teaser of how deep & beautiful her eyes were. Maan had to admit for the nth time that she was looking extremely gorgeous.   

Geet knew Maan loved the shervani designed by her & that made her feel an unfelt joy in her heart.

"So, I think you really appreciated what I made for you!"
"Not really. Infact, this shervani is looking good because I'm good looking!" he taunted.

She frowned.

"The photographer is on his way. Don't give gay type poses in front of the camera!"

He glared at her angrily hearing the snappy remark.

"Excuse me??Say sorry to me RIGHT NOW!!!!, else I am not doing the photoshoot for you!!!!!" he blackmailed.

"Oh hello!! The word 'Sorry' doesn't exist in my dictionary any more for you!!!" she snorted.

"Then upgrade your stupid dictionary and also upgrade your little brain!!!!" he retorted.

Now she was really angry.


She was just about to fire at him when they heard the doorbell ring. The photographer had arrived. So they were forced to postpone their fights.

To begin with, the photographer first took only Maan's pictures. Geet was impressed by the killer looks that her hubby gave & his complimenting body language. He was posing really good just like any professional model. One thing was true, Maan had really practiced a lot for her...!

Then the lights were changed & a romantic ambience was created, also by using a fan for artificial breeze. Geet was supposed to shoot with him now.

 The first pose needed Geet to hug Maan from behind. As soon as she did so, Maan found his heart beats turning on ruthlessly & her breaths became shallow...Next, Maan had to hold his wife in RK-pose. He did so & her heart strings fluttered feeling his hand around her waist...

They were so much lost into each other that photographer had to actually call out to them after he was done clicking their photo!

For the third pose, Maan was to hold Geet's hand & kiss it. He took her hand in his and the way he looked at her fluttered her heart strings. She thought he was acting but he wasn't, perhaps... His heart thudded violently when his lips kissed her soft fingers...!

Last pose required Maan to scoop Geet in his arms...!Now, she thought that  Maan would refuse flatly to do that & even Geet mentally coaxed herself that she doesn't want to be in his arms. Her heart skipped a high beat & her shocked expressions met his intent ones when he actually lifted her in his arms...! Both of them were again lost, staring at each other. He didn't know what was happening with him. The last time, he had carried Geet in his arms was on their wedding night while taking her to his room. That time, he had to do so against his wishes but now  he didn't mind scooping her in his arms...And Geet too felt so comfortable & cozy being in  his arms...

And that's how the photoshoot was completed!

And after that, a series of awkward moments started. So to avoid that, they kept to themselves & avoided speaking or rather fighting with each other.

The next day was a Sunday. When Maan walked into the kitchen, he (un)fortunately came face to face Geet. Both of them diverted their eyes from each other.

"What are you doing over here??" he asked even when he was making tea for herself.

"Playing football. Any problem?" she replied sarcastically & then mentally smacked her head.

"Listen I know your general knowledge sucks!!! Let me tell you that football requires eleven players!!!!"

She frowned.

"Woh kya hai na, I don't want you to kick the ball. What if you twist your lousy leg in that process??" she taunted.

He glared at her.

"Excuse me?? Do you think my leg is made of paper!!!!! My leg is made of human skin & bones like any other normal leg!!!"

"Oh hello!!! I am not a doctor that you're revealing the biology of your leg to me!!!!!" she snorted.
"You know what, you should visit a psychiatrist!!!" he sneered.

Now Geet was red in rage.

"Why don't you find a kingsize room in a mental asylum for yourself!!!!!"

Both of them glared at each other angrily & walked away!

Geet sat down for studies as exams were round the corner while Maan sat with his laptop to do some work. Both were in their respective rooms. After a few hours, Geet headed to the kitchen to make another cup of tea.

"Umm...I think should make a cup of coffee for Maan as well!"

When she was passing by his room, she heard him talking on phone with someone.
"You're coming to Singapore next month?? That's great Sharanya!!!! I am waiting yaar!!!!" he exclaimed in delight.

Geet overheard that. And she felt an arrow digging a hole in her heart. Anger of jealousy seethed inside her. She felt like snatching the phone from his hand & throw it miles away. Geet always thought of asking Maan about Sharanya but refrained from doing so everytime thinking there was no reason why she should be affected if he talked to someone else.

But her heart didn't agree an inch with her mind. Maan was still talking to Sharanya. Not able to take that anymore, Geet marched towards him & took the phone from his hand, disconnecting the call. That startled Maan.

"What are you doing??!! Give me phone back!"

"Woh... I was thinking why don't we go for shopping today." her eyes were dowmcasr
Maan's eyes grew wide in surprise.

"You want to go shopping & that too with me??? Did you have a fight with Lorraine? " he didn't know what else to say.

She frowned & he agreed as he had no reasons to deny!

On the other hand, Sharanya was startled too.

"He cut my call?? He never does that. Now toh he has to manofy me, mujhe kuch nahi pata!" she smiled gleefully.

It was evening when Maan & Geet went to a mall. Maan knew Geet loved shopping & she always went with Lorry. Even though Maan disliked shopping, sometimes he unconsciously wished Geet would ask him to accompany her instead! And today finally was the day! As for Geet, she wanted him to be near her & not anyone else. Also the fact that Sharanya would be coming there soon didn't go down well with Geet.

 But as it's always said, something never change! And as usual, Maan & Geet were quick to get into whispering arguments. They made use of every chance to taunt each other!

For example, when Maan was contemplating trying out a shirt, Geet remarked.

"Yeah! Since blackmailing is your hobby , black shirt is perfect for you!"

He frowned & she gave a teasing look.

And when Geet was thinking of buying a dark red nail paint, Maan remarked.

"Don't you think you will look like a witch if you put this?"

Geet glared at him & he smirked.

Then they went to buy pillows along with bedsheets since they had ruined all the pillows that they had in pillow-fighting!

Next, they went to a grocery store. Even there, they argued with each other!

"Oh hello! Have you forgotten what potatoes look like that you want to buy so many potatoes!!!!!!"

"Excuse me?? And are you planning to stitch a dress made of onion that you want to buy so many onions!!!!!!"

So in this way, their shopping was finally completely & they headed back home. It was night.
They met Mrs D' costa as they were just about to enter their house. And as expected, Maan had to kiss Geet on her cheeks.

The landlady was delighted even though she complained that she didn't get to see a liplock between them even after so many months! Maan & Geet glanced sideways. They were still not expert in dodging Mrs D'costa questions!

Mrs D'costa noticed the pillows & bedsheets that they had carried along.

"Ah! Both of you may be so wild in bed that pillows have to burn in your heat!" she exclaimed mischievously.

Maan & Geet were dumbfounded hearing that!

"Woh...we use pillows in the kitchen not bedroom!" Maan replied bluntly.
Mrs Dcosta raised her eyebrows. Geet excused & dragged Maan inside the house along with herself! Phew!

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