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Chapter Thirteen : And They Continue!

He yawned out loud but suddenly realization struck him hard. His wide eyes glanced at the clock which told him he was late...very late.

"I missed making breakfast for Geet. She must have left empty stomach." Maan sighed guiltily.

It had become a routine since many days. Since Geet's had to leave for her Uni before Maan left for his office, he made breakfast for both of them. She returned home by afternoon, worked on her fashion projects & by dusk always made sure she finishes preparing dinner before Maan returned. In this way, they had their meals together unlike before where they preferred being away from each other. But that didn't help in lessening their fights. They somehow found ways & means to taunt each other & even succeeded to some extent too! Unknown to them, they had begun to like each other's company. Infact, they unconsciously missed each other during lunch time! They weren't friends & they weren't strangers either...

They weren't expert in cooking for sure. But with every passing day, they tried to improve not because they wanted to act superior in front of the other but because they certainly cared for each other's likes & dislikes...

But that day, things shaped up differently. Maan stepped out of his room & was startled to see Geet in apron & laying down the breakfast. She noticed him in a stoned form.

"Knock Knock, is anyone here?" she called out.
"Huh...! you didn't go to Uni?"

"I didn't do my homework & that Joseph woman will give me some stupid punishment for that. So thought of missing today's class. " she confessed.

"That proves that you're a spoilt little kid who has to be nudged to do homework. Good students do their homework sincerely unlike you."he taunted.
"And no one sleeps like a Khumbkaran as you!!!"she shot back.

"Are you trying to say that I SNORE??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he glared at her angrily.

"How will I know whether you snore or not but you are definitely trying to poke your long nose in my homework!!" she retorted.

"Excuse me?? You should get your eyes tested as my proper nose fits perfectly with my handsome face!!!" he retorted.
"Oh hello! I am not a cosmetic surgeon that you're telling me your facial features!!!"
"You know what!! It's fruitless talking to you!!" he snorted
"Yeah! As if I will be awarded gold medal for talking to you!!"

They settled for breakfast. After that, Maan was getting ready for office. He wore his shirt & then noticed that the first button was loose!

"Geet, give me needle & thread."

"Me Me Me!! Can I fix the button???!!" she asked excitedly.

Maan was startled. Even she didn't know why she was so eager. He nodded his head still not sure of her intentions. Geet stepped closer to him & the aroma of his seductive perfume floored her. He wanted to hold her in his arms but controlled himself. She was trying very hard to not get diverted by his exposed chest & concentrate on stitching the button instead. His heated breaths fell on her cheeks making her breaths shallow...& her fingers trembled a bit when they actually touched his bare chest.

"You only must have tampered with my shirt ka button!" he accused in a husky voice.
"Yeah! As if I don't have any other work except drooling over your black & white shirts!" she shot back sarcastically.
"By the way, nice excuse to get close to me!" he remarked after the button was proper.
She distanced herself from him.
"For your kind information, I was just practicing the new kind of stitch that was recently taught in class!" she replied smartly.

Maan frowned & left for office.


"Omigod! Omigod! Omigod!This can't happen!!" Geet was hyper.

"Oh Come on Geet! It's a perfect project keeping the Valentine's Day theme in mind! Sid will be so happy!" Lorraine blushed.
It was break time in Uni the other day. Geet was holding her head with her hands & sulking.

" Geet, can't you see it's so romantic? For our final project for this course, we havta design outfits for our partners & do a photoshoot with them??" she chirped happily.

"I don't think Maan will agree for this!" sighed Geet."Infact he will use it as a weapon to settle scores with me" she thought.

"Aww...Don't be sad! You must try to convince him." she assured her.

It was the first time that Geet had come to Khurana Constructions & she was thoroughly impressed by it's professional ambience. The employees not only feared their Boss MSK's wrath but also respected him equally because of his leadership skills & qualities.
Geet entered Maan's cabin & saw him reading a file.

"Maan, I want to shoot you!"

He was startled by the sudden intrusion & stunned by her words. MAAN SINGH KHURANA was being THREATENED of MURDER & that too by his own wife!!!!

"What are you don't over here??? And do you even know to whom are you speaking??? Just because I win all the fights & arguments doesn't mean that you hatch a conspiracy to kill me!!!!!!!" he lashed out.

"Oh hello Drama King! First, it's you who lose our fights & arguments & secondly you're misunderstanding me!"

She told him about her project. It was then that he resumed normalcy.

"No! I will not pose for you in front of the camera!" he announced decisively.

That was the answer which she had been expecting.

"But why? Are you a bheegi billi in front of camera?"

Maan glared at her.

"Watch your words!"

She wanted to back answer but was forced to maintain her calmness.

"Maan, I promise I won't make you wear revealing clothes & you don't have to do skin show!" she said earnestly.

Maan raised his eyebrows hearing that.
"Excuse me???"

"Maan...please say Yes. pleeaseee" she made puppy face.


"Pleaseee. You are so sweet. Please say yes. " she  fluttered her eyelashes innocently.

Maan rolled his eyes & looked away.

"I said NO!!"

 "You have such a handsome face & an extremely drool worthy physique, make some use of it! Also your eyes are as dreamy as your biceps. You look hot in everything you wear. Your wet hair makes you all the more irresistible." she was forced to praise him.

But Maan was unperturbed.

"I don't like too much butter on the bread." he shot back teasingly."My answer is still No."

Geet frowned.

"You're so stubborn. You're acting as if I'm asking you to give me your sperms!!!!!"

She bit her tongue really hard after that. Maan smirked & walked across to her. He stood very close & his hot breaths ruffled her heart beats.

"From when did you begin to take interest in my sperms!" his husky taunting voice fell in her ears.

"Listen Mister!! If you don't want to do the photoshoot then fine!!! I have noticed many good looking men in your office, so I can take either of them! And I am sure you won't have any problem with that, right?"

She blackmailed him. He stared at her horrified. His blood boiled only at the thought of any other man around Geet. He couldn't stand anyone getting close to her. So Maan was left with no other choice but to accept what she says.

"Fine! I will do photoshoot for you, Happy?"

She smirked in victory.

"And this is how I win yet again!"

Geet turned & was just about to leave when she heard Maan's phone ring behind her.

"Hey Sharanya!" she heard him exclaim in delight.
Somewhere Geet didn't like him talking to someone else. She had heard Maan talking to that girl twice even before which had led insecurities creep in Geet. She didn't know who Sharanya was & refrained to ask Maan about her.

"Who cares? It's his wish whoever he wants to talk to! Why am I even bothered?"

Geet coaxed herself & left.


From then on, Geet began working on the designs & outfits. As usual, she wanted to come up with something different. She also had to keep in mind Maan's personality & decide things accordingly.

Maan saw her working very hard on her final project & mentally decided to give 100% from his side. He had made it absolutely clear to Geet that till her exams are over, kitchen & food department is his & she must only concentrate on her course. But only one thing didn't change i.e their fights! They had to fight at any cost as without that they would fall ill!

After a couple of days, Geet finally finalized the designs for Maan outfit.

It was night time & she realized that she had forgotten the most important thing of all!

"Omigod! I am yet to take Maan's measurements! Koi baat nahi, I will do it right away!"

Geet grabbed the measurement tape & ran to him. And the worst part was that he was in his vest & tracks. How sexy & attractive he looked! Everytime she saw him in it, her girly hormones did belle dancing. No wonder, she was more interested in what the vest hid behind it!

"Woh...I wanted to measure the fatness of your body." She said hiding her feelings.

He glared at her.

"Why don't you get yourself big fat spectacles???" he shot back. But he allowed her to take measurements.

"Okay, now stand as if you are in for a security check in airport."

He did so. Geet made the measuring tape go around his waist & in that process accidently felt his abs through the vest! She felt her throbbing heart come out any moment! Then while measuring his hand, her fingers flickered over his well-built bare shoulders & biceps... Her blank mind was finding it very tough to remember the measures!

On the other hand, Maan was finding it taxing to keep his hands off Geet even when she was too close...She soon finished off with her work.

"Were you taking undue advantage of me by any chance?" he asked her teasingly behind her back.

"Yeah, I was molesting you, happy?" she retorted sarcastically.

Maan stared at her amusingly till she walked out of the room. 

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