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Chapter Fifteen: Nocturnal Outings 

"Why Lorry Why???!!!!" groaned Geet in angst, "Why do people want to destroy the peace of my life???!!!!!"

"Oh don't be so dramatic Geet! You should be really happy that your project has turned out to be the best! What else do you want??!"

Lorraine & Geet were walking through the corridors of the Uni. Geet made a humble face.

"Yeah...that's there but do we really havta give an exam of Business Law??? I mean...seriously??? I have no clue about the subject & besides I don't think it's related to fashion designing anyways!"

"Hello! Even fashion is business & you can ask your hubby to help you in it! Maan would be a genius in this subject & even I am gonna ask Sid to help me out!" Lorry blushed as she ended.

"Maan???" she sighed, "Yeah Yeah why not! He will get to taunt me even more!" she muttered under her breath.

They entered the washroom & Lorraine looked into the mirror to comb her hair.

"I want to break the most important news of my life to you!" Lorry seemed all excited, "Sid & me are getting married next month soon after my exams are over!!!"

"Wow! That's great dear! Congratulations!!!" Geet was really happy for her friend.

"Thank you!" Lorry blushed again, "You know, I have already told Sid that we would have an Indian wedding! I so love Indian culture and..."

Lorriane went on talking about her wedding plans which truly conveyed how joyful she was regarding her marriage. She & Siddharth were dating since two years and were madly in love with each other. Geet could not help but remember her wedding with Maan which had not been a happy thing for both of them...

Khurana Constructions

 "Now what happened??? This time do you want me to dress up as a vegetarian Vampire for your project??"

Maan asked diverting his eyes from the laptop to look at Geet who was seated opposite him with a pouting face!

"Can you teach me Business Law? I have to write an exam paper on that!" she looked at him expectantly.

"Okay." he replied calmly

Geet's eyes grew wide in shock. Did he really agree so easily?? REALLY?? Was she dreaming??? This was happening for the first time ever that he didn't argue or taunt her for anything!. And she found it taxing to digest the fact.

"Are you serious??? I mean...are you Maan or his twin evil brother who has come to destroy KC & even kill me!!!!! Where is Maan??!!!! What have you done to him!!!! Tell me else I will call the police!!!!! Then you will be hanged to death for the crime & you won't even find place in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!" she threatened him.

Maan rolled his eyes, irritated with her antics.

"Excuse me?? I am not born to offer you a Nobel prize on your melodrama okay so stop it!" he snorted, "I had to agreed else you would start blackmailing me like an old witch!"

Geet frowned hard!

"Dust Danav kahin ke!!!!!!"


It was midnight. And lets face it! Maan was having a tough time explaining to Geet the various concepts of business law. He would explain one line & baseless doubts from her side would crop up! It was not her fault. She genuinely wasn't able to understand properly even though Maan tried his best! Atlast, Maan was extremely fed up!

"You know what, why don't you have some health drink which will develop your brain & make it sharper!!!!!!!"

"Listen Mister!!!! It's you who have poor teaching & communication skills!!!!!" she shot back, glaring at him!

"Excuse me?? I am teaching you like a professional but you're behaving like a Kindergarten kid!!!!!!"

"Oh hello!! You can't blame me when you know it's all your fault!!!!!"

"It's not my fault, it's your fault!!!!!!!"

"Don't blame me unnecessarily okay!!! You should improve your skills!!!!!!"

"Fine then!!!! Manage everything on your own!!!!!"

"Fine!!!! Even I don't want any of your help!!!!!!!!"

She turned away from him. Maan staged a walkout of the room!

Geet sat with a sad & crying face.

"He thinks that I was deliberately troubling him with my doubts!!!!!!He doesn't want me to do well in my exams, that's why he is making things complicated!!!!!...Nahi Geet, what are you thinking?? You know Maan is not like that...Perhaps, you're a bad student...but still he should have been a bit more patient!!!!!!" she grumbled.

Maan stood by the window of his room, frustrated. But soon, he calmed himself down.

"I think I over-reacted. She is clueless about the subject & those doubts were natural to come up in her mind..."

Just then, he heard the main door of their house click open. Startled, he rushed outside his room & saw Geet wearing her sandals.

"Where are you going???" he asked her, shocked.

"To eat ice-cream. Are you coming?" she asked in a matter-of-fact manner.

Maan was even more shocked.

"Ice-cream?? If you don't know let me tell you it's 2 A.M. In other words, it's NIGHT!!!!!"

"So?" she asked as if it's not a big deal, "Do human beings turn into dracula if they eat ice- cream at night?"

Geet took the car keys.

"Are you coming?" she asked again.

"No!!" his answer was direct, "Because sharif aur good looking ladke raat ko ghar se bahar nahi nikalte."

She raised her eye-brows to that.

"Yeah, whatever! Then I will go alone."

The calmness with which she walked outside shocked Maan.

"Aree Geet wait, you're not going anywhere!!!"

He ran behind her.


Geet was driving on a desolated lonely road & Yeah! Maan was seated beside her, grumbling! There was absolutely no one at sight. Everything was consumed in the silence of night.

"What the hell is going on??!!!! Did you get only this time in the whole 24-hr day to eat ice-cream???!!!"

"Oh hello! I did not catch you by your collar & forced you to come with me okay!!!" she snapped, "You only came running behind me!!!" she taunted.

"Excuse me?? I did not come after you!!!I just came to see whether there are ghosts wandering on the roads at night." he lied conveniently.

"Why? Do you want to invite them to your birthday party?!!!!" she sneered sarcastically,
Maan glared at her but she ignored!

Soon they came across an ice-cream parlour. Maan was shocked to find it open. Geet beamed with happiness but that happiness was short-lived as she walked in.

"No!!! I hate vanilla!!!! I want chocolate ice-cream, that's it!!!!" she announced stubbornly like a kid as the walked back to their car.

"But they don't have chocolate flavor as of now, why don't you have some other flavor????"

"Maine kahan na nahi!!! Lets go somewhere else!"

"Bilkul nahi!!" he retorted, "We are not going anywhere now but back home, am I clear??!!" he said sternly.

"If you want to go, you go! I am not coming with having my fav ice-cream!!!!"

"Geet!!!!!" he glared at her angrily.

"Don't show big big eyes okay!!!! It's my wish wherever I want to go! What's your problem??!!!" she snorted.

"Fine!!! What will you do incase you are surrounded by goons??!!!"he quizzed her.

Geet got a bit scared hearing that but she didn't let it appear on her face.

"I...I will protect myself by doing tai-chai!" she spoke confidently.

"Oh really?" he raised his eyebrows, "As far as I can recollect, you don't know any martial arts, let alone tai-chai!!"

"You're mistaken!! I have seen you doing tai-chai, so I know little bit!!"

Geet realized what she just said & mentally smacked her head hard! Maan smirked! She glanced sideways.

"So you watch me doing tai-chai chori chori chupke chupke!" he taunted, "In other words, you drool over my shirtless body!"

Geet just wanted to kill the smirk on his face!

"So what?? It's my eyes, I will see whatever I wish to see!!!!!"

And yet AGAIN, she committed a blunder by saying that. She bit her tongue hard.

"Listen Mister! I can take care of myself okay!!! You don't have to take the pain of being my nanny!!! I am going in search of my chocolate ice-cream & don't follow me!!!!!!" she spoke rudely.

Geet tried to walk away. Maan got so angry with her words that he jerked her closer to him by her arm. His heated breaths burned her face & her heart strings ruffled as his dark intense angry eyes pierced through hers...

"Are you done with whatever you wanted to say???!! Now listen to me!!!!!!!" he pulled her more close & she shrieked, "I'm not going to leave you alone even for a half-second. Wherever you are, I will be there too, samjhi tum??!!!!!"

Geet was shocked hearing that, not knowing how to react...! He didn't know why he said that but he felt he couldn't have stopped those words from coming out. They just stared at each other. The cool breeze blew through her hair & her eyes turned dazed looking into his dark orbs...

She felt his palm on her cheeks. Her breaths stopped midway as he brushed away her hair from her face...Her breathing turned shallow at he stared at her with intent looks. His face began inching closer to hers every passing second & her eyes closed in reflex...And soon, his lips were on hers, gliding tentatively & tasting her gloss...She pulled herself more to him & he deepened the kiss by probing his tongue inside her mouth...Her nerves tiltillated & her heart was consumed with desire...

"Knock Knock, is anyone here?" he clicked his fingers in front of her dazed eyes, "Why did your cheek suddenly turn red like a traffic signal?."

That was when she was brought back to reality. Gosh! She couldn't believe she was dreaming all that!

"Huh...! cheek even turns green & orange like a traffic signal...!" she was still flustered.

Maan raised his eye-brows.

"Achcha, forget all that! Now tell me, why do you care for me so much?" she looked at him keenly.

"C-Care??" he glanced sideways, "Get your facts right, I-I don't care for you! You can live alone as you wish!!!!!"

Geet frowned hearing that.

"Fine!! I think I will not miss you at all if you leave me alone!!"

Now he was angry hearing that.

"Fine!! Then stay alone, I am going!! Bye!!"

Maan sat inside the car & slammed the door close! But then he realized that the keys are with Geet! She smirked when he looked at her.

"Give the car keys!!" he demanded getting out of the car.

She shook her head & walked close to him in a seductive manner. Maan was startled when she wrapped her arm around his neck.

"No I won't! because you're coming with me to have ice-cream & don't worry raaste main we will come across many ghosts who are akdoo like you!"

She taunted him & he glared back at her!

So that was it! Maan blessed his stars when they finally found an ice-cream parlour which was not too far & Geet got eat her fav flavor. No wonder, they argued even while yawning all the way back home!

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