Saturday, 20 July 2013

Chapter Nine: Blast From The Past!

“Both of you are fired!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He barked & the nail-biting silence broke that made the two ex-managers before him shiver. Maan glared at them

Rishi, who was Maan’s assistant stood frozen to the ground even though he was not the target of Maan’s wrath.

“Rishi!!!!!!” he called out

“Then in that case Sir, Yes Sir.....!” he spoke petrified.

“Type their resignation letters!!!!”

Hearing that, one of the two fired employees gathered courage to speak.

“S-S-S-Sir, w-we---”

Maan raised his hand signaling him to remain silent.

“Don’t even think of mouthing your ‘last chance’ excuses!!!  my ears will not entertain them!!!! You may leave!!!!!!!!"

The two men exited the cabin with their heads down. Rishi stood there with utter nervousness for Maan to calm down. Then he spoke,

“Then in that case, S-Sir y-you have very intelligently dealt with the mess they had created! I am so lucky to--”

“I don’t think you get salary to deliver praises to me.” snapped Maan, ”Call a meeting of HOD once we reach  Mumbai! ”

Rishi nodded & walked out.

Just then, Maan got a frantic call from the canteen manager of the office.

“Sir!! The canteen is witnessing a disaster!!!!! A girl just barged in from nowhere!!”

Maan was shocked hearing that. He immediately rushed to the canteen & his eyes were stunned seeing the unexpected sight!

The kitchen staff watched helplessly as Geet went on gorging down all types of food available without a proper pause!. Maan knew she was a foodie but this was too much. She was very hyper as various thoughts occupied her mind.

“Babaji, ab main kya karu? It’s a real big problem!!!! Everything is because of Maan!!! From the time he has entered my life, he always has left me in cliff- hanger situation!!! Kyun karte hai woh aisa???. How will I face Daarji now??? She had warned me to stay away from Maan!!”

Geet was terrified & went on munching into everything!

“Geet Stop it!!!” Maan held her by the shoulders & glared at her,” If you continue to eat like this, you will turn into a hot air balloon!!!”

She frowned. Maan clutched her by her wrist & tugged her along to his cabin.

Kabhi soft, kabhi rude killer tera attitude!” he remarked huskily.

She tried to deepen the frown on her face even though her heart was skipping beats. Yeah! Geet had captured Maan between the wall & her. Maan smirked!.

“Did you bring me here all the way from Chandigarh to polish your flirting skills??????”

“Wow! I didn’t know you were so intelligent to guess that!” he taunted.

“Now I am going to ask you something very very very very very serious.” Her voice was kinda threatening,” so take me seriously..I-I mean answer me s-seriously...”

“Go on! My casual ears will hear your serious questions!” he replied calmly.

“What did you say to my family that they allowed you to carry me???”
She asked as if  she was a crime scene investigator!

“I said to them that you would miss me a lot & also would shed tears remembering me, so if they don’t want to start a tissue business, then let me take you with me & they agreed!”

His husky words were taken in by her horrified face…

“You’re lying!!! Y-You might brought me here without their k-knowledge. Say yes!”

“Interesting! If you know then why are you asking?” his voice was direct.

“L-Lekin….. t-they know I am in Delhi!! And they are so cool about it. T-They must have seen you kidnapping m me” she was terrified by that thought.

“Then in that case, they should have stopped me, right?” he asked teasingly.

“Y-Yes. Y-You have a point.....”she said worriedly, “Now what to do?How do I face Daarji?”

She cast her innocent hazels at him. He smirked

“Well, precisely speaking, all these are your problems, not mine! So why don’t you personally deal with them later on! For the time being, let’s talk something else!” he leaned closer exclaimed naughtily.

She frowned & released him.

“You know what, it’s all because of you!!!! You are the one who has put me in this trouble!!!” she whined.

“Main ek hi baat ka credit baar baar nahi leta!” he whispered huskily from behind!

“I don’t talk to kidnappers!” she snorted crossing her hands in front.

Just then the telephone rang. The call was from the receptionist.

“Sir, Ms Simi Singhania has come to meet you. Shall I send her in?”

Maan’s face hardened hearing that.

“I don’t want to meet anyone, is that clear?”

Geet was startled hearing his cold voice.

“B-B-But Sir, she is adamant!”the receptionist dared to speak after him.

Maan saw Geet giving him a questioning look.

“Fine! I am coming there!”

Saying that Maan rang off & left the cabin. Geet sat down with a worried face.

“Babaji, show me a way to deal with the crises Maan  has brought in my life”


As soon as Maan appeared in the waiting room, Simi threw herself on him. She was dressed skimpily with her cleavage being visible. He pushed her away!

“Why the hell have you come here???” he barked.

“MK, I--”

“10 seconds!! You have absolutely 10 seconds to get lost from here & if not! Then the security here, won’t hesitate to do the honors!!!!!! ” his voice was gruff.

“MK, Please listen to me...I-I am really sorry. It will never happen again...I promise! I love you!” she clinged his arm from behind.

He jerked her hand away.

“I don’t think you are so illiterate to not understand English!!! Everything is over between us, do you get that!!!” he said coldly.

Maan had this wrong notion that he loved Simi & that notion was cleared the night when he caught her making out with another guy in her house. But the sight did not affect him the way it was supposed to. Maan never loved Simi on the first place so there was no question of feeling betrayed  but still NOBODY CHEATS  MAAN SINGH KHURANA!!!


“Security!!!!!!!!!!!!” he shouted.

“Fine!! I’m leaving but I will come back because I know even you desire me & you’re concealing that!”

Simi left but not before eyeing Maan lustfully.

“I am gonna have you back MK!!! You are smart, sexy & handsome. Being with you means having money, fame & power & I am not going to let go of these so easily!” she smirked evilly.

Geet who was searching for Maan saw Simi leaving the office premises.

“Isn’t she Simi Singhania, Maan’s Dilliwali Girlfriend?? Hmm...may be both of them had a fight! ”

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  1. god geet thinks maan & simi are in relation.oh boy.anyway loved the update.