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Chapter Eight: Shock In The Air!

Early next morning.....Geet’s very very very deep sleep was broken when the sunlight fell on her closed eyes. The rays were strong as if she was close to the sun itself.....or either she was sleeping just by the window.....The next thought which crept in her still semi-conscious mind was the fact that she felt herself in a half-lying position as if she was sitting on a chair.....!That did not go down well with her as she clearly remembered she had lied on her bed  to sleep & she was not a sleep-walker....Next she heard two female voices  a little ahead of her.... which not at all sounded like her mom’s or sister’s.....

“Sir, veg or non-veg. Mam, veg or non-veg.”

These disturbing aspects registered in her sleepy mind bothering her enough to finally open her eyes & investigate the matter....
Geet’s eyes opened to see Maan smirking at her which at once made her heart skip a beat! Then reluctantly, she shifted her gaze from him & casted her sleepy eyes at her surroundings..... a chill ran down her spine & shock walked into her mind enough for her eyes to open extremely wide kicking sleepiness miles away.....

Stunned, she jumped & sat upright trying hopelessly to digest the place where she was.....Her horrified eyes again met Maan’s mischievous ones. Finding no help from him, she looked at herself.....Staring hard at the seatbelt fastened across her. she still tried to make sense. She then looked through the window....The gleaming sun & the snow-white clouds below her not only graced her but also served as a climax to her goose bumping discovery.....She pinched herself hard which only made her realize that she wasn’t dreaming. Maan was having a gala time viewing her antics & expressions.... & then she did the last thing which any sane person would do in her situation. Geet screamed on top of her voice. 

“Good Morn--” he was interrupted.

“Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed out loud.

Maan pressed his palms against her mouth to stop her but she refused to give in.

“Mam!!! Please!!!! You are disturbing other passengers!!”  The air-hostess exclaimed smiling bitterly.

Still in shock. Geet paid no heed ! Instead, she attacked Maan with her hands, as his palms still covered her mouth.

“What are you doing Geet.....ouch....stop it....I will get hurt....ouch.....your nails....ouch....why don’t you cut them!!!......ouch!!!” she continued to squeak against his palm while showing him with more baby punches, “ don’t want any more of your scratches after what you gave me yesterday!!!!!....ouch”

Maan leaned towards her, finally over powering her. He held both her hands firmly & glared at her. Their faces were very close & her eyes were on the verge of being dazed staring at his stern ones....But sensing it not to be a right time..... she pushed him away!

Maan tidied his ruffled hair & also his tie & vest coat, finally repairing the damages incurred. Geet’s nose turned crimson red as she stared at him with an angry pout!!!

“Where am I????!!!” she demanded.

Maan had regained himself, “You are in Air India flight no AI1234 which had taken off from Chandigarh & will land in Delhi within an hour!”

His calmness angered her even more!

“Why are we here!!!!????”

“Woh kya hai na, you said you enjoyed the walk with me so I thought you would even enjoy an aircraft ride with me! ” he said flashing a smirk.

She was stunned.

“D-Delhi...p-par kyun.....and why am I going to Delhi??????????????????”

“Because I am going to Delhi. Sinple.” His voice was direct & he was looking in front, watching Geet’s expressions through the corner of his eye.

“T-Toh y-you must have taken p-permission f-from my family to bring me a-along in a s-sleeping state ?”

She asked sheepishly not ready to believe that her parents would allow her go with him & his next set of words confirmed that.

“Permission??? What permission?? MSK needs no permission. I picked you up from your room & slipped outside while all were in deep sleep!” he said proudly.

Geet was aghast.

“That means....That one knows that we are here????!!!!!”

“Well…ah! Not exactly!” his smirks increased, “Everyone knows that I am supposed to be in this flight during this time but no one knows that you are here with me!!!!”

“That means…That means…my family is clueless of me going to Delhi with you!!!!!!!!!????”

“Perhaps or perhaps not.”

She was wholly petrified at the thought of facing not only Buaji but also of her parents who would be equally angry.

“But I haven’t eloped with you.....” She mumbled, shocked.

He smirked.

“Land the aircraft right now!!!!!” she glared at him while he still watching her through the corner of his eye.

“The pilot has not yet received any emergency landing ! Yeh flight ab Delhi mein land karegi aur waise bhi I want you to come with me!” his voice was firm though he was smirking.

“But I don’t want to go anywhere with you!!!!! I want to return home!!!”

He turned to look at her with rapt attention.

“Aww Geet, mera dil toh baadal baadal ho gaya yeh sun kar, I am hurt!” his eyes & voice were husky.

Her heart let go of a beat. His eyes were still staring at her & she looked away from him.

“Pata hai, jabse you came into my life, my life has become a bed of shocks!” she rued.

“Tea or coffee?” he asked calmly while directing her attention to the air-hostess who had two mugs in her hand, forcing a smile on her face. She clearly didn’t like Geet sitting next to hot & sexy MSK!

“Kya pharak padta hai, both are bitter!” Geet whinged.

“Use the sugar! Maybe your shock…opps…I mean bitterness lessens with that!” he sneered.

“You kidnapped me!” she accused him.

“Yeah right! Didn’t you know kidnapping you is my side business & I’m loving it!!” he exclaimed sarcastically.

She closed her eyes to calm herself down.

“Ab kuch nahi ho sakta Geet, you go back now or later, World War III is bound to happen. It’s better you select proper safety measures…I mean…excuses to minimize the effect!”

“Why did you do this Maan? Kyun?” she whined.

He closed her eyes & replied calmly.

“I had told you yesterday that you are coming with me to Delhi, it’s your mistake that you didn’t listen & didn’t answer!!”

She looked at him, puzzled. Yeah! He did say something but she did not hear…, she recollected.

“And I have a habit of taking a yes for granted if people don’t reply back to me!!So that’s why you are here, I expect things to clear to you now!!” he ended.

His manner made her speechless. There was nothing left to debate on that matter. He spoke again

“I mean each & every word I speak Geet!” he smirked at his victory.

She did not like being silenced. “Par how can you just---”

“Shsssssssshhh!” Maan quieted her, “One more thing! I suppose you did answer me! Woh kya hai na I took your bite on my neck for a yes!” he smiled quirkily.

Geet shrunk back in her seat clenching her fists tight to monitor her raising heart beats along with controlling the redness of her cheeks…

Geet then wore her contact lenses which was also brought along by Maan. That made her nightmare all the more clear! The announcement of the aircraft landing shortly in Delhi was made soon after….

Delhi Airport---

“Wow!!! Maan choice is super-perfect!!!”

She gushed as she saw herself in the mirror of the airport’s washroom. She just loved the gorgeous dress which Maan had bought for her from the airport’s boutique. She twirled around seeing herself merrily in the mirror but then she stopped abruptly.

“Great!!! Fantastic!!! Here my family would be worried about me & incase if they know that I am with Maan here, then I don’t even know how would I face them!!! It’s everything because of him & the best part mujhe Maan par gussa hi nahi aa raha inspite of the calamity he has brought to me!!!! Why am I here on the first place?? Mana ki life is unpredictable but not so much unpredictable that you don’t even know in which city your eyes will open the next day!!!!It’s my life & I only don’t know what will happen with me the next second & it’s all because of a soul named Maan Singh Khurana!!!!!!!!!! ”

She put a hold to her cribbing & resolved calmly.

“I am angry with Maan & I am not going anywhere with him!! That’s it!!!!”

But the resolution took a detour once Geet exited the washroom & saw Maan leaning against a wall having a smirk fevicoled over his face!

She went blank staring at him while her heart beats began racing with each other…

Maan was staring at her with rapt attention.

“Geet, meri zindagi ko tumhari aadat ho gayi hai….good habit…& as they say one should never let go of good habits!”

He signaled his bodyguards to leave. Then straightening himself, he walked towards her roguishly. Geet sensed the dire urgency to look away from him, trying her best to retain normalcy in her beats!

He held the phone in front of her & said

“Inform your family because I am not letting you go very soon!!”

She looked at him, shocked.

“Hold the phone.” He implied.

She took it . The number had already been dialed. She held the phone near her ear while her mind worked hard to formulate some world-class dialogues.

“Hello?” the voice came from the other end.

“Hello Rajji?”

“Di!!!!! You reached Delhi so fast???”

Now Geet did not except that coming. She looked at Maan. He was smirking.

“Ye-es…p-p-par how come you know??”

“Aree, Mamma- Papa aur Daarji ko bhi pata hai that you are in Delhi!” exclaimed Rajji, surprised.

“K-K-K-K-K-Kaise???????” her hands shivered.

“What do you mean by kaise, we know why you went & with whom you are & why you left slyly!” she giggled, “ Do you want to speak to Mamma, wait I will call her! ”

“No! No ! No! Rajji listen!” she stopped her, “You tell everyone that I am fine…”

She doubted whether the statement held relevance or not as her parents would be angry with her rather than worried.

“Thik hai Di, we will talk once you return!”

Rajji rang off.

“Sabko pata hai I am with Maan! Babaji, yeh kaisi mushkil mein daal diya aapne! Ab mein kya karu? Mere kya hoga??”

Maan held an airplane ticket in front of her.

“You return ticket to Chandigarh today evening!”

She glanced at the boards which conveyed either delay or cancellation of all the morning flights back to her hometown. She had no other choice but to accept the ticket from him.

“And now you are coming with me!” 

“Nahi! I am not coming with you!” she rued.

A sly smile crept from the edges of his lips.

“I think you believe that I have kidnapped you! So as per kidnapping rules, you are supposed to abide by whatever I say! ”

They were on their way to Maan’s office. Geet looked through the tinted glass of his car. It was not that the roads of Delhi were unfamiliar to him given the fact that she has spent two years of her college life here being in hostel..

“Iska matlab Maan stays in Delhi & he was to leave today!”

There were three more cars following them with Maan’s officers & bodyguards in them….So they reached their destination….

It was an experience worth to be felt & a sight to beheld as Geet walked into Khurana Constructions, one of the largest MNC in the world. She felt & saw uniqueness in everything, be it the polished marble floor, the way the interiors were designed evincing hard-core  professionalism, the employees who sent vibes of possessing both dedication & intelligence in their outlook. Inspite of being high-profiled, she felt that KC still managed to strike a friendly chord with all it’s clients & visitors alike & here walking with her, the MD himself  MSK who was holding her hand & escorting her inside making her feel like a most sought-after VIP & all her worries were shown the exit door…

But one thing that Geet did not like much,

“The staff mostly comprises of females....young girls to be precise.....”

“Maan …woh…there is gender disparity in your company…” she did not look at him.


“Woh… females are more than males…”

 “KC recruits the best ones who are not less than perfect in their department of skills & merit and  as you know women are one step ahead of men in every field toh isliye…  ” he winked.

Geet, as usual could not debate on that…

“Where is the office canteen????” SHE ASKED

Maan told her the route & then added.
““Geet, I have little bit of work. I will finish up those and--”

“Take your sweetest time! No Problem!!”

She headed to the canteen while Maan walked to his cabin where two nervous employees were waiting for their fate to be decided by him.....

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