Sunday, 25 August 2013

Chapter 19: Naughty Morning!

The next morning Geet was the first one to wake up & find herself wrapped in Maan’s arms. She spent some minutes to dreamily gaze at his sleeping form. She wandered at the fact that how her life was reduced to ashes with the thought of losing him forever & then how she was brought back to life by him for a new & beautiful beginning with him. Geet kissed his forehead.

Her cheeks grew redder every passing second as she remembered their first night together.

“Geet! Stop blushing okay!” she told herself, “Maan shouldn’t see you this way!”

She slowly wriggled out from his arms cautious enough to not wake him up. Her eyes fell on his white shirt which was on the floor right next to the bed. She unwrapped the bedsheet that was around her & wore his shirt.

Getting off the bed, Geet walked to the windows & sided the curtains to let the sun rays peep in. She too was glowing today...glowing out of Maan’s love. Geet had that added glaze on her face that morning.

Just then, she felt his hands snaking around her waist from behind. She moaned softly as he kissed the back of her ear. Her heart beats notched up as he dipped his head & placed warm kisses on her shoulders. She squirmed & arched sideways as his lips accessed her neck.

Maan then abruptly turned her around to face. Their eyes locked & he caressed her cheek with his thumb. Their bodies fused as they hugged each other way too tightly. He stroked her hair & she deepened the hug even more...

“I couldn’t sleep properly because of you!!” he taunted while feeling her.

Geet frowned.

“Oh hello! It’s you who couldn’t control yourself last night!!”

She broke the hug & turned away. But Maan jerked her closer & pinned her to the wall. They way he looked at her made her heart strings rattle! She looked damn sexy wearing only his shirt & nothing else and that was enough to stir him completely!

He nuzzled his nose in her hair & bit her earlobe sensually. Her bosoms heaved up & down against his torso as he brushed his lips past hers &   began kissing her forehead, her temple, her eyes, her cheeks. She clutched his shoulders even tighter when he caressed her nose with his in an arousing manner.

“Geet...why don’t we take shower together?!” his lips touched hers as he said that.

“Hwww! Ji No!!!”

He was startled when she pushed him away. Maan glared at her when she gave a teasing smile to him and seductively picked her towel & headed to the bathroom.

“Geet! Listen to me--”

But she stepped in the bathroom & closed the door on his face which made him frown. He clenched his fists when he heard the shower turning on. He could clearly visualize a wet & naked Geet & on top of that, she let out seductive moans purposely to tease him which added salt to his wounds. He sat on the bed in frustration at the fact he wasn’t under the shower in her.

Just then he heard the bathroom knob click open. He eyes turned in anticipation as he saw her bare feet. And the next moment, she emerged out with only the pink towel that covered her assets. Geet sexily leaned against the tiles. Her eyes were naughtily teasing him.

He at once stood up. His heart beats were ruthless as he saw her fully wet. Water trickled down her angelic face & also her wet tresses making way down her neck to her chest & seeped within the towel through her cleavage....He felt his manhood throb in his shorts.   

Maan jerked her closer by her waist. Her one hand went around his nape. Maan held her face & plastered his lips on hers. They caressed & sucked every bit each other’s lips in the most soulful & at the same time in the most erotic manner. She gasped when he bit her lips & plunged his moist hot tongue inside her luscious mouth. Her moans were unstoppable when his tongue circled her & stroked it in such an intoxicating manner that knocked her senses out & left her craving for more....His fingers dug in his hair as he explored her mouth with pleasure sucking her drugging nectar making her salivate uncontrollably. Their bodies sealed tighter when he nibbled her swollen pink soft lips in mindless passion making her gasp & moan. And he was drowned more in her as he felt her sweet tongue flickering on his lips. Their fingers intertwined when she slid her tongue in his throbbing warm mouth making him lose himself & groan with pleasure even more. They were feeling a burning molten fire surging through their of insane love....

Sensing both of them were beyond breathlessness, Maan left her lips & trailed kisses across her jawline. Sliding down, he placed open-mouthed kisses on her throat & tentatively moved his moist tongue on her collar bones & chest. The aroma of the soap & shampoo mingled with hers were doing wonders on him...

He swiftly turned her to access her back. She plastered herself to the wall for support. He sided her wet tresses & kissed her moist nape. She moaned & breathed heavily as his lips moved over her exposed upper back.  He again turned her to face him.

They hugged again. She found herself lost in the depth of his cozy arms & to him she was more than life to him....They parted. Her palms began sliding down his broad shoulders to feel his titillating biceps as he slowly began to opening the knots of her towel....

The doorbell rang but they were so much lost into each other that they didn’t hear it! Finally when the bell rang for the third them, then their passionate trance broke! Geet panicked.

“Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! What if Mrs D’costa has come!!!  What will she say...or rather ask??”

“Uh....We will tell we were playing golf in the kitchen!” he said bluntly.

Geet raised her brows

“Oh hello! Golf is not played in the kitchen!”

“We will discuss that later! Now there is no time!”

Maan quickly wore a shirt & went out of the room. Geet too quickly got into a jeans & top.

Maan opened the door to see a frowning face....

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