Friday, 9 August 2013

Chapter Thirteen: Arriving In Style!


Khurana Mansion

Anwesha Khurana was sophistically sipping her morning coffee which Nakul, one of the servants, had trollied in her room.

"Great that I will not have to see that Geet again!! Bro ke liye she was just a time-pass, poor girl thought that MSK liked her!" she chuckled.

With that her thoughts ended & so did her coffee.

"Now time to bring Simi into Maan Bro's life & I have prepared a perfect set-up for that!!" she exclaimed proudly, "Simi will board the same flight as Bro from Delhi. So when both are in the same air craft, Bro cannot avoid her & they will land in Mumbai as a couple!!"

Anwesha was excited. She stood in front of the mirror & frowned at her self.

"Nah! I think I need a facial! Today is the first day of the college & I have to look good!"

Delhi Airport

Simi had reached the airport on time. She was in the washroom darkening her make-up.

"You are sexy & beautiful Simi!" she complimented herself in pride. And then an evil smirk crept her face,

"You won't be able to resist me this time MSK! I am gonna have you all for myself!!!"


On the hand, even Geet had reached the airport. She had already collected her passing certificate from her Delhi college. Now, she was patiently waiting for the boarding call for the flight to Mumbai, peering at her watch every now.

"Why is the flight late???" she wondered

The flight to Mumbai has been delayed as it's very important passenger is yet to arrive.'

That announcement made Geet raise her eyebrows to an infinite extent! Did her ears retire by any chance???? How can the flight be kept on hold just for one damn person???? She thought it to be utterly ridiculous! Geet was infuriated!

"What nonsense!!!!!!Babaji, just when I though that my life is back to normalcy with Maan’s exit, tabhi aisa kuch hona tha!!!!!!I don't want to be late on the first day of the college! Who the hell is this maha VIP???"

Seconds turned into minutes but still the 'VIP' did not turn up & Geet grew very much tensed & her anger rose equally...but the rest of the passengers, especially females didn't in the least mind the delay...

On the other hand, Maan reached the airport with his bodyguards on tow. His fingers were passionately fondling with Geet's ear-ring in his pocket...He got a call from Anwesha.

"Bro, aapko mera surprise kaisa laga?"

"I am sure Bro must have met Simi by this time!!!" she thought confidently.

But that was not the case...Maan was startled hearing that, "Surprise???Kaisa surprise???"

Maan proceeded towards the boarding gate, wholly surrounded by his bodyguards...

And as expected, the air at once was filled with excited feminine shrill voices & shrieks as Maan walked in there...The guards dealt very well with the female hysteria, making absolutely sure that Maan was in complete ease! Girls were swooning to get just one glimpse of him but they were hardly successful...

Admist the chaos, Maan halted abruptly as his eyes stuck to one particular girl who was standing miles away, not being a part of the crowd around him...

"Geet????" he was surprised, "Par I had expected to see her in Mumbai..."

His eyes stared at Geet while the rest of the world faded in oblivion for him...Her  hazels didn't see him & she had that cute angry pout….The two strands dangling on either side of her angelic face made his heart to slyly release a beat on her name...Maan was thoroughly mesmerized so much so that even his existence was questioned as his heart & mind joined hands to go on a strike when he needed them the most...Even his senses failed to account for their presence leaving him in a passionate trance...

His reverie was broken when he realized that Anwesha was still on call

"Bro!!! Don't tell me you haven't met her still!"

" Love you Anwesha for such a beautiful surprise!"

Anwesha heard his deep voice & happily assumed it to be because of La….Maan rang off, his eyes not leaving Geet even for a second!

On the other hand, Geet's patience was on the verge of crossing limits!

"Who the hell is this VIP that girls are trying to throw themselves on him!!!!!!!!!Aur kitna time waste hoga!!!!!!"

Just then she got a call from Mohinder & his words made Geet's face change entirely...

"Geet beta, we had forgotten to tell you the Khuranas are your local guardian in Mumbai, Maan's dadi to be exact!"

THAT was it...The world stopped dead for her just by hearing Maan's name... Geet was numb with shock hearing that & her phone was almost on the verge of slipping from her hand... And the very next moment, she soon discovered who the fatally handsome VIP was...Geet's already paralyzed heart let go of a trillion beats as her stunned eyes met his smirking ones...

"Babaji, but...but how...this...this c-can't happen...!"

That's what popped in her scandalized mind as her misunderstanding of Maan living in Delhi finally got cleared...He menacingly stared at her...Her legs were rooted to the ground as he walked upto her...

"Hai Babaji, why do I have this feeling that he is upto something...AGAIN!!" she rued internally

"D-Dekhiye, I have lots & lots & lots of issues with you!! So it's better we maintain distance from each other!!!!"

Geet spoke as stiffly as she could!

"Aww...why don't we solve your issues over a cup of coffee???" his voice was extremely husky & she found it tough to handle it.

"You purposely delayed the flight so as to make me late!!!" she accused him.

"Miss Geet Handa! If I had known you are to board this flight, then I would have delayed it even more!!!! " he said smirking.

Her angry hazels clashed with his mischievous ones...!

And as for Simi, the guards made damn sure to keep her away from Maan & also see to it that she doesn't gets to board the air-craft! After-all the bodyguards didn't want to face Maan's wrath like before!

Simi was left utterly fuming at all this, although she was unaware of Geet's presence!

And when Anwesha came to know that her plan didn't work, she didn't know how to react!

"How is that possible??? I really thought Bro was happy to see Simi...but if Simi is not with him, does that mean that Bro is with some other girl?? But who??"

That's what she could wonder as of now!

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