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Chapter Sixteen: Winds Of Change

It was around 3 a.m when Maan's eyes suddenly snapped open from his sleep. On his way to the balcony to have fresh air, he passed by Geet's room. Gosh! She had fallen asleep on the study desk itself over her book! As, her exams were round the corner, she has been putting her best efforts.

The pale blue moonlight entered her dark room & Maan just kept staring at her. Man! She looked really cute & extremely angelic in her sleep & that he had admitted the trillionth time! His hands had an extreme urge to scoop her in his arms & lay her on the bed...or rather carry her to his room & lay her on his bed and...

He didn't know what suddenly had come on him. He had been getting such kind of thoughts more often now... Casting aside all thosethoughts, he walked upto her.

"Geet! Why---"

He was left startled when she got up with a start!

"Omigod! Omigod! Omigod!! Am I late for my exams?? I must quickly brush my teeth!!! Why didn't you wake me up...will you please make me a cup of tea...put only sugar & not tea leaves..."

Maan grew wide-eyed hearing that! Yeah! She was blabbering in her sleep! She rose from the chair & headed to washroom.

"Geet No--I--"

Maan stopped her when she was just about to put the toothpaste on her brush!

"Chill!! It's still night!!"

He shook her & that's when she came out of her drowsy state! Maan couldn't help but laugh seeing her confused & flustered state! Geet frowned!

"Yeah! I know you have 32 white teeth! So stop laughing!!" she snapped.

Maan did so. She went to the hall & sat on the sofa in a perplexed manner. Maan made coffee for her & himself.

"You looked tensed!" he remarked offering her a cup.

"Actually...I know I have prepared myself very well for exams, but still I am not confident, don't know why! This happens before every exam that I appeared in my life!" she sighed.

He took a breath & held her hand in his. She was startled by the gesture but at the same time, her heart missed a beat.

"Geet.." he spoke, "You fight with me so confidently! If you deal with exams with the same confidence, you will excel, for sure!"

Geet looked at him wide-eyed. What kind of a motivation was that?, she wondered. He smiled quirkily & departed. She reflected. His words really did sooth her. Maan had worked really hard to teach her one of the subjects- Business Law. And how much they had fought during the learning process so much so that she now thoroughly knows all the aspects of Business Law! Geet smiled recollecting all that. She felt relaxed. She looked at her hand which he had held.

"Thank you Maan..." she whispered to herself & smiled...or perhaps blushed...

The next week passed real fast with all the written & practical tests. And much to Geet's awe, everything went on smoothly. Maan was there whenever she needed him. To be precise, both of them mutually decided to atleast try being cordial to each other & accordingly they even tried to behave friendly for one WHOLE day! But sadly! Things didn't work out & they were back in taunting & throwing jibes at each there! Jeez!

Anyways, the exams were finally over. Lorraine & Geet heaved a sigh of relief & were munching chips in the Uni campus.

"You know, Sid & me are getting married in five days!" she exclaimed, excitedly.

"Lorry!! This is the trillionth time you're telling me this!!"

"Okay Okay, so listen! Sid & I are going for a late night horror movie date today & I want Maan and you to accompany us! It will be fun!!!"

"Horror movie????" Geet's eyes sparkled in delight," That's awesome plan!...But I doubt Maan will come...specially after what happened last time!" she sighed.

"Oh Come Geet! Ask him & convince him! It will be a great film, full of spooky horror!"


"How was your exam???"

Maan saw Geet sitting with an innocent face as he entered his cabin after having a press conference.

"Woh actually..." Geet spoke unsurely, "Uh...will you do me a favor??" she didn't know how else to frame the question.

"Favor???" he narrowed his brows, "Don't tell me you were caught cheating in the exam & the principal has called me!!! Geet, how many times have I told you that you're not a four year old kid, so stop your kiddishness & behave like an adult!!!"

His voice was kinda mocking. Geet frowned hard.
"Listen Mister!!!! Stop being Baba Maan Singh Khurana & giving your so-called pravachans!!!!"

"Excuse me??!!!!"

Maan glared at her. Geet thought to calm herself down.

"Fine, I will come straight to the point...Please come with me for a horror movie, I wanted to see it since long...Please Please Please!!!!!"she literally pleaded.

Maan was shocked to the roots!

"NEVER!!!!" his voice was terrorized, "The last time I accompanied you, you were so damn scared after the movie that you thought I was possessed by an evil spirit & I will never forget the drama you did after that!!! I don't want to go through all that all over again!!!!"
He said that in one go that he was breathing heavily! That was the craziest & weirdest night of his life!!Yeah! Even though Geet loved to watch horror films, Maan had to bear the consequences in the end!

Geet bits her lips. He was right! She really did make things difficult for him!




"I said NO!!!"

"Maan! I won't trouble you this time, pakka promise!!!" she said with a puppy face.

Maan raised his eyebrows.

"Oh! So you FINALLY agree that you are the only one who creates trouble!!!!" he smirked!

She wanted to back answer but controlled herself! And yes, Maan agreed for the horror film!

So as decided Sid-Lorraine & Maan-Geet first went for dinner that night. The restaurant was mainly for couples & so was dimly lit. The atmosphere was romantic & soft English music played in background.

And as expected, Sid & Lorraine were cozying up & so lost in each other that they didn't even realize that Maan & Geet were sitting with them! Instead of feeling awkward, Maan & Geet felt irritated!

"I guess we don't have to have dessert today, this PDA is more than enough!" Maan whispered.

"I swear! How can people be lovey-dovey to such an extent!!!" Geet whispered back.

"If both of you are done with your dinner & romance, can we proceed to the cinema hall, the film is about to begin!"

Maan spoke out loud enough for Sid-Lorry to hear!

"Both of you are so unromantic!!" Sid-Lorry complained.

"Our Pleasure!" Maan-Geet answered sarcastically!


The film was about to begin. All four of them were seated in their seats. Maan saw Geet was very excited. He just wished the film not be to so scary! The opening credits of the movie was being rolled & the film began...BUT much to Maan's dismay, the film turned out to be extremely paranormal so much to give the audience goosebumps!

So when the film ended, Geet was completely white in the face & even her hands & legs were shivering. She was so terrified that she wasn't able to even to speak properly. Lorry & Sid were in better state than her.

"You okay??" Lorry enquired.

"Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah...I am...I am...p-p-perfectly...fine..." Geet managed to answer in a shaky voice.

Maan sighed.

"Don't worry Geet! Even if ghosts are there in real, most probably they won't haunt you!" assured Siddharth.

Geet gulped her saliva in fear hearing that.

"Wow Sid! Thanks a lot for scaring her more!" exclaimed Maan sarcastically, "Pata nahi, what drama Geet will create tonight, it's better we reach home fast!" he mumbled to himself.

All said & done, both the couples waved each other 'Bye's' & 'Good Night's' & headed to their respective homes.

Maan was driving the car & Geet sat next to him praying to God that they don't come across ghosts & zombies on the way! That obviously irritated Maan a lot!

 "D-Don't you get bored of driving car always, y-you should fly a helicopter for a change!" she said that in an attempt to divert her mind which was hallucinating zombies on the road!.

"Yeah sure, tomorrow I will join Air Force, Happy?" his voice was sarcastic.
Geet frowned.

"Ek toh I am so scared over here & you're least bothered about me!!!!"

"What the hell!! The movie was not scary at all!!"

"Yeah! That's because you were sleeping Mister!!"

"So what? It was hell boring!!"

"Oh hello! You require brains & bones to understand & feel horror which you don't!!" she sneered.

He took offense & got angry!

"Excuse me?? I--"

He wasn't able to complete as the car suddenly broke down!

"Damn it!! Now what's wrong with the car!!!"

Maan got out to check it. Even Geet came out as she was scared to alone in the car! But just when Maan was about to open the car bonnet, there was a strong lightening & the next second, it began raining heavily!

Both Maan & Geet were shocked at the sudden turn of events! They tried to get in the car but the door was jammed! Geet was even more terrified.

"Omigod! Omigod! Omigod! W-W-Whatever happened in the movie is happening with us!! N-Now we will be surrounded by z-z-zombies next!!!!!!"

Maan rolled his eyes.

"What rubbish!!!!"

It was then that he saw that Geet was completely wet...She looked even more sexy in that silver frock...The water dripping from her hair to shoulders was enough to arouse him...He stood there gaping at her as his mind went in oblivion...Geet grew conscious as he had never looked at her like that before...Realizing that, he at once looked away! His eyes fell on a cottage at the opposite side of the road!

"Lets go there!"

Upon arriving at the cottage, they found it to be dark & the door was partly broken. Maan knew Geet was very terrified. She clutched his arm tightly as they walked inside. His heart beat turned untamed as she clinged to him in fear! To be precise, the cottage did give a spooky feeling...!

"Ma-an, I-I-I don't wanted to be k-k-killed b-by ghosts...!" her voice was choked.

"Geet Please! Stop it! Ghosts are just imagination, not real!!!"

That hardly had any effect on her! Her legs were shivering & she refused to leave Maan's arm. There was a lot of dry grass & Maan somehow managed to light a little fire.

"Geet, since it's raining heavily & there is no mechanic available at this time, we have to stay here till dawn!!"

Geet was shocked.

"What!!! No!!! I-I-I-I don't want to meet the zombies!!!"

"Calm down!! Nothing will happen!Buhot raat ho chuki hai, you should rest."

Just then a strong wind blew & there was a scary creaking sound of the broken door. Petrified, Geet hugged Maan as reflex...! And that was the moment, he felt he just couldn't control himself anymore... He couldn't fathom what was happening...The feelings in his heart which he was very well able to ignore till now suddenly seemed to overpower him...He felt her entire wet body against him as she hugged him tightly...Everything felt so different between them to him...He somehow controlled himself. He held her shoulders & parted her from him... Geet was so much scared that she didn't realize what she just did...

The fire suddenly burnt out & it was dark again...! By the time Maan could lit it again, Geet stumbled on a rock & was about to fall.


He rushed forward for her but they both fell on the heap of dry grass with him on her...Their eyes locked & both were drowned in each other...The rain was falling outside... He wasn't able to take his eyes off her...Her hands slowly moved to touch his face...He was losing himself even more with the feel of her soft fingers...But soon, he realized & got off her...She was lying on the grass.

"Maan please...!"

She held his wrist & he turned to her. His mind went blank when she intertwined her fingers with his...!

"Maan...I feel safe when I hold your hand...don't know why..."

She couldn't fathom why she said that. It was as if she had no control on her own words...And even he hardly knew what was happening...He leaned over her...& then lay next to her...while their fingers remained intertwined throughout the remaining night...

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