Friday, 16 August 2013

Chapter Twenty: Reconciliation.

Maan was on his way back home. His mind was full of Geet's thoughts & he passionately drove the car in full speed.

"I will fix everything between us Geet...I will make you mine forever because my life needs you...& I know ki tum bhi kahin na kahin mujhse pyaar zaroor karti ho...Our relationship cannot hit a rough patch just because of few papers...Everything will become as it was before along with our love which we didn't realize earlier but it was always there Geet...It was always there...I know you will never sign the divorce papers!!!!"

His eyes flamed in love & passion. He entered the house to find it full dark & was unsure whether Geet was there or not. But it was night time! Where could she have gone?, he wondered.

"May be she is angry with me for not telling her about my business deal in New Zealand."

He put on the lights & the fan. The divorce papers which were kept on the table fell on the ground. Maan picked it up & he was aghast when he saw Geet's signatures on it...His eyes turned violent & his entire body hardened...He had never expected to see that...his broken heart was burning in flames...He looked like a bruised & aggressive lion...  
"Geet signed the papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Just then Geet came there. Maan saw her pale & expressionless face. For a second, the words had stopped dead as they came face-to face with each other after two whole days...He was seething in anger as she looked adjacent to the blank wall...unable to take it anymore, he finally lashed out,

"How can you do this Geet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How can you so easily sign them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you even know what these papers mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He roared in pain. The depth of his aggressive voice made her shiver...

"I very well know what these papers mean..." her voice was choked,"Why are you reacting so much...even you wanted this to you had sent for the divorce papers..."

Maan was infuriated even more hearing that...He advanced towards her in volcanic anger...She shrieked when he roughly clutched her arm & pinned her to the wall...She felt his entire body against his...His heated breaths lashed on her face make her shiver & impossible to breathe...She had never seen violence in him ever before...

"Ma-an you are--"

"How dare you Geet!!!!!!!!!! How dare you even think that I wanted to divorce you!!!!!!!!!!!I did not send for the papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She shrieked. She winced as he clutched her hand very tightly. Her eyes were clouded with tears.

"Why are you lying...I-I have signed the papers for your happiness..."

"For my happiness??!!!Really?!!!How am I supposed to be happy!!!!!!!!!!!"

" Y-You can now be free from this marriage as you never wanted to marry me because...because there was always someone else in your life..."

She closed her eyes tight as her heart cried...Maan was shocked hearing that...

"Do you know what you are saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How did you think that there is some other girl in my life & not you!!!!!!!!!I am suffocated when you are not with me!!!!!!You are my happiness!!!!I never thought that you could hurt me so much Geet!!!!!!"

"Why are you saying all this..."

"Because I LOVE YOU GEET!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She snapped open her eyes to meet his...His words kept drumming in her ears...She grew still with shock, not able to fathom what she heard was real or no...There was silence...They could hear each other's rigorous breaths...She saw the utmost pain in his orbs...His eyes spoke volumes about his love for her, his desperation for her...Geet was numb & speechless...Her heart beats were terrific...She felt his grip loosening & he distanced himself from her...

"But you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!you can never understand this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You don't care about my feelings or me either!!!!!!! You can never realize what you mean to me!!!!! And that's why you could sign the papers without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Geet, your ego won over my ego...!!!!!!"

Geet was taken aback hearing his angry outburst...
"Maan...Maan please stop..." she pleaded.

But he didn't listen. Heart- broken, Maan walked out of the house slamming the door behind him...

Geet broke down. She was overcome by grief & cried profusely...


"Maan, that's your 6th glass!! Stop it now else I will complain!!"Sharanya warned him.

But Maan didn't hear. He went on gulping down alcohol hoping that it will dilute his pain but nothing of that sort happened. He was too hurt to even get intoxicated! His fingers were almost crushing the glass. He was angry & frustrated as his mind was filled with Geet's images.

"Geet thinks I have cheated on her...She gave me divorce...!!!!"

And he gulped down another glass

"Chill!! You didn't sign the papers na, toh divorce nahi hua!!!"Sharanya went & sat next to him snatching the glass from his hand,"Listen!! Instead of being Devdas Part 2, why don't both of you just clear all your misunderstandings yaar!! If both of you don't sit & talk to each other in peace, how will thing be proper?"

"You should have been a psychologist instead of an actress!!!!" he remarked.

"Will you keep quiet & listen to what I am saying first?!!"

Seeing Maan all the more disturbed, Sharanya took a deep breath,

"See it's simple! There is no point in complicating things further! And did you realize your love for her ages back?, no right? Even you have accepted your feelings recently & that might be the case with her as well! So go to her & work out things instead of being angry!!"

Maan didn't heed her. Sharanya frowned

"Your business won't start making losses if you listen to me once!!!!!"

"I think you're right! I can't afford to lose her at any cost!" Maan stood up & left.

"It's I who sent the divorce papers, now wait & watch what happens...!"

Sharanya smirked...Just then she got a call.

"Yes Pop, Mission Successful!"


Geet was filled with guilt as she saw the divorce papers,

"Maan loves me a lot...& I have hurt him very much...I over-reacted seeing him hug Sharanya...It was a friendly hug from his side atleast...And now he is in pain because of me..." she wiped her tears,"par ab aur nahi, Maan sirf aur  mere hai...he has to come back to me because no one can separate us!!!!!"

She then took the lighter & burnt the divorce papers...She felt relief seeing it melt in flames...

Geet tried to call up Maan but his phone was coming switched off! Her eyes again grew moist

"Please come back Maan...please..."
Her heart felt restless remembering his words...She just couldn't take in his aloofness, his distance...She grew desperate to have him back...

And right at that moment, the door clicked open & in came Maan...He was startled when she ran towards him & hugged him tightly...She clutched his shirt tightly feeling him in every part of her being...His shirt got wet soaking in her tears of relief...

"Geet I am sorry..."

She parted & placed her lips on his, kissing him fervently...her hand went around his nape & she deepened the kiss by pulling herself more to him..His heart turned ruthless feeling her soft lips against his...He was so lost in her that he didn't know what was going on...

She parted her lips from him & hugged him again.

"I LOVE YOU MAAN!!!!" she wept, "Promise me that you will never be angry with me & go away...It's difficult to even imagine life without you so much... " 

Her hands moved on his back arousing him...They parted & their eyes locked...He yanked her to him slamming his lips on hers...They kissed each other hungrily & passionately...all the misunderstandings got cleared in a jiffy...It was all about love & passion now...His tongue probed deep inside her mouth discovering her sweetness...He had caused havoc in her senses with his wildness so much so that she began salivating….The kiss had turned so erotic by the end that they fell on the sofa with her sitting on his laps...

He left her lips & began trailing kisses on her jaw & then down her throat...He bit her neck & placed wet kisses on her shoulders...She ran his fingers thought his hair...

"Geet, I want to make you mine in every way...!"

He looked at her with earnest eyes. She knew what he meant...Her heart fluttered...but she wanted that to happen too... His dense deep voice & his darkness of his orbs made her blush a bit & she got off him & tried to shy away.

But Maan caught her hand from behind. She felt her back against his torso. She felt his seductively touching her ears...

"So you do know to blush?"

Maan crooned huskily & bit her ears...She squirmed as he ripped off her pallu...

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