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Chapter Sixteen: New Place, Familiar Face(s) 

Khurana Constructions

Maan was working on some files in his cabin when Rishi knocked. Maan told him to come in.

"Then in that case, S-Sir you are invited to a party hosted by our client Mr Oberoi!!!!"

He handed over the invitation card to Maan. Maan saw that Rishi was excited!

"Party main mujhe bulaya hai, but tumhare mann main kyun laddoo phoot rahein hain?" Maan asked him sharply

Rishi was utterly baffled hearing that!

"Then in that case, S-S-S-S---"

"By chance if you have a girlfriend & incase you are harboring marriage plans then I am generous enough to give you a half day leave. "  Maan chuckled.

Rishi was rendered speechless. He was so jittery that he had to use all his fading strength to scurry out of the cabin! Maan was indeed a devilish boss!


Geet was welcomed warmly in Khurana Mansion by Dadima & Vikrant, Maan's dad.

"Feel at home Geet!" Dadima told her.

And undoubtedly Annie snided the idea of Geet staying in the Mansion.

"Yeah! Now toh Ms Chandigarh Airlines will be landing here often!!!!!!!" she snorted.

Apart from her, there was one more soul in the Khurana family who didn't quite like Geet's arrival & was judgmental about her. She was Kamini aunty!

"Who is this girl?!!" whispered Kamini.

"A despo who dreams MSK will fall for her." Annie whispered back looking at Geet in a scum manner!

When Geet smiled looking at Kamini, she plainly refused to acknowledge her. That startled Geet! Yeah! Kamini wanted to be fashionable like Simi, so she blindly trusted Simi & wanted her to be in a relationship with Maan! Sheesh!

Dadima escorted Geet to the room where she would stay.

 Geet cast her awestruck hazels around her room... She felt every inch of a princess as her eyes acquainted her with the royalness of the room. Not only the room but the entire Khurana Mansion was not less than a dream! A line of gleaming stylish cars parked themselves outside. Spiral staircases led to the upper floors inside the Mansion. The butlers in their tuxedo suites possessed efficiency. English windows & Greek furniture formed the perfect interiors of the Mansion along with the golden marble flooring which proudly reflected the ostentatious & elegant chandelier above in the hall. The kitchen too boasted of modern sophisticated appliances where chefs carried on with their expertise!

Geet stepped out of her room to notice that the corridors of the Mansion were flanked by long white curtains which swayed to & fro whenever the air nosed in. The intricate flower vases placed in every corner only added to the richness & beauty of the Mansion!

She walked back to her room, enchanted. Her reverie was broken when she turned around to face Annie...

"You know what Geet!! Do yourself a favour!!! Why don't you marry Maan Bro & come here permanently then you wouldn't have to run behind him always, right??!!!!"

Her unfriendly voice evinced sarcasm...Geet was taken aback hearing such a remark!

"Thanks for the suggestion but I neither like you nor your brother! So trash the thought!" she shot back!

"I don't understand why you took up fashion designing as I am pretty sure you don't even know what fashion is. Look at yourself in the mirror!"

Geet was hurt & even angry hearing those insulting words. But still she controlled herself!

"Actually, I don't wish to be make-up ki supermarket like you!" Geet replied calmly.

Annie ruefully staged a walk-out!

Geet fell on the bed in a relaxing manner. Her head was aching a bit. The day was indeed hectic! Her eyes fell on Maan's photo frame kept on the desk.

"Why hasn't he returned from office yet?Uh...Wait a minute, why am I thinking about him?!"


Maan was in the car heading to the Mansion. His mind was pre-occupied with Geet's thoughts & he caressed her ear-ring passionaltely...His mind was too engrossed in her to even think what was happening to him...

"I want to see her right now!!!!!!!!"

Maan walked in the Mansion battling his urges to meet Geet. The Khuranas were in the hall itself and then...AND THEN...when Maan looked up randomly, he saw Geet descending down the staircase.

"Geet here???"

He was shocked as well as surprised. He stared at her extensively making sure she was there in reality...And when that was confirmed, his somewhat dazed eyes turned notorious...

Geet didn't expect that he would appear in front of her just out of the blue! Her eyes intensely locked with his... Geet felt weak in her knees & clutched the staircase railings with all her might, fearing every chances of tumbling off the stairs...!  She heard her heart beating very fast!

Their almost-a-minute-eyelock was halted when Dadima spoke to Maan.

"Bete ,Geet will be staying with us for a few days!"

Even though he pretended to all that he is least bothered, his eyes had already conveyed the reality to Geet...She turned her eyes away from him...He smirked inwardly...

"Interesting! Very Very Interesting...!"

Kamini got a slight hint that perhaps there was something cooking between Maan & Geet! She spoke to Simi about it!

"Ah! Chillax ! Do hell with whoever this Geet is! It's only I in the whole world who can make MSK go weak in his knees! Any other girl like Geet can only dream & nothing else!"

Simi was very proud...


After dinner, Geet walked back to her room. She was just about to close the door when Maan clutched her hand. He had that mischievous glint in his dark eyes. She looked away.

"Geet! As you have forgotten to put a 'No Entry' board, you must welcome me inside!"

His voice was velvety which made her heart skip a beat!
"No!!!!Don't you know it is bad manners to come in a girl's room late at night??!!" she snapped.

"Aww! You broke my heart!!" he complained, smirking.

"Don't you think your heart "breaks" too many times in a day??!!"

"Ab kya kare Geet, dil toh bachcha hai ji!" he said smirking.

Geet frowned.

"Listen Mr Maan Singh Khurana, I will complain to Dadima if you trouble me!!" she threatened.

Maan took out her ear-ring from his pocket & showed it to her.

"Hey! This is my fav ear-ring! I-I-I was searching for it since when!!!" she exclaimed.

The moment she was about to take it from him, he jerked his hand away! Then she found herself caged between the wall & him...He inched more closer & his warm breaths fell on her face... Geet was dazed & numb as her eyes met his intoxicant ones...Her breaths trembled as she sensed his face & fingers nearing her right earShe clutched her dress tight as she felt his touch on her ear-lob...She began breathing heavily as he slowly inserted the ring in her ear...Her earlobe felt heavy as the light long ear-ring dangled from it...He felt himself lost in her... The trance in which they were in was deeper enough to not let them know or understand  how close they were...

"I-I had promised Daarji that I will maintain distance from you." she tried to remain stiff

"A promise not well kept! Or should I say.A promise which cannot be kept! " His voice was deep & husky.

She shrieked ."I-I-I will keep my promise!!!"

"Try Try till you know I will never let you succeed!" his voice was deep & passionate...similar to his eyes...

Maan then left closing the door behind him...Geet was alone again...Her heart took a lot of time to resort to normal breathing as the feel of his touch & the depth of his voice refused to leave her...

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