Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Chapter Twenty-One: A Night To Remember!

Their eyes locked intensely....Her hand reached to cup a side his face.....making sure that he was there....close to her...She had lost all hopes that Maan would ever love her back & that she had to live with the pain of one sided love all her life....a tear escaped from her eyes seeing the same amount of love  in his eyes as well...She yearned desperately to be his in every way....Geet threw herself on him & hugged him tightly....She kissed his nape....letting her fingers run through his hair....She squirmed in his arms feeling him completely while her hands moved across his back before clutching on his tightly....Maan was stirred to no extent feeling her body pressed against him in such an intimate manner....

"Ma-an I---"

"Kuch mat kaho Geet...We have already spoken...or rather fought a lot....let there be love tonight...lots of love..."

His voice was dense & passionate which created ripples in her heart....They parted & their eyes locked yet again....Both were equally desperate for each other…..

He pinned her to the wall. Both were desperate & longing for each other. She squirmed as he nuzzled his nose on her neck, kissing her shoulders & throat with intense vigor...She knew that he was not in his senses....& neither was she. He clutched his hair tight as his lips lingered over her bare skin. He felt her chest heaving up & down against his that aroused him greatly. With one swift, he scooped her in his arms & walked to his room. Her eyes were dazed as they locked with his intent & intoxicated ones.

The room was dark, only illuminated from the golden light from the bedside lamp. He made her stand on his feet. His saw his orbs dark with intense desire & lust...lust born out of pure love. He sensually stroked her hair & face making her crave for his feel. She shrieked when he yanked her more close. Her heart throbbed as he rubbed his stubble over her shoulders while his teeth but her earlobe, removing her ear-rings in the process. Then his hands worked skillfully to undress her while her fingers tentatively began unbuttoning his shirt to fulfill her desire to feel his bare hot body. Her heart throbbed as the sari began to leave her body every second. He unhooked her blouse & her blood grew warm feeling his hands moving sensually across her torso which was fully bare except the sexy purple bra which held on to her breasts in a very arousing manner by revealing her cleavage that hardened him. She was successful in ripping of his shirt too & pulled herself closer to him. He flicked his fingers on her sexy back while she ran her palms across his bare chest, naughtily twisting his nipple between his fingers. He groaned with pleasure & slammed his lips on her & pushed her on the bed...

He established himself over her. She wrapped her hands around his neck to bring him more close to deepen their kiss. They caressed each other's lips wildly, drinking each-other's saliva. He bit her lips aggressively & his tongue darted inside her mouth. Her nerves shuddered in excitement when his tongue caressed hers in the most carnal way ever. She moaned when he explored her mouth with intense pleasure. She was salivating & gasped as their kiss turned all the more erotic. Breathless, he left her lips to kiss her jaw line. He rubbed his face against her neck, kissing & sucking her shoulders like never before. And she caressed his back while squirming under him in delight. He placed open mouthed kiss over her throat & ran the tip of his hot moist tongue across her collarbone while she quivered in pleasure, She moaned & breathed rigorously as he trailed wet kisses down her chest. . She gasped as he bit her cleavage. He saw her aroused hard nipples poke through her bra revealing her stifled excitement. Maan abruptly flipped her making her lie partly on her stomach. She moaned as he kissed her nape. He then grazed his lips seductively on her back kissing & biting her with vigor that sent waves of thrilling shivers down her spine & with one swift, he unstrapped her bra with his teeth & threw it away. She couldn't help but turn crimson as he turned her again & stared hungrily at her luscious breasts...

He touched, felt & squeezed each of her breasts which made her gasp in pleasure. His mouth soon replaced his fingers & sucked her breasts with ecstasy. She clutched the bedsheet tightly as he bit her nipple while his hand was kneading her other breast between his fingers. She grew wet between her legs feeling his heated breaths gush down the valley of her mounts. He then slid down, placing featured kisses on her navel making her moan continuously. He hands slipped under her petticoat & caressed his thighs which pleasured her even more. He also felt her wet throbbing core inside her panties & with one pull, he got rid of the remaining clothes on her body.

She lay naked in front of him in an aroused state while his eyes feasted lovingly on her heavenly form. He fingered her core which tantalized her to no extent. She pulled her closer & he felt her bosoms heaving against his chest.

"Maan...I want you now....!!!" she was breathless

But he went on with his sweet torment as licked & squeezed her breasts & also stroked her cleavage. Ultimately not able to take the assault anymore, she pushed him on the bed & came over him. She moved her breasts sensually over his torso which titillated him. He groaned with pleasure as she wildly began kissing his chest while her fingers ran tentatively over his well-built abs heightening his arousal. She got rid of his boxers which revealed his hard, erect manhood to her. His fingers flickered downwards & she stroked his hot manhood in the most sexual way....

"Geet..." he moaned as she kneaded the tip of his cock.

Not able to take the teases anymore, he flipped her back on the bed & came on top of her..She felt his hard manhood right at the entrance to her core which made her heart throb incessantly like never before. Their eyes locked. He saw that she had no second thoughts & trusted him a lot. She saw the passion & love in his eyes for her....And then, he thrust his manhood, slowly making his way inside her....She screamed in pain as he ventured further. Her nails dug on his back & he stroked her lovingly, drinking a tear that escaped her eyes. He pushed more inside & she gasped in pain but more in pleasure. Maan knew it was hurting her. He was about to withdraw but she stopped him,

"Maan...don't, I am fine...."


"Maan please...." she was craving for him.

With one last push, he was able to break the last vaginal wall, making them reach a heavenly climax & they both collapsed breathing heavily. They felt a sense of completeness & bliss. Their souls had met, uniting them in their passionate love forever....

"I love you Maan...love you so much..." she purred.

"I love you too Geet..." he said as he kissed her face.

They made love almost the entire night, twisting & turning wildly on the bed until they grew tired & sleep invaded them. Wrapped in the bedsheet, Geet wriggled on top of Maan & placed a soft kiss oh his nape.

“You’re mine….” She whispered.

He turned & held her protectively & they both dozed off under the bedsheet in each other’s arms....

I don't know hw was it, writing something like this after a long long time!

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