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Chapter 23: Wish You A Happy Marital Love!

Maan opened the door to find Sharanya standing with a frowning face!

“You forgot me na?“

“Not at all ya! How can I forget you Sharu?!” winked Maan.

“Haan Haan, Aaj to bada pyaar aa raha hai na mujhpar?” she snapped lightly.

They then hugged each other.

“Love you so much!!!!” Sharanya chirped.

And just at that point, Geet came there & she was devastated to see Sharanya hugging Maan & say those words! Anger coursed through her veins & she looked like a wounded tigress!  

“Sharanya!!!!!!How dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Her loud voice startled Maan & Sharanya & they parted. Maan was shocked to see Geet in wife wala anger.

Geet advanced & stood between Maan & Sharanya.

“Stay AWAY from my husband!!!!!!” Geet looked sharply at her.

Maan covered his face, letting out a sigh!

“How can I stay “away” from your husband? I love him so much!!!”

Geet was wholly stunned & a dagger pierced her heart....

“What’s all this Maan???!!!!!” she demanded turning sharply at him.

Before Maan could say anything, Sharanya spoke,

“Yes Maan!! Why didn’t you tell your wife about us???”

“Haan Woh actually Geet I---” Maan wanted to speak but was again interrupted!

“Maan, how could you do this to me??!!!” Shanaya accused him, ”You forgot me??ME??? Kal raat ke baad you didn’t even call me once!!! And you didn’t even tell about me to your wife?? How could you???? Have you forgotten the wonderful days we spent together???. I thought we had a wonderful relationship! Just because you are married now doesn’t means that you cut all ties with me!!”

Geet was paralyzed with shock. Maan looked sharply at Sharanya & then at Geet who was nearing a breakdown.

“Geet, Chill okay!” he told, “Tum jaisa soch rahi ho, waisa kuch bhi nahi hai. Meet Sharanya Khurana, my drama queen-cum-mischievous SISTER!!!”

Geet’s eyes almost popped out & Sharanya, who was muffling her laughter till now, burst out laughing. Maan gave her a stern look!. She held her ears & apologized to the couple.

Geet was still on the road to recovery.

“Both of you are bro-sis?????A-Are you sure???”Geet looked closely at them.

“Yup! Can’t believe na? Because I’m more good-looking than him!” she giggled, “Waise for conformation, you can see our family album!” she winked.

Geet turned to Maan sharply,

“Mr Maan Khurana!!!! Couldn’t you tell me you have a sister!!!!”

“As if you asked me anytime!” he shot back.

“Oh hello!!! It’s your duty to tell me about you family history!!!”

“Excuse me??? Did you tell me how many branches are there in your family tree????????!!!” he retorted.
Both frowned at each other.

“Oh GOD!!! Bhai-Bhabhi, will you puh-lease stop fighting????” she appealed, “Both of you realized you love just because I sent the divorce papers!!!”

Shanaya bit her tongue realizing the blunder she created.

“YOU SENT the divorce papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Maan & Geet exclaimed loudly.

Maan looked sharply at his sister.

“H-Haan woh....It was Pop’s idea to unite both of you, I just executed it!!!”

“Dad’s idea???” Maan was shocked.

Sharanya nodded.

Maan & Geet sighed

“Yeah! We should have known!! Our parents are so cool!”

“I swear!” agreed Geet.

Then the trio sat for lunch together. Geet & Sharanya got along very well. Geet learnt that her sister-in-law has a career in films & currently shooting for her upcoming debut movie. Sharanya regretted the fact of not being able to attend their wedding.

“By the way, what did you two do yesterday night?” asked she in a mischievous voice.

Maan & Geet gaped at her blankly. The latter made hell sure to avoid the crimsonness of the face!

“Ma-an...” she whispered lowly, “Was Mrs D’costa not enough that your sis has also started now!”

“Don’t worry! Sharanya is the censored version of Mrs D’costa!” Maan whispered back!

“Nothing much, we were just playing snakes & ladders, hai na Geet?” replied Maan.

“Yeah & I won the game!” added Geet.

Maan raised his eyebrows at that. Shanaya giggled.

“Anyways, I will have to leave for London now for the last schedule of the film.” said Shanaya after the meal, ”I am returning to India next month!”

Maan & Geet gave her best wishes after which she left.


“So both of you are going back to India....” said Mrs D’costa sadly.

Maan & Geet nodded silently. There was a pause. The land lady tucked a tear away & took a deep breath. It was indded an emotional moment.

“We will miss you a lot Mrs D’costa...” Geet meant every word.

“Absolutely! And you have been one of the cupids who has made Geet & me realize our love for each other.” added Maan.  

“Aww...that calls for a hug!”

Maan & Geet together hugged Mrs D

“And have sex twice a day, at night & in morning too!” she chirped.

Maan & Geet sighed inwardly. Yeah! They finally had got used to those kind of statements.

“Yes Mrs D’costa.” they replied

They parted from her.

“By the way do you need any magazines or books to help you in improving your love-making?!”

Maan & Geet stared at her blankly.

“Uh....N-No..we will manage.” Geet couldn’t think of anything else!

Maan & Geet waved her a tearful but happy good-bye & along with them, they took her lovely blessing of a blissful married life.


Lorraine & Sid had come to see off Maan & Geet at Singapore Airport.

“Well....ah! Here we are! Enjoy your honeymoon both of you!” winked Maan.
The newly wedded couple blushed & thanked him.

“And thanks a lot guys! Frankly, It’s because of your wedding that Maan & I were able to realize our love.” said Geet.

Maan agreed.

Lorry giggled.

“That’s so sweet! Wish both of you a happy Marital Life....I mean Marital Love ahead!”

“Same to you!”

Both the couples exchanged good-byes & see you soons. Maan & Geet boarded the aircraft shortly.



 (Khurana Mansion- Delhi)

The Aroras & Khuranas were excitedly waiting for Maan & Geet to arrive. Yash & Meera still found it hard to believe that Maan-Geet had actually fallen in love but they were happy for them.

“I wonder how inspectors Shinde & Chawla would react to this!” whispered Yash.

“They would faint in shock, I tell you!” Meera whispered back.

Just then everyone saw Maan-Geet entering the Mansion hand in hand. All stood up.

“So the moral of the story is we were right! We told you that you will fall in love with each other & see that has happened!” chirped Rano.

“We won the challenge you see!” winked Niharika.

“All of you were right Mom.” said Maan & then turned to his wife, ”Geet & I want to be together not only in this life but for the next seven lives.”

Geet smiled shyly & her eyes looked down as her cheeks turned red. Then everyone witnessed their eye-lock!

“Ahem Ahem!” Meera turned their attention to her, “Both of you should thank me for the marital handcuff because of which you got married!”
Meera exclaimed in pride.

“What thank you haan?” Geet raised her eye-brows, “Because of you, Maan & I had to be in jail for a night!!”

 The elders were shocked hearing that!

“What!!! Before marriage, both of you spent a night & that too in jail????” enquired Vikrant!

“And both of you hid that from us?????” added Mohinder.

They peered at Maan & Geet in suspicion. Geet elbowed her hubby to say something!

“Woh...N-No there is nothing like that...” Maan stammered a little, “We told you na we met in debate seminar where the topic was ‘One Night inside the Jail V/s One Night outside the Jail’!”

Geet sighed inwardly. Yash & Meera muffled their laughter seeing Maan-Geet flustered.

“Woh....actually w-we are very tired...I-I think we should rest for sometime....” Geet ended.

Excusing themselves, Maan & Geet headed upstairs to their bedroom!
Maan & Geet fell on the bed still holding hands. They stared at each other & then towards the ceiling.

“By the way, that was indeed such a lame debate topic? Couldn’t you come up with something better?” asked Geet.

“Excuse me?? Atleast I said something not like you stood there blank!” he snorted.

“Oh hello! Intelligent brains like me need time to think okay not like you who says random things!!”

“Oh! I didn’t know you have a brain too & that too an intelligent one!” taunted Maan.

Geet frowned at him angrily & yeah! They began fighting & throwing jibes at each other!

Oh boy! Somethings never change! Maan & Geet had met in a break-up party completely unaware of the fact that life was destined to bring them together & make them one. They fought & still continue to do so but their love for each other silently grew each time they argued & teased each other! Sounds crazy, right? But love is used to happening in the most unexpected circumstances & more importantly between most unlikely people!
They were still involved in nok-jhoks when Maan suddenly flipped Geet to the bed & came over her! Their eyes locked & they were very much lost in each other.

Maan planted a sweet peck on her lips

“I love you Geet!” he whispered on her lips.

“I love you more Maan!” she purred, kissing him back.

“No, I love you more!” he said getting cozy in her arms.

“Maine kaha na, I love you more!” she pouted cutely.

“No Geet, I love you more than you love me!”

“Hww!! You very well know I love you more!!”

And there they go...AGAIN!!

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