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Chapter 19: The Dance With Drama!

The lights of the ballroom were dimmed.....& it was better.....infact the best that way as all the students were busy swaying in their own world that no one thankfully noticed Maan enter with virulent eyes & violent steps.....

Just when Akshay was about to hold Geet’s hand, he was taken aback seeing Maan’s hostile figure materializing in front of him......His hands shivered to death seeing the coldness in Maan’s eyes that he distanced himself from Geet.....

Geet, on the other hand, was in for a 100 volt electric shock seeing Maan’s destructive body language that her mind didn’t even bother to think what was he doing here on the first place..... A tremor shook her being when he turned his hostile eyes to her.....& then without any prior intimation Maan grabbed her hand & held it tightly.....tight enough that even her blood had to ask for his permission to reach her fingers.....She had never seen him like that before......

Then he again turned his eyes to Akshay. The poor fellow didn’t know how to return Maan’s tsunamic gaze..... But Maan was prudent enough to not create any scandal!

“Well, A person who practices tai-chai, for example I, won’t find it tough to break human bones! Sadly, this place is not apt for a live demo on you!”

Though Maan’s voice was extremely calm, the eeriness of his words made a ghastly chill run down Akshay’s spine, terrorizing every atomic part of his human body......

“S-S-S-Sorry S-S-Sir....”

Akshay was quick to disappear with his fumbling legs....

Even before Geet could wish to deduce the meaning of Maan’s words, she found herself being dragged out of the ballroom by him without anyone noticing them.....

“Ouch! Maan! Leave my hand! You’re hurting me very badly....Ahhh!!”

Geet tried to wriggle out from his hold but pitied herself for even trying that!

“I am speaking to you Mr Maan Singh Khurana, not to the earless coridoors!!!!!”

With a swift he pinned her to the wall making Geet realize what a grand mistake her grander tongue had committed by complaining....His rugged breaths landed possessively on her face.....Her heart filed her a petition to let it thud violently but it was not possible, given the fact that he had slammed himself on her.....Though her fingers eased a bit as he loosened his grip miserly, but his terrific stares harshly refused to leave her at all....

“How can you hold someone else’s hand Geet?????!!”

Maan asked ardently caressing the back of her hand with his hard thumb.....She just kept staring at her blankly knowing that she wasn’t in the least position to utter anything as their lips were hardly an inch apart.....He wanted to calm himself down but even a faint thought of seeing another guy with Geet ripped him apart.....

He once again tugged Geet behind him & walked with deft steps....

“Where are you taking me???? I just want to leave from this place now!!!!” she demanded

Geet couldn’t comprehend what had come on Maan out of the blue & secondly she despised Annie for humiliating her in front of all.....

Her bitter thoughts were put on halt when Maan ushered her in his client’s party! The ballroom was romantically dimmed & all the couples were dancing....but it hardly mattered to Geet since she was very upset because of Annie.....Simi was shocked to see Geet with Maan!

“Dance with me.”

Maan’s deep & compelling voice fell in Geet’s ears which made her sheik a bit.....He was about to pull her to the dance floor but she objected.....

“Mujhe yaha nahi rehna. I am going!!!.”

Her refusal shook him entirely that he found his inner self collapsing......She was about to leave when he clutched her wrist & yanked her closer.....

“You can dance with him & not me!!!! why Geet, ??!!Answer me dammit!!!!!!!”

His voice was roughly broken & his eyes were emitting sparks of jealousy.....Geet was irritated by his weird behavior.

“Because I like Akshay. Simple.” said she dryly turning her eyes away from him.....

Maan clenched his fists in anger hearing that.

“You CANNOT like any other guy, did you get that!!!!” his voice was fiercely possessive.

“What’s your problem if I like anyone?? Aur waise bhi, he asked me politely for dance & did not order me like you.”

Maan couldn’t taken in her aloofness anymore which only heightened his unaccounted feelings to claim have her all for himself....& as of now, a dance with her was the only way out.....For the first time he was feeling helpless because she displayed extreme stubbornness......He could not even force her as that wouldn’t buy him her acceptance which was vital to calm down his inner raging self.....Inspite of this, he hated himself to be helpless....

“Maan Singh Khurana gets what he wants , he never has to ask for any damn thing!!!!!!”

Geet frowned hearing his harsh voice.

“Done with your Private Display of Attitude? I’m leaving! Bye!”

“No Geet wait!”

He ardently blocked her way. She turned away from him with her arms crossed. She was making him hell desperate....To him , it was her payback for all his pranks & mischief..... Maan had no other choice but do what she wanted him to do—request her for dance ..... Somewhere he felt that he would do whatever she wished for….

He stretched out his hand for her. She ignored him.

“Will you....will you dance with me?” he asked with greatest difficulty but still Geet did not give him any bhav!

“Will you dance with me????. Please say Yes!”

Finally Geet looked at him. Maan glanced sideways. She had that victory smile on her face. She gave her hand in his & the fire in him ignited once again.....

Simi grimaced when she saw both of them on the dance floor.

Maan pulled Geet towards him…..Her breaths ditched her as he incarcerated her hazels with his dark & captivating eyes.....His restlessness seemed to lessen a bit when her  hand rested on his shoulder.....Her heart began plotting ways of breaking the rib-cage when she felt his possessive arm around her waist.....His eyes presented her with a snap-shot of the terrific feelings mingled with the alien fire surging within him but like Maan, even she couldn’t comprehend what was happening to him.....Instead, his utter closeness, his molten stares made her heart beat race erroneously….

His eyes were heavy with passion feeling her violent heart beats & he knew it was for him.....only & only him.....& for no one else......He twirled swiftly....He lifted her elegantly but at the end of each step he made sure to lock her in his passionate arms…

Geet was forced to ponder whether she took a right decision to dance with him, given the fact that she had lost herself somewhere with her senses leaving her in oblivion with him....She had resigned long back from managing her heart valves & now blinking was a rarest phenomena for her dazed eyes which stuck at him......

When the music turned into a soft romantic one, they were so much drowned in each other that they began close dancing as Maan’s hands went around her waist while Geet’s hands went around his nape....Their lips were too close...

Seeing all this, Simi fumed with jealousy from ear to ear.

“Who the hell is this girl with MSK!!!!It’s not possible that MSK grows intimate with some other girl & not me!!!!!!!”

Maan was just about to kiss Geet on the lips when she suddenly pulled herself back, realizing what they were doing. He too came back to his senses....Flustered, she diverted her eyes away from him.

“Ma-an....W-Woh  Dadima t-told me to c-come back by 10.....”

 They left the ballroom & were walking along the coridoors.....There was an awkward silence between them & Geet felt her heart beats getting faster every passing second.....Maan was about to strike a conversation when both of them came face to face with Annie.....

Annie was shocked to see Geet with Maan....She & Geet grimaced at each other.....Maan was a witness to the rueful stares both the girls were throwing at each other!

“Bro, what are you doing with this Geet, you were supposed to be with Sim--”

Annie just realized the blunder she had committed.

 Maan looked at her sister very sharply.....Annie fumbled....

“B-Bro, a-a-actually…” Annie turned to Geet, “Sab iss Geet ki galti hai!!!! She---”

“Annie!” Maan raised his hand signalling her to stop, “May I know what motivated you to mislead Geet for the Freshers???”

His voice was very stern. Annie remained silent, glancing sideway. Then turning to Geet, he smirked,

“You musn’t enter my territory Annie because only I have the copyright to trouble Geet & no one else!”

His voice was very husky. Geet pouted very angrily & staged a walkout from there! Maan was about to follow her but Annie stopped him! Smirking & dazed, Maan stared at Geet until she was out of sight.....He looked so intoxicated & swooned by her! Shocked, Annie realized that Geet never tailed Maan, infact it was the other way around.....For the first time ever, Annie saw a strange fire & passion for a girl in his eyes....

“Bro, Look at me! She is gone!!”

He turned his attention to Annie.

“ Kya aap Geet ko pasand karte ho?” she asked in a dejected voice.

“Henceforth I do not wish to see Simi in my surroundings. Am I clear?”

“Do you love Geet?” she asked in disbelief.

Maan smirked.

“Are you in a hurry to share the special place that you occupy in my life?”

Annie didn’t know how to reply.

“Now if your KBC is over, can we leave from here?”

Annie nodded slowly.....

“How is that possible!!!!Bro doesn’t even knows he has started developing feelings for Geet!!!! And I know what I am supposed to do now!!!”

“Babaji!!You know sometimes I think how much hard work you must have put into for creating a human being like Maan!!!!And then you gave him a boon in the form of a contract to trouble me, hai na???!!!!Excellent!!! Fantastic!!!! ”

Geet was cribbing when Maan came & joined her in the car. She frowned seeing him smirking.

“You don’t have any copyright to trouble me, understand!!!!!”

He slowly began leaning closer to her....She forgot how to inhale air....Maan whispered in his rougish voice,

“Yeah! I shouldn’t have said copyright....After all troubling you is my birthright!”

Her nose soon turned red & she pushed him away!

“Pata hai, he thinks as if he is some great soul to ever walk on the face of this Earth & the best part is there is no one who can clear his misconception!!!!! God knows who is rewarding him Nobel Prizes for his pranks & mischiefs!!!! Forget it!!!!”

Her mutterings were clearly heard by Maan which made place for some extra smirks on his face!

Geet’s eyebrows notched up when she saw Annie enter in the car & sit in the back-seat quietly!

Maan began driving the car. Everyone refrained from speaking which made the journey silent! They reached KM soon after.

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