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Chapter Fifteen: Opposites Interact!

"Kyun Babaji Kyun?????!!!! Did you sign any confidential contract with Maan with a mandatory clause of playing pranks with me?????If yes then plseaseee tell me when will the contract expire!!!!!!!!!!"

Geet, for the very first time, was regretting her decision to study fashion designing in St Mark! Instead of this course, she should have opted to become a scientist & research on 'Are continuous shocks, one after other, good for human brain/digestive system?', given the fact that her eyes popped out in horror as Maan Singh Khurana, the guest lecturer walked on to the stage...!

While her mouth opened in a perfect 'O', the auditorium of St Mark echoed with excited claps as Maan was being presented with a bouquet of flowers! All the girls even the young teachers were drooling over his handsome face & well-built manly proportions but that was not the least case with Geet...!She was fuming from ear to ear & her nose were plump red seeing him as a decorous gentleman, which he was obviously not when it came to her!

Apart from her, there was yet another soul in the auditorium who disliked the way the things had shaped up!

"What the heck is Geet doing here???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Annie was wholly shocked seeing Geet there but until the lecture ended, she couldn't do anything except enjoying the bhav she was getting for being Maan's sister!

Geet's eyes lighted in anger & she clenched her fist as Maan began the lecture...And within the next few seconds, Maan made sure his speech commanded every inch of everyone's attention. His eloquent voice echoed in the hall...No wonder, his stage presence & amazing personality was worth drooling on, still one could hardly afford to not hear his words which were equally excellent as him leaving even Geet spellbound with his fluency, knowledge, versatility & perfection'. Inspite of all this, he displayed extreme humbleness  throughout, especially while sharing his experiences & Geet knew he was not faking at all...He was a complete different personality of what she had seen of him...The mischievous smirks & naughty glints, with which he succeeded in his pranks with her, failed to convey themselves as his traits...The gentleness & friendliness with which he spoke made her to doubt whether he was suffering from a split personality disorder!

Claps once again filled the auditorium as his endearing lecture ended! That broke Geet's mesmerized trance with which she was listening to him & she was again back to being angry with him!

"...but still he has troubled me a lot & nothing can change that truth!!!!!! C-C-Couldn't he tell me he was the guest lecturer????!!!!!!! This is his third prank & with that he scored a hattrick!!!!!!!!"

Next commenced the question round. Maan spoke again

"Okay, since this lecture was an over-view of what you all will come across in this course, if anyone has any questions, do ask me."

There was silence after he said that. Obviously, the students wanted to ask valid questions & not make a fool of them publicly which made them hesitate. Maan waited for a while for questions to be asked. Just then, he heard a familiar voice from amongst the students...

"Sir, I have a question, I hope you will be able to answer it."

Maan was surprised seeing Geet getting up from her seat looking at him sharply in the eye. Her voice made her sense she was angry on him & that's what made her so confident in front of him...Everyone looked at her but she hardly cared, she wanted to settle scores with Maan...

"Well, that depends on what you ask, doesn't it? Go on!"

Geet was taken aback for a second to hear his proper gentleman voice, with no mischief looming! He had never spoken to her like that before! For him, Geet was just a student at that time & nothing else.

She put forth her first question & Maan answered it promptly! She asked him another & he answered that extremely well. Geet wanted to break his calmness & so she went on asking him questions after questions! Her queries were ready even before he could complete his say! And mind it! her questions were truly valid which left even Maan impressed! She counter-questioned him various times so that he contradicts his own statement but Maan was an experienced player! He dodged everything calmly! Geet was determined to trap him at some point of time but that seemed hardly possible! He had witty & proper answers to all her queries & that did not go down well with her! She wanted him to stammer atleast once, but he never did! They were literally battling with question & answers instead of bows & arrows! Her anger rose but she controlled it but Maan maintained his calmness! Both were in their own trance, forgetting everyone present in the auditorium! 

The rest of the spectators were awed viewing everything that was going on! They thought Geet to be extremely intelligent & bright! But Annie detested everything! Ultimately, she got so irritated, that she got up from her seat & exclaimed loudly,

" Maan Sir!" Annie looked at him, "Will you go on answering her questions only?!!!"

That halted the battle of wits! Maan & Geet turned to Annie! Geet looked around. Everyone was staring at her. That made her extremely nervous. God knows what everyone was thinking of her!

"Well, yes! until the rest of you have any questions to ask! " Maan replied Annie back, simultaneously casting his eyes on the still hesitant students! Annie, who herself had no questions to put forth, had to take her seat quietly!

Then Maan turned his attention to Geet again,

"So where were we? Any other questions?"

She nervously took her seat again. Her feet were shivering thinking how everyone must have been staring at her whilst she was hell bent on outsmarting Maan!

"Oh no! What have you done Geet. You have made a fool out of yourself on the first day itself!"

The guest session finally concluded. Geet was thoroughly surprised when she saw everyone clapping not only for Maan but also for her...All the professors seemed very much impressed with her...She turned to Maan on the stage whose eyes were fixed on her...He smirked which made her heart skip many beats...!


"Where did he go...He was here only a second ago...I hope he didn't leave the college premises...!"

Geet's eyes were searching for Maan as she walked through the unfamiliar corridors of her new college...She didn't know why she wanted to see him urgently, she didn't know what she would say to him, she only wanted to see him desperately...Geet couldn't believe what had just happened to her...She had, kind of, become popular amongst her batchmates & even professors! No one had ever showered her with so much attention before & all this was the outcome  of the guest lecturer...!

Her eyes finally spotted Maan walking towards the elevator talking on the phone...She at once ran in his direction...

"Maan! Please stop! Maan...!"

Her soft voice failed to reach out to his ears! She ran faster before he entered the elevator!

"Maan! Please wait'.!!!!"

Geet called out loud. Maan was startled seeing her running towards him. He cut the call & stood where he was. But by the time she reached him, she was breathless...Her legs gave away & she slipped right in his arms...Their eyes met & he held her pretty close...

"Sports Day has time to come! You don't have to practice running from now on!"

Geet shrieked as his voice yet again turned husky. Before she could react, he whisked her inside the elevator, pinning her to one on the corners...

His heated breath lashed her face & her heart didn't even have place to throb as he was almost leaning against her...The way he was staring at her tickled her girly hormones...He slowly moved his hands to side the curls which had come on her face'. Her heart wanted to thud very hard feeling his fingers trailing from her temple to her ears where he left those strands'. Her breaths were shallow as her eyes continued to stare at him dreamily...

"W-Woh...I wanted t-t-to say that'.I-I mean...I-If y-you were the gue'guest w-why did you not t-tell m-me...Main...woh..I...I'was'.I----"

"Chup!! Bilkul Chup!!"

The broken words dried in her throat itself as his fingers touched her lips...He could feel her cold breaths on his finger...Also, the feel of her soft rosy lips did something to his being...! Her heart, which was tired of beating abnormally, was rescued a little when Arnav parted from her...

He then held her hand...Geet was staring at him dazed while he slipped her watch back around her wrist'. Then he looked again at her...

"See you soon!"

She couldn't comprehend anything...He smirked & walked out of the elevator as it reached the ground floor...When she regained her senses, she saw him exiting the college campus! She once again ran after him...

"Maan! Wait! You did not answer me! Ma---"

Her steps came to a sudden halt as she almost collided with the Principal! Her shocked eyes met the Princi's stern ones! She had seen her running after Maan!  Geet followed the princi to her office!

                              Narration by Geet

Yeah! Yeah! I stood before the princi in her office & she looked sharply at me through those bossy spectacles supported by the edge of her nose! A typical college principal I must say! Somewhere, her personality matched that of Daarji's!

"Miss Geet Handa!! Why were you running behind MSK?" she asked strictly!

"I so wish you knew what he did with me before lecturing in this college!"I groaned inwardly

"Sorry Mam..."

I hope my standard reply to Daarji would do wonders here as well!

"Agreed that he is irresistible but that doesn't mean you break the decorum of this college!"

"Hwww!!!!! She complimented him & criticized me!!!!! This is injustice!!!!" I whined inwardly

"Sorry Mam..."

"Such indecent behavior will not be tolerated henceforth! Am I clear???"

"I can't believe I am receiving a warning & that too from the princi aur woh bhi on the first day itself!! Sab Maan ki wajah se!!!!!!! After all, he had taken a huge responsibility to direct the troubles in my life!!!!!"

"Sorry Maam..."

"But But But I am extremely impressed with you! The questions which you had asked him make it evident that you have immense knowledge of fashion business! It's great that we have bright students like you in St Mark! Keep it up!"

I looked at her wide-eyed. Did she praise me by any chance??????????Yes! Yes ! Yes! She did! And she smiled too!

"Thank you very much Mam!" I exclaimed modestly & came out of her office!

Just when I was about to do my happy happy jump, Annie & I came face to face with each other...She had that rude look on her face & even I frowned!

"May I know what the hell her you doing here??!!!!"

I ignored her. It's useless arguing with her. I prepared to leave. Besides, I didn't want any fights'. She stopped me from behind by her words...!

"Can't believe you can stoop to such an extent to stalk my brother!!"

I clenched my fists!! This is heights!!Without turning back, I replied,

"Firstly, it's common sense I have come here to study like others! But someone unfortunately seems to lack comman sense ! Secondly, I don't think this course revolves around your brother, so it would be better you don't discuss about him always!"

I walked away with my nose in the air! Ha Ha!

                                  End of Narration

Annie ruefully watched Geet leave.

"How dare she shows me attitude!!!!!!!"

Maan was just done with the HOD meeting when he received a call from Annie.

"Bro! What is that Geet doing in St Mark!!!!"

Maan knew Annie disliked that!

"I think she is a student as she is very young to be a professor,right?!"

"Bro! From when did you start giving jokish answers??! You were not like that before!"

He smirked, "Apart from being classmates, Geet & you are soon-to-be best friends!"

Annie was shocked to her roots hearing that!

"Geet & friends???? Are you crazy????!!! That's  never ever gonna happen, I can assure you of that fact!!!! "

Maan did not say anything.


It was evening. After completing the remaining admission procedure, Geet finally made her way to her new hostel!

"Man! Today because of him I was able to set a good impression on everyone which will help me in future. I don't know whether I should be angry on Maan or thank him!" she sighed!

Geet didn't realize when she had reached the hostel. But she was dismayed by what she got to hear there...

"Sorry Miss Geet, the rooms are not allotted to the students yet! It will take a few more days! Till then, you have to stay with your Local Guardian!"

Geet didn't know how to react hearing the last sentence...

"You don't have to worry! We have already informed your LG! She is on her way here!"

And indeed after some time, a black Audi drew up near the gates. The driver was quick to open the car door & Maan 's dadi stepped out.

"Geet bete, how are you?!" asked she beaming a smile!

"I am fine Da--" Geet hesitated...

Dadima shook her head smiling, "Ahh! You can call me Dadi!!! Do not hesitate now onwards! Thik hai?!"

Geet smiled. Maan 's dadima was really very sweet!

She sat in the car alongside Dadima & they headed to Khurana Mansion...

Geet heart thundered at the thought of living in KM with Maan! Oh boy!

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