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Chapter Eighteen: The Art Of Jealousy!

                           Narration By Geet

Well...ah! it’s been a while college has started & I am really liking it! There is ample scope of progress & career building & I really look forward to make the most of it! Also, thanks to Maan, all the professors & students know me by my name! It feels great to stand out in the crowd, hai na?

BUT unfortunately Annie & I ended up making common friends & all of them had immediately sensed the friction between the two of us! Come on! Lets face it! Annie & I just CANNOT get along well! Okay, lets talk about something else! Did I tell that some of the guys in my class are very cute & good looking? I might have developed silent crushes on some of them! Ha Ha! But let me admit that none are as handsome as Maan!! Uh...wait a minute! Why am I dragging Maan in every of my thoughts & talks??! Babaji, I had told you to fix that problem na?

Anyways, our first lecture that day was cancelled as the professor was called for an urgent meeting. Just then a guy walked in to our class whom we assumed to be from our senior batch. His words confirmed the assumption.

“Hi guys & girls, I am Akshay & on behalf of the entire second year batch I welcome you all to St Mark.....”

Aweee! He is so so good-looking!!Hayee!! I think I’m drooling on him! Those chocolate brown eyes & even his voice is so alluring! But Maan’s voice is sexier! Argg!!! Geet, stop it!!!

Akshay went on to speak about the professors who would be teaching us. Who is strict & who is lenient, the exam patterns, projects, presentations & etc, etc!. Ultimately he spoke something which not only raised my interest but of the entire class.

“.......Being the head of the senior batch, I assure you there won’t be any ragging. So we seniors have planned a Fresher’s Party for all of you so that we can interact & gel up with each other. It’s at Renaissance Hall Ballroom No 1! So please do come & enjoy yourselves before the hectic term begins ! Thank you!”

Woweee Fresher’s Party!! Now that’s something cool! I so wish I get to talk with Akshay!

                                 End of Narration

Akshay left & the entire class was speculating whether to go or not!  But Annie’s mind was working differently. She saw Geet beaming with excitement.....

“Renaissance Hall! Even Maan Bro will be there itself! His party is in the third ballroom whereas ours is in the first ballroom! And I will not let Geet come in between him & Simu!!!!!”

Her mind came up with a plan. She smirked inwardly.....


Khurana Mansion

Geet was getting ready for the Freshers Party. She was selecting what to wear when Annie walked into the room. Geet was shocked to see her & that too smiling!

“Why is she showing her teeth so much? Has she lost her memory?” wondered Geet.

“Geet! I am so looking forward to this party and you know what all are expected to wear traditional dresses!” her voice was sugary!

“Traditionals???But I thought everyone will be in western outfits as in one piece or something!” exclaimed a surprised Geet.

“Yeah! But now there is a plan change! See, I have chosen this one for me. How is it?”

Annie showed her an elegant pink suit.

“That’s beautiful!” exclaimed Geet

“Hai na? So even you select something to wear & quickly get ready!”

Geet nodded. Annie smirked inwardly.....Before leaving she said,

“Geet, I think I will leave a little early but a car will be kept ready to take you to Renaissance Hall thik hai?”

“Okay done!”

Annie left

“Why is Annie behaving so nicely with me? Maybe she has given up being rude! Yeah! She is not that bad!”

On the other hand, Annie dressed up in a short purple dress & left for the party.

“Geet, get ready to make a fool out of yourself in front of  not only our batch but also the seniors! Good job Annie!”

Geet not suspecting of any foul play wore a green anarkali suit. Long ear-rings dangled from her ears & she unbraided her hair & let it fall on her back. Finally satisfied by her reflection in the mirror, Geet headed for Freshers.....

“Hmm...I wish Akshay asks me for a dance!” she giggled to herself.

Interestingly, Maan too was in the Mansion heading for his client’s party. And Maan & Geet came face to face in one of the corridors.....

Their eyes locked without any prior notice.... Maan once again discovered that Geet was so angelic....After all, simplicity & innocence were her innate traits....There was no need of anything else to prove that she was so beautiful..... Geet glanced sideways seeing him staring at her.

“Teri galli main bhi aana start kar diya, ek tere naam aapna heart kar diya!”

Geet rolled her eyes hearing his flirty & husky voice!

“Where’s the party tonight?” he asked.

“On the ground floor, Any problem?” she snapped sarcastically.

Geet was walking ahead ahead. Maan was following piche piche.....

“Aww.....Can I drop you in my car so that you don’t get to attend the party at all?!!” he smirked.

Geet frowned.

“Ji No! Thanks for your utmost “concern”

“Waise even I am going to a client’s party!”


“But I don’t have anyone to accompany me!” he exclaimed roguishly.

“Then enjoy even more.”

“Since no one is in the Mansion why don’t we spend some time here alone instead of attending parties?!!Only you...& me!”

His eyes were full of mischief. Geet pouted angrily.

“Bikul nahi!!!Why don’t you take your Dilliwali Girlfriend to your party?” she snapped.

“Aree Geet wait--”

But she sat in the car & zoomed off!

“Hmm....Geet mujhe chodkar chali gayi!” he sighed, smirking!

Maan too left for his office party some time later......Both of them were unaware of the fact that both the parties are hosted in the same venue....

Geet reached Renaissance Hall. She giggled while walking to the first ballroom where the Freshers party was on. But her joy was short-lived.....The moment she entered the ballroom, she was drenched in shock. The ballroom was designed as a pub. Geet was the only one who wore an anarkali suit rest all were in western & funky clothes. Her appearance did not at all go with the ambience & mood of the party....She was the odd one out....Also, due to the minimal lights,  Geet couldn’t see anything clearly....Geet felt embarrassed sensing all the raised eyebrows were staring at her, some were even whispering! She realized that Annie had fooled her & wanted to make a joke of her in front of all….Annie smiled cheekily looking at her.


Even after everyone’s gaze left her, Geet still felt uncomfortable......

Annie tried to call Simi but her phone was unreachable.....

“Where is she? I hope she will be on time!”

Just then one of the seniors announced.

“Okay Okay, Now lets have a couple dance! All the second year guys will approach first year girls & ask them for a dance. What say? !!!!”

Everyone cheered in agreement. The music was put on again. Geet’s face fell even further. Annie smirked rudely seeing her state.

Geet was almost on the verge of breaking into tears. She regretted the situation in which she was. She thought it better to exit from there. At that moment, Akshay walked up to her with a quirky smile.

On the other hand, Maan was in the third ballroom sipping wine. As usual girls wanted to dance with him but he cared a damn & kept to himself near the drinks table, talking to some of his business associates.

“MSK! I am sorry I ‘m late! I know you were waiting for me!”

Simi’s seductive voice fell on his ears. She was wearing a shimmering red gown that shamelessly revealed her cleavage. Maan looked away, in hatred!

“I hope I needn’t explain you in sign language to dare not cross my path!!!!!!” his voice was curt.

“I know you love me still & can’t live without me!”

He jerked her hand away when she sensually wanted to place it on his shoulders.

"Three “magical” words. Get. Lost. Forever." his voice was extremely gruff.

Maan walked away & Simi sulked.

“You’re mine MSK! No matter what!!!”

Maan came out of the ballroom for some fresh air.It was then that he realized that St Mark students were having their Fresher’s party in the first ballroom. The door was slightly ajar.....Maan saw Akshay & Geet.....He didn’t know why but cringed seeing them together......

“Hi I’m Akshay!”

He stretched out his hand to her for a hello. Geet was pensive whether to shake hands or no.....

“I’m Geet.” she said unsurely.

They shook hands which did not go down well with Maan.....Anger roared inside him at once seeing Geet’s hand in someone else’s.....His eyes reflected the burning anger of jealousy which had claimed him in full.....His heart was again in fire with his eyes disastrously glaring at Akshay…..Maan looked ferocious . He relaxed a little when he saw Geet pull her hand back.

“Nice to meet you Geet. If you don’t mind, can I ask you for a dance?”

Akshay stretched out his hand yet again which made Geet little uncomfortable. She wanted to just refuse & get out of that place. But she didn’t know how to refuse.... Not knowing what to do, Geet decided to say a yes.....!

“HOW DARE HE EVEN THINK OF DANCING WITH GEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Maan’s eyes turned lava when he saw Geet in the process of giving her hand in Akshay’s......The wine glass cursed it’s destiny of being in Maan’s gruesome hand......He glared at Akshay violently......Dumping the wine glass, he dangerously marched towards them......

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